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Start Ups Pokemon RBY RP

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Donna Abbott was at the Pokemon Center when she received a letter from Cynthia in Sinnoh via the Nurse. The letter just said 'Welcome' and 'Have fun. PS: wear black'. Donna pulled out a picture of Cynthia who was really pale, too long of hair and dressed in black. "Ew!" Donna stuffed the letter in a bin. I mean there really wasn't much in it, at all. I mean there wasn't much she could do with her current Pokemon. The blonde teen figured that might as well go to the whatever was left of the contest hall to see what was what.
Heather approached the alleyway next to the poke mart, immediately spotting Proton's silhouette not too far away from her. Before Heather could turn the corner, she was transported along with Proton to Team Rocket's base.


Meanwhile, Patrick was attempting to snap Hiro out of his unconscious state. He continued to use brine, so much so, that patches of his pale skin was exposed as well as his drenched dark blue hair. A brown contact has been washed out, showing one of his icy blue eyes.

At last Hiro awoke coughing, not noticing that some of his real appearance had been exposed. He put his hand to his head.

"Ugh...what happened? There was the contest then...team rocket! But that Miller guy smoke screened and I must've fainted..." He glanced at Patrick, who was too overjoyed to notice his trainer's appearance was off. He picked him up and smiled.

"Aaaand you must've revived me by brining me to the max! Aw yeah, good job, Pat! We'll take a break and get you guys healed later, now take a nice long break, amigo." He said, before returning him to his pokeball.

He stood up dripping wet and took the papers, quickly writing down his scores before handing the damp paper and pen back to Brock.

He turned to Silver. "So...are you ok?"
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"Well, yeah. Wish I could've smacked him into next week, though." She grumbled, ignoring the sight of his icy blue eye.

"Really, I need to train. Just you wait, Hiro. I'm gonna show your dad who's boss and fire him one day."
Evan walked cautiously through the forest, with Smoochum and Ace on thr front foot. There appeared to be no danger, no trainers... No wild pokémon... But suddenly, a Weedle and a Caterpie jumped out. Evan was slightly shocked.

"Ok Smoochum, pound the green one and Ace, use Quick Attack on the Weedle!" Evan commanded. Smoochum ran towards the Caterpie and swung an arm at it. It's power was too much for the Caterpie which was knocked back by the attack. With tears in its eyes, it reluctantly wriggled back forward. Meanwhile, Ace flew forward with blistering pace, diving into the Weedle. The Weedle, like the Caterpie, was knocked back, but shrugged off the attack, wriggling back with speed.

"Ok Ace, now..." Evan said, before being interrupted by the wild pokémon. A massive web was shot out at Ace, stickying its wings.
Trainer - Mina

Maya - Mawile
Ryu - Pancham
Gamera - Squirtle
Once Mina's Pokemon were healed, she sent them out to see how much damage was done. As she expected, her Pancham and Mawile looked a little mad, but at the same time happy to see her. Still, they were yelling, "Maw! Wile! Maw! Pan! Pan! Cham!" She shifted uncomfortably as she still had no idea what they were saying. She tried her best to explain herself, hoping not to make the situation worse. Getting down to their level again, she quietly said, "I'm sorry, I promise I won't make such a rash decision if something like that happens again, I just wanted to be sure you would be okay." Luckily, they seemed to understand her reasoning as Maya tried to hug her, while Ryu stayed back trying to look cool. With that out of the way, their attention shifted to the Squirtle next to her. Mina used the chance to change the subject. "This is Gamera, and he'll be joining our team." They went over to introduce themselves, seeming to get along. Mina happily watched them talk in their own language for a while before deciding it was time to head back to the Contest Hall, calling them back, and sprinting out the door.
"You'll do it one day. And when you do, make sure you send him into next month - that guy made me faint! That's not how it works! I think I'll give him a piece of team Hiro as well. Luckily, Patrick came to my rescue...heh." He replied in a determined voice.

"You need to train? More like I need to train..."

Hiro blinked and frowned - why did Silver mention his father? That's when he realised something didn't feel right. He instinctively put his hand to his exposed eye and grunted when he felt it. A look of horror crossed his face and he looked at the puddle's reflection that had formed around him. Hiro was exposed. Before he could freak out, his other contact fell out of his eye and turned to moosh - it was too wet.

He was watching it fall when a glint of red where the gym had once been caught his eyes. He walked up to the rubble and stopped at the sight of footprints - someone had already been here. Nonetheless, he continued walking and stopped when he reached then red source.

"S-Silver? C-come here..." Was all he could squeak, because Hiro had just discovered the dead bodies of the water type gym leader and her sisters.
"Huh?" Silver walked over, staring at the blood.

"...Wh...What..?" She couldn't tear her eyes away from the dead gym leaders.

"..That settles it. I have to grow stronger.. I have to destroy Team Rocket..I'll kill him..." She mumbled, eyes becoming distant as anger showed upon her face. Her hands curled into fists, trembling with building rage.
OOC: Well, looks like everyone hates me now for something I didn't do. This is looking fun.

"Hey Heather!" Miller said with a fake grin, "long time no see. You here for the promotion party?"
OOC: No one knew it was really Beryl so you're the next option :p

Heather glanced at Miller. "If that's what we are here for then I suppose so. But I doubt I'll get one. By the way, that fake grin is really easy to see through." She said with an unnoticeable smirk under her ninja mask.

Proton was at the back, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, studying an engagement ring he had stolen.
OOC: Well, I'm pretty sure Misty and her sisters died of being crushed, and I'm sure everyone who was paying attention to the battle saw Beryl cut the ropes holding the hall in the sky, so yeah.

"Well duh," Miller replied, "it was fake on purpose. If someone thought it was real then I don't know how stupid he would have to be."
Randell Iorthon was already inside Giovanni's office. He was the first to be called here because he wasn't inside the contest hall and thus it was pretty easy to find him, however, he kept his mouth shut all the time and stood in the corner of the room. The boy was in a really foul mood. His valet suddenly died because he choked on a black pretzel, so no one came to pick him up. He aimlessly wandered around the city, until a fellow Rocket Grunt approached him and teleported the twelve year old to the base.

"Sink SS Anne?" Randell finally said after being silent for quite a long time. "Gee, I don't know. Infiltrating it is not a problem, since I can easily get you all the ticket, but to sink a ship that big and with so many people inside... how are we gonna do that?"

Truth to be told, Randell was quite nervous around his fellow team mates. Everyone is just so strong and tall and intimidating, while he himself is just a rich twelve year old who seriously need to crank up his height. He sighed, and scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Besides, there will be a lot of important person inside the ship. Security will be really tight."
After tallying the votes, Brock smiled.
"Alright. I'll send out the medals. Thanks for...Ew." Brock had followed the pair, talking as they did, and then came across Misty's corpse. This was awkward. Brock wondered what he should say about this. He decided to just shrug and go send out the letters.


Giovanni simply chuckled.

"Be creative. Rig up some bombs. Capture a Wailord and use it to lay siege to the ship. Set it on fire. Do all of those at once. Whatever works, though if it's something that shows how string Team Rocket really is, that's a nice bonus. The main goal is to show the public we mean business." He was still playing with the switch, now trying to hit Jesse and James against the wall. The duo was too tired to scream, and were now just grunting.

"Heather, you're going with them. If this goes off well, I think a promotion might be in store fo-How'd those two pidgey get in?" Giovanni asked. Indeed, a pair of carrier pidgey had flown in, one for Agent Miller, and another for Jane.

Miller McMillan,

Congratulations! The scores have been tallied, and you placed 3rd in the contest, earning you a bronze medal, 10,000£, and three SS Anne tickets. We hope to see you and your stylish jacket in future contests.

Love, Brock

"Seriously, how did these Pokemon get in here?!" Giovanni asked, snatching the letter from the other Pidgey. He opened it and read it aloud.

"Dear Jane Notinteamrocket,

Your melons were absolutely delicious! But you don't get a medal, because filling the hall with smoke lost you a few points. But you get an honorable mention for Best Frui
...The heck is this?" Giovanni asked. There were three more tickets to the SS Anne enclosed. After fishing them out, he crumpled the letter up and threw it away.

"Whatever. You can use our teleporter tiles to get to Vermillion."


Back outside of the Rocket HQ, a pair of Pidgey flew towards Donna and Mina. One of them perched on Donna's shoulder , carrying a letter.

Dear Donna Abott,

For your dance number at the contest, you placed second. You win a gold medal, three SS Anne Tickets, 20,000¥, and I'd also like to know if you want to go out to dinner maybe or see a movie or just maybe let me touch your shoulder a little



donna please

im so alone


The final letter was of course for Mina.

Dear Mina Rhodes,

for your soulful and heartwarming performance, I'm pleased to enclose in this letter a gold medal, three SS Anne Tickets, and a voucher for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle! Congratulations!

Best Wishes,


One last Pidgey sought out Beryl.

Beryl Minos,

For your performance, Misty's family is suing you. Don't worry, though, I have your back! I know a guy named Firebird West. He's an amazing attorney! Since I still owe you and your friends for saving my gym, I'll pull a few strings to get him to work for you. Also, you recieved an honorable mention for "Best Destruction of Cerulean City Gym and Murder of the Leader of Said Gym"

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OOC: Not Hiro - he fainted by Miller's smokescreen getaway :p Nice signature, by the way. Ladies and G, you've forgotten about Proton!

"Yes, sir." Heather replied, watching as the double J duo were hit against the walls .
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"Well, I guess that solves our ticket problem. I think I like this Brock, we might not have to kill him." Miller said, counting everything to make sure it was in order, smelling the money with a look of pure euphoria, then pocketing everything. "Now how the hell did they find our-" he looked for the Pidgeys, but they were gone. Miller raised his eyebrow, but shrugged it off as another plot convenience.
"I'll think of something, sir." Agent K said. He turned to his new partner. "I need to collect my personal effects from Cerulean City. I'll meet you in Vermilion at noon tomorrow."

Not long after, he had been sent back to Cerulean. He'd rest there for the night and would be on his way in the morning. Gaining access to the S.S. Anne wasn't going to be a problem with the pass that Ceres had provided him. What was going to be a problem was that there were two people who were going to be on the vessel that he did not want dead; Ceres and Dr. Fuji. Perhaps they could be spared. After all, there were going to have to be some people to survive the disaster in order to witness Team Rocket's full power.

As for escaping the ship...? He hadn't thought of that yet. It would have to be something to consider on the morrow.
OOC: I just realised my letter was the only one that said "Love, Brock". The others had Best Wishes and Sincerely and just -Brock. Don't know about Jane's though.

Miller himself went to Vermillion. He found himself sitting on a park bench. Upon getting his bearings, he sent out his Pokemon.
"Psy?" the duck asked pointing to himself.
"I guess you want a nickname right?" Miller asked the duck, and received a nod as a response. "Hmmm... I guess I'll call you Fergus, don't know why, but it seems right.
"Psy!" the duck smiled, he liked the name.
"Well, Fergus," Miller sighed, "I'm Miller, that's Cindy, and welcome to our little band of misfits. Sorry for the terrible introduction, but I assure you that it wasn't my fault."
Fergus got a tear in his eye after thinking about his trainer, Misty, but then it went away when he realised that Misty was a terrible person. She got what she deserved, even though she might not have been that bad. "Psy," he dismissed it with a shrug. Sure, he might now have PTSD, but he feels that this Rocket might be even better than his old trainer.
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Of course, Agent Kay's promotion was well deserved. Not only he was one of the best Trainer around, he was an able and competent Field Agent. It's not a surprise that he climbed through the rank at an astonishing speed. Not that Randell is jealous of his achievements, no. It's just that somehow, the boy became motivated to do better. no way I'm letting that Mr.coolguy gets all the spotlight.

The next mission would be the ideal stage to prove Randell's worth. Besides, the mission, it seemed, will be a breeze. First, Randell has to get himself a ticket to SS Anne. That will be an easy task to do since his parents are well connected and rich, and thus could easily get him a ticket. Then, he must choose a proper suit to blend in with the VIPs there, which is also another walk in the park because the boy has a lot of custom made tuxedos for formal occasions. He nodded at the boss of Team Rocket and walked towards the teleporter. "Anyone wanna grab a bite? My treat."
"Thank Arceus," It was a coincidence Miller was not sitting on the on the bench anymore, or he would have Randell teleporting inside of him. He did not want to imagine what that would look like. "Oh hey," he said to the boy, "you might want to get off that seat, lest you suffer a terrible fate."
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"Huh? Oh, yeah, cool." Randell stepped away from the bench. He was not used with all this teleportation stuff. It made his head spin as if he was doing some trigonometry homework. "Eh, aren't you the guy who was just assigned as Kay's partner?"

The rich kid looked around him. Vermillion City is a beautiful port city indeed. The wind blowing in his face, coupled with the scent of the ocean and the sound of the waves made the short boy crave for a good swim in the ocean. Of course, that would have to wait for later. Now, he must find something to eat while he wait for someone to take him home, where he would ask his parents for a ticket to SS Anne and a new pair of formal clothes.

"You know a good place to eat around here?
At the mention of food, Fergus perked up, but then realised there was no food around. "Nope," said Miller, "about as new to this city as you. I came from Johto, as you can see by my Cyndaquil." He zipped up his jacket to cover the R on his shirt. "Name's Miller, and yup, I'm Kay's partner." he extended his hand toward the rich kid, "He had to take care of business in Cerulean."
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