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Start Ups Pokemon RBY RP

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Grace had been training her dinosaurs the last few days, and had achieved evolution for her Tyrunt, which was now a navy-blue Tyrantrum. Unfortunately, that meant she couldn't have it around indoors, as it now stood well above five feet. Along with that, her Cranidos had become a Rampardos, and busied itself easily with destroying things with its thick skull. That left her Aerodactyl, which was also pretty big, though could stay indoors for the time being. She exited the main headquarters, her Aerodactyl flying closely behind her.

Silver had also been training over the week, and it appeared her efforts had yielded fruit. Her Carvanha, Tsunami, had evolved into a Sharpedo. She had yet to find a Sun Stone for her Helioptile, though she had trained the electric-type to a fairly high level. She was currently on her way to Cinnabar, planning on using her Sharpedo for transportation. The water-type was considerably fast, and could tear through the water with absolutely no difficulty.
Ravness and Domina spent two hours to help Randell get ready for tonight's gala, and as usual, she had prepared Randell's signature outfit. She styled Randell's hair while Domina made sure not a single speck of dust or stain could cling to his new Trainer's suit. Randell's outfit for today consists of pitch black trousers, a six-button double-breasted tailcoat, and a black, but less darker vest. He has House Iorthon crest printed on his tie. Randell also sports a pocket watch and a chained gold lapel pin bearing the Team Rocket symbol, but of course, the "R" symbol was redesigned to look more elite, with added gold linings and other intricate patterns adorning the lapel pin. The boy had told his sister that the R stands for Randell, and has no connection whatsoever towards the criminal organization called Team Rocket which bears an identical logo. She believed him, sure, but Domina threw a few suspicious glance his way, which made Randell quite uneasy.

"There! All set!" Ravness said, patting his little brother's head as both of them stood in front of the big mirror in her room. "You look handsome. So... SS Anne, yes? What are you going to do there?"

"Indeed. My friend holds a birthday dinner there." Randell lied. He fixed the position of his tie awkwardly. "She invited me to come, so..."

"Is she pretty?"

"Does it matter?" Randell sighed. He walked towards the door and blew his sister a good bye kiss. "Excuse me then. Come, Domina, Llednar."

The rich kid had to make sure this mission goes smoothly. He will blend in at the party and create a distraction while the rest of the Rocket Agents carry on with their plan to sink the ship. Randell trusted them, sure, but in order for them to successfully set up their plans without the guards noticing them, they need a good distraction, and causing trouble and distraction is what Randell do best.
Eventually, Agent K would find Miller in town. He'd spotted him a short distance from the sea side and he assumed that he had been scouting out the harbour, though this may or may not have been the truth. It looked like Miller was looking for him as well, but he wasn't sure if he'd been spotted yet. Kay, of course, disliked working with other people; still, on a ship full of people, it would be easy to lose someone. But in this case, he would have no choice. He would approach Miller and soon discuss with him what he had learned of the S.S. Anne.
OOC: I accidentally omitted the part in my earlier post in which Miller would spot the S.S. Anne in the distance, I changed a post in the middle of the process of writing it and forgot to include that.

Miller would stumble upon the other agent, Kay who also seemed to notice him as well. He came from the other part of the city, presumably he had just arrived here. For Miller, it didn't really matter if he worked with others or not.. He tended to be a bit extroverted and a bit introverted at times, depending on his mood. Now, he felt that a little help wasn't gonna harm him. Especially this guy, he seems to be a bit more experienced than Miller.

"Hey, you ready for this?" he asked the older member, "the ship is over there," he pointed to somewhere in the distance. Though it was far away, one could make out the tiny outline of a luxury steamliner in the distance.
So what was the list that the brunette teen was reading? Well first who was the brunette teen? Let's go back to the start. Her name 'Donna Abbott' wasn't her real name. In fact the real Donna Abbott was a 82 year old woman living in Littleroot Town, Hoenn. It was all a ruse, a disguise but why? Her real name? Alessia Havelock.

The list she was reading pointed out her name and location sent in code.

Miss Abbott:

As you know the offer stands. We need a choice between options:
- Ga
- Fi
- Dn
- Dr
- Fn
- Pn

Please decide on option before pressing forward:

S.S. Anne at this time and date

She read the letter and wondered which option to press forward today.
"I see it." Agent K said. "It has a weakness; if the loading bay doors are open, there isn't much to stop water from flowing into the hull. All we really need to do is to make sure we aren't interrupted and that we can leave without the doors being able to close. I'm sure my Rhydon will be able to jam the mechanism somehow."

He paused here to gather his thoughts. There was something else that was bothering him and he needed to make a point of it.

"We should be certain that some of the passengers are able to survive this." he added. "This is supposed to be a display of our power and if no one is alive to witness it, there wouldn't be any point to it, would there?"
After a long discussion with the Kirlia, it turns out that she had suspected Randell being involved with Team Rocket since a week ago, just before the start of summer holiday. However, her duty was to take care of Randell's personal needs and to assure his safety, so she had no choice but to join Randell in his plan to help his teammates sink SS Anne. The Kirlia teleported themselves to Vermillion Port, and Randell immediately recognized Miller and Kay in the distance. He ran up to them, waving.

"Good morning Miller. Kay." Randell bowed in a graceful flourish, followed by his Poochyena and Kirlia. "I believe you're ready?"

Randell was probably the most well dressed Rocket Agent. Imagine young Draco Malfoy wearing a tailcoat. Yeah, that's how he looked like. Besides, nobody expected a well dressed twelve year old to be a member of a criminal organization that is going to sink a ship, right? His disguise is already perfect.

"Contact me when you're about to commence the operation. I will create a diversion so the guards won't notice you."
OOC: Talking? You mean telepathically, right?

"All right, you can do that," Miller said to the boy, "I believe we were about to go soon anyways." He then turned to Kay, "Well, I think that we'll be all right with a few people surviving, as there should probably be a few life boats. We could also take one for ourselves, maybe even convince a few people to give us their pokemon and put them on there as well."
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"It's worse than it looks." Leo said, blood coming out of his mouth as they entered the Pokemon center. Then he looked at the bike Mina had. Wait a second...That bike. That bike...Was not the one that had run him over.
"Oh my Arceus! That poor boy!" Nurse Joy said as she saw Leo enter. She turned to Mina. "Was he being fresh with you? If he deserved it, I can make arrangements. We can have an accident." Leo was fading in and out of consciousness at this point, perhaps luckily. A pair of blissey put him on a cart and took him away.

Meanwhile, just outside of the Pokemon center, several motorcycles were parked, with a small gang of men with leather gauntlets.

"Dammit, I can't do any more time! If that kid pulls through, he might testify against me!" One of them said. His duck tail flopped around as he gesticulated wildly, clearly agitated.
"Why not just take care of him? It's not like he'll be going anywhere." One of his companions, this one bald said.
"Do you think we should get the girl too?" His third friend, this one with a pink mohawk and surgical mask said.
jjoi was stating in a pokemon center messing with his new dex nav he saved up for months to get. In his pocket was a pokeball with a minun he encountered by chance on his farm while he was in the fields. He was trying to figure out where to go next when a man barged in the pokemon center and proceeded to throw out a pokeball and out came a zigzagoon. He exclaimed: "Whoever can beat my zigzagoon gets 100$". "I will, but we will take it outside, I don't want to hurt anyone" jjoi said. so the man and jjoi went outside and fought, his zigzagoon feinghted in 2 turns. he gave jjoi the 100$ and he rushed into the pokecenter. jjoi used a simple potion to heal the 10 damage the zigzagoon did. He then decided he needed to go to a hotel and get some rest since it was 9:00pm and he was tired.
"You're certainly looking very dapper." Agent K said to Randell, paying a rare compliment. It was a genuine one as all he was wearing was his white Rocket uniform. But he punctuated this complement with "Gala's not until the evening, so I hope you don't do anything that will ruin your suit."

He looked to Miller. "Consider that a secondary objective. The boss only told us to sink the ship and have as many people as possible bare witness to the disaster." he said. "Do so if you have the opportunity. As for escaping, the life rafts are likely our best option. On that note, we may need to sabotage some of them." He considered this for a moment. "I think Agent Grace or Agent...the other one can do that."
As if on cue, said Agent arrived with her Aerodactyl perched upon her shoulder.

"Of course, I can offer my service for that. However.. I require a Mega Stone from the shipments on board. It is part of our job to steal away the stones, is it not?"
"I forgot about that." Agent K said in response to Grace. In truth, he cared little for the Mega-Stones due much in part to the fact that he already had one. But he still didn't know what it was. He was hoping to meet Dr. Fuji so that it could be identified. He didn't let this slip to the others, though.

"The boss said that they're in the Captain's possession, correct?" Agent K asked. "If capture him first, we can claim the Mega-Stones and remove him from the helm at once."
Trainer - Mina

Maya - Mawile
Ryu - Pancham
Gamera - Squirtle

Mina was relived that she managed to get Leo to a Pokemon Center, but suddenly Nurse Joy started asking if he was trying to be fresh with her, suggesting that they could arrange an accident. "W-What?! N-No! I-I just found him this way!" She did not want to mention that she thought she was the one who ran him over, and she was a little shocked that the Nurse suggested that. Mina quickly backed away before the situation got even more awkward.

She waited in the waiting area for a few minutes, thinking of what to do in order to apologize. After getting bored, inspiration finally struck. But on the other hand, she might have to go out again, as that Meowth still had her medal, and her Spearow chased after it. So she borrowed an envelope and a piece of paper, before writing,

"Dear Leo.

I'm sorry for possibly running you over with my motorcycle."
She drew a frowning face to add to the point, "I hope this could make up for it." She took the three spare S.S, Anne tickets she won at the contest out of her pocket, and added them to the envelope.

"Get well soon.

He would be able to go to the party with the tickets, and could invite Hiro, Meg, or Beryl, just in case he knew where they are. She folded the paper, put it in the envelope, finally sealing it. She walked up to Nurse Joy, "U-Um, c-could you p-please give this to him when he gets out?" She did not even notice the group of intimidating looking bikers outside.
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"All right, we can do that," said Miller to the group, "we can also make an announcement from there, kinda freak people out or whatever." He then remembered to ask them something. "Anyways, does everybody already have one?" he asked before showing one of his S.S. Anne tickets to the group, "I have two anyways." It was still slightly wet from jumping in the ocean, but luckily it was laminated or whatever, so it was not falling apart and made a squeaky sound when rubbed. He stood there waiting for a response.
OoC: yes


"Thank you. Of course I will not. But you know, as for the freaking people out part... I think I have plans for that." Randell said, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Yes, yes, I believe it will work. Hmm..."

For the distraction, Randell will casually enter the gala, blend in with the people, before finally making an evil but seriously badass speech about Team Rocket to catch their attention. Surely the guards will immediately storm the room and all, creating a space for Agent Kay and the others to act. Yes, if there's one thing Randell might do better than then other, it's certainly public speaking. Mathematics, public speaking, and economy lessons was drilled into his head every day. A mid day meal, then it was all afternoon in the chapel with his sister and mother. Dinner, and then Randell stumbled into bed to sleep the deep dreamless sleep of the utterly exhausted. That's pretty much boy's routine everyday. That's why he was so glad summer vacation had begun and that he joined Team Rocket. He could finally be free.

and if I have to sink a ship to keep my freedom... then so be it.

"Have you guys ever heard of Ghetsis? He was a leader of a criminal organization in Unova. His method of manipulating people was to make a speech in public," Randell said, observing the white cruise ship in the distance. "I think I might try his methods. People who survived the sinking ship might even change their view on Team Rocket and might even join us. What are your thoughts on this?"
OoC: Is it alright if Kjaerr and Stalwart (Taillow) start off on the S.S. Anne? He doesn't have to interact with the team rocket characters yet, just be affected by their actions.


Kjaerr gazed in awe at the golden ticket he held in his hand, gently fluttering in the cool breeze that blew from the sea through the port area of Vermillion City. It was a chilly morning, but Kjaerr had black jeans and his black, worn leather jacket to keep him warm. As a twelve-year old who had only recently left home to find his way in the world, the young boy had never been aboard a ship before. Excitement building in his stomach, the boy walked along the edge of the harbor past each of the docked smaller boats. Though each of these looked large to him, he knew that the S.S. Anne would be even more massive once it finally docked in port. On his shoulder perched his first and only Pokémon so far, a Taillow named Stalwart.

Kjaerr looked out at the slowly approaching S.S. Anne and walked past a group of four young teenagers, one looking very slick in a suit and another with an Aerodactyl on her shoulder. He silently joined in with the next group he came across, a group of tourists led by an attractive young woman with blonde hair as wavy as the nearby rolling sea. The young blonde wore tight khaki pants and a navy blue collared shirt, her pinned employee name-tag adorned with pictures of a Marill, a Horsea, and the name 'Bethany'. “Thank you for being a great tour group, and have a wonderful day!” She addressed Kjaerr, having noticed him approach, “Looks like you missed the tour; did you have any questions about Vermillion City?” After Kjaerr inquired about the kinds of Pokémon native to the area, “Aside from the usual Magikarps and Tentacools, Vermillion city gives you the rare opportunity to encounter Pokémon like Poliwag, Shellder, and even Horsea, if you're lucky! Actually, why don't I show you and your Taillow there the power of our water Pokémon firsthand!” Without waiting for a response, Tour Guide Bethany reached into her satchel and threw out a net ball, releasing a powerful-looking Poliwhirl.
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jjoi started the 5 minute walk to his hotel room. Scince it was night, there wasnt anyone out and about. Once he reached his hotel room he saw a note on his door it said:"we saw what you did to him, we are watching" signed by "R". He took the note and read it a couple times to confirm what he was seeing was real. Then he decided that he needs to figure out who R is. then he thought of something, he looked on the back of the note and it read the words:"you migh want to get out of the doorway". he complied and the room exploded. He started running down with intentions to go to the police as fast as possible.

(anyone can jump in at any time from now on)
The Poliwhirl was completely dominating the match, and Stalwart was having difficulty keeping up with the speed and strength of the much more experienced Poliwhirl. Kjaerr began to sweat as he watched his Taillow dart back and forth, too busy dodging the constant Water Guns to even think about attacking. As Kjaerr began to feel light headed and the battle started blurring before his eyes, he suddenly devised a plan. “Use Double Team, Stalwart! Good, do it again!” Stalwart obeyed.

“What's going on!?” exclaimed Tour Guide Bethany in surprise as her Poliwhirl's eyes darted around in confusion. The Taillow was moving so fast, it seemed like there was a dozen of him all around the sky. Panicking, she decided to attempt to end the fight quickly: “Finish him off with a big Body Slam!” The Poliwhirl shot right at the Taillow... and fell through the open air...

“Hurry! Go in hard with a Quick Attack!” Stalwart dove in from behind the Poliwhirl's left shoulder, scoring a direct hit. “Peck!” As Stalwart's beak scored a direct hit on the back of the Poliwhirl's head, a sharp, wettish slapping sound shot through the air. Seeing that the battle was as good as over, Bethany pulled her Pokémon back into its Pokéball. Kjaerr smiled triumphantly, and Stalwart flew back to perch on his shoulder. Bethany looked sadly at the ground in defeat then flashed a self-deprecating smile at the victor.

After the battle, Bethany told Kjaerr all about her history with her Poliwhirl from its earliest days as a Poliwag. She instructed him about the importance of having a water Pokémon, especially in a town like Vermillion City.
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"I do." Kay said, flashing his own ticket. "I have a reliable source. Annoyingly so, at times. Maybe you could give away your spare ticket. It'd be a meagre contribution, but it would bump up the number of passengers slightly."

At Ghetsis' mention, Kay scowled. "Yes, I've heard of him. I've even witnessed that nonsense of a speech you refer to." he said. "But you are right, his audience did seem to be swayed by his words. Though, I like to believe that the people of Kanto are a little more intelligent than those lowly Unovans." he added in a hushed tone. To Randell, he said "If you think you can pull something like that off, go ahead."
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