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Start Ups Pokemon RBY RP

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"Dedicated. Yes," Randell nodded in agremeent. He had never actually met the famous Pokémon Professor in person, but he was WAY different from what Randell had thought. "Emm, yeah okay sure. I'd be very grateful if you do."

The rich kid tossed two Pokeballs to the air, releasing Llednar and Domina. As always, Domina dropped a curtsey at his Trainer upon being called. "Professor, this Poochyena is Llednar. The Kirlia is Domina. By the way, that girl... her name is Mina? She is very cute, actually."
Boarding the ship, Kay's attention was attracted by a ruckus to his left. There was a loud crash followed by an exclamation of "It's not here!" A maddened trainer had apparently been looking for something underneath a truck that had been parked in the harbour nearby. His Machoke had flapped the truck over. What ever this trainer was looking for, he was notably frustrated for not having found it.

It was soon forgotten, though. Agent K paced around the ship, searching for his partner. There were so many people here that he couldn't see any sight of him. He had his communicator, but he didn't want to arouse suspicion by using it now. Eventually, he found himself in the ball room where he gave up on his search. He would have to find somewhere private to contact the others. There was no hurry, they all knew the plan. As long as they each played their part, he had no reason to be concerned. Besides, he'd just spotted Dr. Fuji conversing with some of the other ship's guests. Perfect. He would just go over there and ask about him the stone...

That would have been what he had done if he hadn't been intercepted by a young gentleman, dressed in a black tuxedo. The boy offered him a white rose. "Glad you made it." he said. "Congratulations, by the way. White suits you really well."

It took Agent K a moment to recognise this boy as Ceres; or at least he guessed he was a boy. Of what little he knew of Ceres, he was at least aware that he was gender-fluid. "Actually," he said, accepting the rose, "I'd forgotten you were coming."

"Oh, how sweet of you." he said. "Dance with me."

And so, Kay was swept away on to the dance floor with his beau. Dr. Fuji would have to wait. And so would sinking the ship.
The S.S. Anne was long forgotten by Silver. Riding on her Sharpedo, she easily cut through the ricketing waves towards Cinnabar in a torrent of speed.

Grace wanted nothing to do with the gala, so she wandered the halls in the lower compartment. Her Aerodactyl was perched on her shoulder, watching the hallway for any movement.
Miller found the request made by Brock totally surprising. Wingman? Ladies? Well, Miller did know a little about ladies, and he supposed that he could just hang out with the Gym Leader, look a little less suspicious.

"Sure, why not, I could tag along for a little." he replied, "What's the worst that could happen?"

Right as they were about to walk into the ship, a random truck flew through the air, about to land on some random girl! As he didn't want people to die yet, and due to the fact it was a girl, Miller sprinted at the person to knock her out of the way. He yelled, "Watch out!" but she was too late in getting out of the way, so the agent tackled her down to the ground, with the truck soaring over their heads and landing mere inches away from where they were lying now.

Rule one, always respect a pretty face, thought Miller as he picked the girl off the ground. "Are you all right?" he asked her, "that truck nearly killed y- wait a minute!" he realised as he actually saw the pretty face now, "You're that kid from the contest," It was, in fact Beryl that the agent saved from the truck!
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Beryl recognized that little...that little...her rage blinded her, and Cherub reciprocated it....

"YOU...YOU..YOU got me into that legal trouble...YOU deceived that Psyduck...YOU...you...what is Team Rocket doing here? Is there a heist planned? Thanks for saving me, btw..."

Kjaerr reclined uncomfortably on the small bunk in his room aboard the S.S. Anne as Stalwart flew around the room excitedly. The room was too cramped for both the Taillow and him, so he immediately made up his mind to spend as much time as possible on the deck and exploring the rest of the ship. He knew that there was a gala on the boat that night, so he put on a pair of white chinos with a chocolate brown belt, a light periwinkle button up shirt and a navy blue blazer sporting gold buttons. He slipped on his worn, sahara leather boat shoes as he walked out the door, Stalwart perched on his shoulder and Scuttle's Pokéball swinging on his belt.

Kjaerr walked into the ballroom alone; Stalwart was resting in its Pokéball, as it often gets overexcited around large groups of people. With a huge smile on his face, he eased his way through the crowds. Young eyes took in famous people from all around the Kanto region, and Kjaerr was working hard to make sure that he was polite to everyone and listened more than he spoke. During a great conversation with one of the research interns in Professor Oak's lab, Kjaerr felt a tap on his shoulder. It was the tour guide from earlier, Bethany. She was wearing a stunning ocean blue, sleeveless gown with white sparkles from the waist down. “Hey there, Kjaerr! It's good to see you here! The Vermillion City Tourism Bureau always sends a few tour guides on this cruise to promote our fair city, and I was one of the ones chosen this year. Would you care to dance with me?” Kjaerr smiled, grabbed her hand, and led her to the dance floor.
Angelica's head rested against Surge's chest, as they slowly glided across the dance floor. Surge's eyes were half closed. He wished life could be like this. Holding his wife in his arms, slowly dancing to the music from the hand, a truck crashing through the wall and running over the couple behind them. Wait no that past part shouldn't be there. In less than a second, Surge and Angelica had handguns in their hands, pointing at the truck. Most of the ballroom was silent, though the band kept playing.

"Clarence. Why's there a truck?" Angelica whispered to surge. They stood back to back, pointing at the truck, breath in synch.
"It might be a bomb." He whispered.
"Are you sure they aren't just bad drivers?"
"It might he both." Surge said. Angelica nodded, then headed over to the front of the room, taking the microphone.
"Can I have the attention of all party goers?" Angelica said. "There is no need to be alarmed, but we think that Team Rocket may have crashed a car through the wall of the ship containing a bomb. My husband is present-" She was interrupted by the sounds of gunshots. Surge was shooting the car.
"-presently disarming the bomb. The situation is under control. Please enjoy there rest of your evening." The crowd mumbled, and then went back to dancing, as Angelica headed over to the bullet-riddled truck. She nodded at her husband, and they both pushed the truck out of the wall and into the sea. Then they high-fived.


"I can tell you're a good person." Oak said, examining Domina's green hair. "I've been a professor for a very long time. I've gotten very good at sizing up how Pokemon feel. And yours seem to like you a lot." A loud banging noise could be heard from the ballroom.

"The band is really getting into it. Excuse me, I'm going to go and...What is it called these days? Shake my groove thang, is that it?" Oak asked.

"She really is." Leo said, in response to Randell's comment. It took him a moment to actually register what Randell had said. A challenger appears! Well, Leo was a bit worried. He'd yet to evolve one Pokemon. If he wanted to be worth Mina's time, he decided he had to get stronger!


Brock had followed Miller, watching as he pushed Beryl away.

"So if I want to bag a hot babe, I need to save her life, huh?" Then he looked at Beryl. Was he that desperate? Come to think of it, he was getting there.

"Fair mademoiselle, may I perchance ask that you-Oh, hey, I remember you! You were in the competition with Miller."
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Trainer - Mina

Maya - Mawile
Ryu - Pancham
Gamera - Squirtle
Jinx - Meowth

Mina walked out of the clothing store wearing a newly purchased knee length dark green dress, along with green flat shoes. She was not too sure about what was considered fashionable or not, so she just hoped this worked. For one last touch, she removed the beret she almost never takes off from her head, running her fingers through her neck length hair a few times to avoid having hat hair. With that, she proceeded to run back to where the Professor, Leo, Randell, and her Pokemon were.

Along the way, she felt the gentle swaying of the boat in the water, and it started to get to her as she started to feel a little sea sick. Taking a moment to recover, she continued around a corner to where they were when she suddenly heard what sounded like a boom. The sound startled her, causing her to trip and fall on her face. She quickly got up, red in the face with embarrassment, "I-I'm okay." The intercom on the ship buzzed with activity as there was an announcement, something about Team Rocket crashing a car bomb into the ship. Mina felt herself start to go numb at that announcement, until it continued with everybody being assured that the situation was under control, as gunshots rang in the background, "I, uh, guess that's one way to solve a problem." With that, Mina was able to mostly calm down, and keep on trying to enjoy the night.
"Are you alright?" Leo asked, moving to help her up. Mina was really pretty in her dress, and Leo found her clumsiness endearing, though he was a bit worried one of these days she'd break her neck. Leo rubbed the back of his neck.

"D-do you want to dance, Mina?" He asked. Then he realized: Shit! He was doing it to! Had he caught it from Mina?! Well, that was okay. Maybe she'd think it was moé.
"Well then, this is awkward. You're welcome," said Miller as an angry girl and Audino stared at his face. Now Brock was there too, being Brock. He had an idea, but had no idea what effect it would do. The agent sent out Fergus.

"Psy?" asked the duck, before recognising the Trainer he was looking at. "Psyduck, Psy!" he exclaimed and hugged Beryl's leg.

"I believe he is thanking you now," said Miller, "he seemed to be extremely malnourished and beat up when I got him, so he seems to hate his old trainer. Oh and also, thank you for getting me a promotion, I forgive you as well."
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Kay and Ceres had stopped dancing as Mrs. Surge made the announcement and he looked mildly amused as gunshots rung out throughout the hall. "Was that you?" he asked.

Kay shook his head. "I did see some lunatic flipping a truck over earlier." he said. "But this has nothing to do with us."

"So there are more of you on board." Ceres said. He continued in a low tone. "This wouldn't have anything to do with the plot to sink the ship, would it?"

Kay frowned. At first, he wondered how he could have known. But it was Ceres. Of course he knew. "Are you going to try and stop us?" he said.

Ceres shrugged. "Giovanni is a small man with small ideas. My employer has a much grander design." he boasted, tapping the 'G' shaped broach pinned to his chest. "So, go ahead. I promise that, in the grand scheme of things, it won't accomplish much. I suppose you will need to be excused now. I'll see you later." He was gone just as suddenly as he had appeared, leaving Kay on his own.

During the dance, Agent K had lost sight of Dr. Fuji. He was disappointed, but he was here for a reason. He made his way through the crowded hall and found himself a quiet corner. When he was certain he would not be seen or overheard, he pulled out his communicator. "What is everyone status?" he said quietly, speaking into the device.
"Roaming the halls, galas aren't my thing." Grace replied after a few seconds, coming to a stop in her slow gait.
Hearing the loud crash, Randell knew something had happened. The rich kid gazed at Mina, engraved the image of the shy but stunningly beautiful girl in dark green dress in his mind before running away to where the jazz band was playing, Llednar and Domina following behind. As he was running, Randell looked back and shouted. "Enchanted to meet you Mina, I do hope we see each other again. Please enjoy yourself tonight"


"Excuse me," Randell said to the jazz band. "Could you please play a sad song? Please? Thank you!'

He then grabbed a mic from the mic stand and said. "May I have everyone's attention, please?"

Some turned to look at the twelve year old in a tailcoat. The band also started playing sad music, and Randell smiled. Perfect. He cancelled his speech because obviously, it would not work. Cynthia, Lieutenant Surge and other top trainers from all over the world are present, and surely they wont be easily dissuaded by the speech of a twelve year old. So, Randell had another plan in mind.

"I am sorry to interrupt on this beautiful evening, but I have a very important announcement to make," at this point, almost everyone had turned their attention to Randell. He moved closer to Lieutenant Surge and looked him in the eye. "Lieutenant Surge, I am actually your long lost son."

Almost everyone in the room jaw dropped. Murmurs of disbelief erupted amongst the passenger, and Randell tried his best to keep his act up. Hopefully this will be a good distraction for the other Rocket Agents to act.

"Yes, papa, I am your son. Come, embrace me in your manly chest!!" He said, spreading his hands like a little kid begging to be hugged by his father.

Domina and Llednar double facepalmed. Tonight, only tonight, they are deeply embarrassed to be called Randell's Pokémon.
"Glad to see that at least one Rocket Pokémon is at least healthy...but still, what are you and Team Rocket doing here....what the...BROCK?!....ewwwwwww...SECURITY! This guy's hitting on an underage girl!"


The ship security showed up with a Galvantula and a Nosepass, ready to Block and shock Brock...

"Now, where were we?"
Security arrived and gave Brock a light scolding.

"Brock, quit being Brock." Jerry the security guard said, while his Galvantual shock-cockblocked Brock.


In the ballroom, everyone was staring at Surge.

"Clarence...Is he telling the truth?" Angelica asked. Surge stared. Could it be? It...It may have been. Tears welled up in his eyes.
"I'll explain later. I promise I've been faithful to you. But I have to do this." Surge said. He walked up to the stage, spread his arms, and embraced Randell in his manly chest. He released him, wrapping his arm around Randell.
"Everyone. I'd like to..." Surge sniffed and wiped his eyes, taking a second to regain his composure. "I'd like you all to meet my son!" He said.
While Brock was being zapped, Miller escaped from all of the commotion, not wanting to be a part of this, and roamed the halls in the ship. His communicator went off as he was walking towards a new source of commotion, and bullets.

"Yeah, I'm about to go to the source of the noise," said the Rocket over the radio, "I heard gunshots, is everyone alright?"
Agent K wasn't quite so impressed by Randell's "speech", but it seemed to draw the crowd's attention. What concerned him was that they were supposed to capture the captain. He hoped that Randell had a plan for this.

He slipped out if the room, heading towards the lower levels of the ship. "The lieutenant opened fire on a truck." Kay explained over the communicator. "I'm making my way to the loading bay now."
The room erupted into cheers. Almost everyone clapped their hands to congratulate Lt. Surge for finally reuniting with his long lost son. One of the guards shed manly tears, making his mustache wet. Randell tried his best to fake a smile, and Domina even played along by hugging Lt. Surge. The rich kid secretly prayed to every saints and legendary Pokémon he had ever heard of, wishing to be able to get out of this ship immediately. He had never thought the Gym Leader will actually believe him, since at first he only wanted to create a commotion to distract everyone.

This, he thought, will be the most memorable and embarrassing night in his whole life.

"I've been waiting for this day for so long, papa," Randell sniffed, mentally cursing in five different languages as he said that. "I've been searching for you all my life!"
"I'll meet you there, Agent Kay. Agent Todd, over." Grace ended the transmission, and started walking towards the loading bay.
Miller passed through the room with the stage. He saw a random bullet filled truck, and Randell hugging a gym leader. Not wanting to be a part of this, since it appeared that the grunt was handling himself, Miller passed through and secretly gave Randell a thumbs up.

"Gonna head to the captain's quarters," the agent said over the communicator, "I'll see what I can do there."

With that, he headed upstairs and found a door labeled "Captain" It was windowless and Miller could hear an old man whistling some sea shanties.

"I'm outside the door," the agent said in a near whisper while pulling out a baton, "Going in."
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