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Start Ups Pokemon RBY RP

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He had heard the voice on the intercom and watched the well-dressed boy address the crowd menacingly. He had seen drinks and plates fly off tables, shattering on the floor. A few famous Gym Leaders and other Pokémon pros were trying to take control of the situation, but there was chaos. People were scared and they didn't know what to do.

As the ship jerked from side to side, something inside of Kjaerr seemed to come together. He didn't panic, didn't even worry about the consequences of the sinking ship. The young man was of a singular mind; he had to help others. He couldn't save the entire ship, but every person that he could help would be better than the results of inaction. Springing into action, he released both of his Pokémon, instructing others with water and flying types to do the same. With Scuttle, his large Krabby, ushering people in the right direction and Stalwart, the speedy Taillow, guiding them to the lifeboats, Kjaerr had about two thirds of the ballroom moving in the right direction. He hadn't seen his new friend, Beth, but he figured that she was somewhere within the crowd.

Following Stalwart, Kjaerr ran around a side hallway that would take him past the loading bay to get to the lifeboats in front of the crowds. As he was nearing the boats; however, Kjaerr spotted a young man with a black cap accentuating his black and white outfit. Kjaerr shouted out to the boy, not sure if he knew what was going on.

“Hey there! The ship is going down; can I take you with me to the life boats, bud?” Kjaerr smiled, but urgency was in his voice. Stalwart fluttered above him nervously while Scuttle gnashed his claws, eyes furrowing.
The water was up to Leo's knees now.

"Dodge it, Nilbog!" He said. But the Zubat was simply to slow. It was bit by the Aerodactyl, and was sent falling to the water below, twitching. Leo quickly returned it. He was backing up towards the door. Not because he was going to try to run. It was so he could block the way out with his body.

"Sweetest, shouldn't we get out of here before we drown?!" Brock asked Grace.

"Magikarp, use Splash!" Leo said. He had used Zubat as a distraction to let Mr. Fish get in position. And now he was leaping out of the water, slapping Grace in the kisser with his tail!


The audience watched, stunned, as Randell just walked out. The crowd muttered, talking about his speech.

"Is the world really corrupt...?"
"...They might have a point..."
"...the only good Star Wars movie..."

"Don't just stand there!" Oak yelled to the security guards. "After him!" Most of them were trying to keep the crowd under control, but a pair of them barged through the door.

"Should kept runnin', boy." One of them said. He was a big man, with lots of bling, a mohawk, and a goatee. "I pity you." He cracked his knuckles and cricked his neck.
"I think you need to be taught a lesson!" The other one said. This one was a man with brown hair and thick stubble. He got into a boxing position, shuffling towards Randell. Then he charged, launching a powerful right hook, while Goatee circled around, getting into a wrestling stance, ready to try and grapple Randell if he didn't get out of the way of the punch.

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However, Grace was nowhere to be seen, and neither were her Pokemon. She was a pro swimmer, so drowning wasn't a problem for her.
Thanks to his small frame, Randell managed to dodge the punch and took some steps back.

"I'm twelve, for Arceus' sake! Give this kid a break!" Randell stomped his feet in frustration. Llednar and Domina stepped forward to protect Randell but he gave a signal for them to stop. "Look, gentlemen, violence is never the answer, unless we're talking CoD. Are you seriously going to hurt an unarmed twelve year old who was looking for his father? Please. Oh, nice goatee by the way. You look handsome. Can I touch it?"

The female Kirlia facepalmed. She suddenly regretted being Randell's assistant.
Ooc: Sorry guys, I had many things happen. I went on a camp out, and when I came back my internet was dead. I would have used my phone earlier, but I was stuck in bed for 2 straight days because I was sick.

Ic: Miller facepalmed himself, he noticed he was still in dock. With no other choice, he had to sail the ship out.

"Eh , it'll be like a video game," he said to himself and went off to figure out the whole system. There were many buttons, but Miller figured out which ones were required to drive the ship. Miller took off, but not before accidentally scraping against the dock.

"I apologise for the delay, but we will be taking off now!" laughed the Agent over the speakers, before sailing off into the sea.
Trainer - Mina

Maya - Mawile
Ryu - Pancham
Gamera - Squirtle
Jinx - Meowth
Mina was trying to stay calm about the whole sinking ship thing, She had to stay calm if she wanted to find a way out. But out of nowhere, the two Rocket Grunts that kept showing up since day one were in the hallway, stealing crystals from a chandelier. They seemed to be as surprised by her presence as the woman lost hold of the ladder, causing the man to slam his head on the ground. He was bleeding all over the floor as a horrified Mina watched on, not sure what to do. Immediately the woman was yelling at her to get an ambulance. That was a problem, she was not sure if there were any medics on the ship, and she never had a phone, as she never really talked to anybody. Last Mina checked, they were still docked, sinking, but at least docked. She could possibly sneak out, and get help.

That idea was cut off by the sounds of the ship moving, along with an announcement confirming that. She was terrified by a loud scraping sound inside the ship, it seems the ship hit something. But Mina stopped wasting time when she saw water start to enter the hallway they were in. They had to get out of there, thinking quickly, Mina sent out her Pancham, and removed the bandana from his head. She wispered, "I'm sorry, I'll get you a new one," before going over to the injured Rocket Grunt, and tightly wrapping it around the wound, she has fallen over enough times to know how to stop bleeding. While temporary, it was the best she could do, and might hold long enough to get to a medic. She told the other Rocket Grunt, "U-Um, see if you can wake him up, we need to get out of here."
The ship was in the middle of a wide swing as Kay arrived upon the top deck. He clung to the rails to maintain his balance as he made his way to the life boats. The pocket knife he had with him was all that was going to be needed to sabotage the life boats, a simple task that he was up for. He steadied himself against the rails and let go so as to free a hand to pull the blade out. But he did this at a poor time. The ship had completed one swinging movement on one side, and after a brief pause, started swinging the other way. The motion was undetectable at first, but it gained momentum as it went. Kay dropped the pocket knife to cling on to the railing again. He cursed as the knife was flung into the water below. The ship swayed at such a sharp angle that Kay followed the knife overboard an instant later. His grip on the railing failed, he slipped, and the next thing he knew, he was enveloped by the cold waters of Vermillion Bay.

Now underwater, he didn't have much of an idea of which way was up or which way was down. He'd entered the water so suddenly that he'd barely had any time at all to inhale much air, so he didn't have much time. But before he could attend to that problem, he spotted a dark figure in the water. Already starving of oxygen, his mind had trouble comprehending what it was. By its size, it looked so close, but its shape was so indistinguishable that had to be distant. What ever it was, it didn't seem to be moving very fast. So, what was it?

Kay mightn't have cared if the figure hadn't turned towards him and started to approach. As it came closer, he reached out a hand to touch it as he expected that he'd be able to reach it now. But he felt nothing. Suddenly, it appeared to grow rapidly in size and pick up a great deal of speed. The creature filled his entire field of vision and he could now make out colours of blue and white. The enormous Pokemon opened its mouth and he could feel himself being sucked in. What little air he was holding in his lungs was instantly sucked out.

He blacked out before he knew his fate.
A strong hand clapped on Miller's shoulder. Then it tried to slam his face down on the captain's controls. Lieutenant Surge had come to save his wife.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" He snarled. His Raichu, who had followed him into the room, sent a shock wave at the Rocket, while Surge, in sublime synchronicity with his Pokemon, pushed Miller back as he entered a boxing stance. The Gym Leader's face was red, eyes bloodshot, mouth contorted in a vicious snarl. As a soldier, he'd killed before, and it was very liky he'd do so again if Miller gave him half a reason. The Rocket was extremely lucky Surge had already used all his bullets.


"Sorry, son. We don't negotiate with terrorists." Goatee said, launching a sucker punch at Randell's gut. Then Mohawk lunged at both of them. He was trying to grab Randell, but forgot they were on a ship, and would likely send the Rocket and his partner off the edge and into the sea.


"James, wake up! James! James!" Jesse sobbed. Her makeup was a mess from the tears as James didn't awaken. He was still breathing, but it was noticeably shallow.

"Holy crap, Mina! What happened?'" A soaked Leo said asked. He had emerged from the bay after Grace had made her escape, and been looking for her since. "We need to get out of here. The ship's sinking. Most of the passengers escaped before we pulled out of the dock, so there should be lifeboats left."

"Wait! You're not supposed to move someone with a head injury!"
Jesse said.
"You know," returned the Agent, spitting out blood at the feet of the raging leader, before jumping backwards, out of his grip, "You could have asked nicely!"

All right, this is bad, very bad! Experience in the army, most likely good at hand to hand combat. Better stay back, tire him out. If he gets close, it won't be good.

The injuries Miller had just received were not severe, but that button face mash caught him off guard and caused Miller to bite out a chunk of his cheek by accident.

Looking around the room, you could notice that the leader had broken all the chairs that barricaded the door upon opening it. You could also notice that all of Miller's Pokemon were out.

"Fergus, Disable that electric move! Cindy, Lava Plume their asses! Nessie, unleash your Dragon Rage!"
Domina used her telekinetic powers to slam Randell to the wall, face first(again), dodging both the security guards' attack. She and Llednar then hurried to check on their Trainer, whose lip was bleeding due to the impact.

"... NEVER. EVER. DO IT AGAIN." Randell glared, wiping the blood from his lip. "... but eh, thanks."
Domina used her telekinetic powers to slam Randell to the wall, face first(again), dodging both the security guards' attack. She and Llednar then hurried to check on their Trainer, whose lip was bleeding due to the impact.

"... NEVER. EVER. DO IT AGAIN." Randell glared, wiping the blood from his lip. "... but eh, thanks."
Trainer - Mina

Maya - Mawile
Ryu - Pancham
Gamera - Squirtle
Jinx - Meowth
"Okay, great, of course he won't wake up, typical, ... bloody typical!" Mina noticed his breathing getting shallow, which made resisting the urge to panic harder. Even though they were in Team Rocket, she did not think that he deserved to die, prison maybe, but she refused to let him die while she could do anything about it.

Suddenly Leo showed up, completely soaked, the sight of the water was slightly terrifying, but at least there were still boats, and now he could hopefully help move the grunt. The end of the hallway was almost completely flooded, so there wasn't much time left, she would partake in the ultimate challenge, gather the nerves to speak normally. Mina took a deep breath to prepare herself, and spoke quickly, "These Team Rocket members were doing something with a chandelier, than I showed up, and I guess I surprised them or something because before I knew it, that guy fell off the ladder and smacked his head against the ground, now he's bleeding everywhere, and won't wake up, and to make matters worse, we're still on a sinking ship." Mina had to take a moment to catch her breath, that was the most she talked in a while, if they weren't so pressed for time, she might take the moment to be proud of herself.

Dealing with the other grunt was going to be harder, she was never really the assertive type, but she had to do something to get them moving. Don't move him, right, that was basic first aid, but seeing as the hallway they were in was flooding, some exceptions would have to be made. "True, but on the other hand, I'm sure that moving him won't be worse than drowning," Mina motioned at the oncoming water, "And I don't think that any Doctors are going to come down and treat him in time, so I would recommend that we get moving." Mina was trying her hardest to stay calm, and ignore her social anxiety, she was afraid that if she even stuttered once, they would not take her seriously, and she had to look like she knew what she was doing.
"Dammit! This kid's good!" Lieutenant Surge said, rolling out of the way of the lava plume. The control room was a large, semicircular room. Normally it would be full of operators, but the ship wasn't meant to move out of dock tonight. Thus, there was ample room to make this a fitting stage for an impromptu gym battle. Then a Dragon Rage hit him in the face, sending him crashing to the floor.

"Rai!" Raichu cried out, rushing towards his owner. But then! Surge pulled himself up, rubbing his face. He was badly bruised, and would probably have a crick in his neck, but he was okay.

"Raichu, use-"

"Clarence! We've got to get out of here!" A woman's voice cried from the threshold! It was Angelica! She she had a few cuts, but otherwise, she was okay!

"Angie! You're okay!" Surge said, running over to hug her.

"Clarence! Make this kid give me back my Pokemon, then we're getting out of here!" Angelica said. She was a bit crabby. It had taken her a long time to wiggle out of her ropes. Then she had found out her Pokemon were taken, as well as the brick she kept specifically so she could break into her own quarters (She locked herself out fairly often. That said, it probably would have also been effective for breaking out). So she had needed to use the chair that she had been tied to to break open the large window in her quarters. After doing her best to pick out the shards of glass, she had climbed out the window, then circled around and back inside.

"Alright, kid. Now that I know my wife's ok-Where did you get those cuts, honey?" Surge asked.
"Cut myself climbing out the broken window."
"Oh, alright. Now that I know you didn't hurt my wife, I'm less angry. The ship's going down, and if we don't stop this, we're both going to drown. Give back my wife's Pokemon, and we can call it a draw." Surge said.


The security guards began swimming back to shore. But those suits were heavy, and they weren't good swimmers in the first place. Still, Randell probably didn't have to worry. A crowd of people had gathered at the shore. Most of them soaked passengers from the ship. It would be very easy for Randell to blend in even when they did get back to shore. A lot of them seemed worried. They could see the SS Anne from the shore, though it had been getting farther and farther from the ship. Many people with Pokemon had gone out into the water to help people escape.

"Well that didn't go well." Professor Oak said, as he arrived on the shore on the back of his Lapras. He then turned right around and floated back out. It was late at night, and the waxing gibbous moon reflected off the water.


"Al-alright." Jesse nodded. She grabbed James by the hands.
"Mina, are you okay?" Leo asked, a shocked expression on his face. She was talking completely normally! It was like an entirely different person! It was like a powerful psychic pokemon were controlling her! It was scary! So scary that he followed her orders without question, grabbing Jame's ankles. They began to clumsily haul James through the hall, towards the deck. They made good time, despite the rocking of the boat. They had only dropped James a few times.

"Wait, hold on, you guys are the guys that kidnapped me!" Leo yelled, though he kept carrying James all the same.

"Oh, look! They brought helicopters!" Jesse said. Indeed, as they approached the deck, helicopters closed in. A bunch of police helicopters had been sent to help gather passengers. But unfortunately for Jesse, they were still police helicopters.

"You'll keep him safe, right?" Jesse asked, as she was handcuffed.

"Of course. The police brutality won't start until after he's fully recovered." Jenny chuckled.
Ooc: Sorry guys, real life is a bummer, gonna be away for a week starting Saturday, and I never actually went on this forum for a while, but I'll try to get the rp back in business.

Miller didn't want to stop fighting, but the Leader was right, they were going to sink soon. In all honesty, what was he to do once he beat him? Kill him? Leave him strapped to the boat and have him go down with it? Miller knew not to disobey orders, but he just couldn't directly end a life. He can fight, maim, knock out, break bones, but kill, he just couldn't. Sure, people may have potentially died because of him, but he didn't go up to them and actually stab or shoot them, they drowned due to... Eh, um... Whatever, nobody actually died, did they? They were near the shore, and anyone drowning in relatively shallow water is an imbecile right?... But why did he try to go further in?... Well they were going to be saved; but then again also going to be sabotaged, so they would die. Eh whatever, now is not the tome to go crazy discussing morals.

"Alright fine, I'll give them back." said the Rocket. While withdrawing all of his pokemon except Cindy, he took the captain's own balls out of his coat pocket, but making
sure not to expose the megastones,; he wanted to keep those. Either way, he made sure to give them all back.

Overall the mission was a flop, but the gym leader was still alive. If the Rocket couldn't kill him, he had to think of something else to satisfy Giovanni. Surge wasn't gonna kill himself for Miller... Or could he?

"Hold it! Before we leave, I need to tell you something important."
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