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TEEN: Pokémon Revolution: Volume One - Chapter Three


Jun 22, 2007
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Categories: Original, Pokemon
Rating: PG-13
Other: An extension on the idea of the game Pokemon Conquest. This is not a novelization of the game.​

Pokémon Revolution

"In the region of Ransei, many people believe in different things...

There are people who believe the myth that their land was created in the image of creator Pokemon... a land where humans and Pokemon alike can work together on one accord. This peace between the species is seen as the driving force towards the success and progression of life in this world.

There are people who believe in competition... the frequent acts of several different activities that people and Pokemon can participate in. Whether if it is battling in the annual region-wide Tournament or participating in the Grand Festival for coordinating competitions, humans and Pokemon share time working towards their goals of perfection.

And then there are people who believe in manifest destiny... the thought that if a person wants something, whether if it is free or belongs to someone else, they have the right to take it if it is within their power. Without any regard for the current condition or thoughts of anyone else, manifest destiny could be potentially tragic and chaotic for any civilization.

This, unfortunately, is the current state of Ransei region. With the re-election of the Dragnor province's ambassador as the Ransei region's sovereign, the entire area is in a state of shock and turmoil. With new policies and laws being initiated across the seventeen provinces, many people are confused as to whether or not they should revolt against the sovereign. People are being limited to the number of Pokemon they can catch, what type of Pokemon they can catch, and a host of other blasphemous practices. However, no one dares to challenge the sovereign's authority due to his extreme power... not to mention his equally as powerful Pokemon team.

With these turbulent times present, who can anyone put an end to the ominous reign of the sovereign?"

Character Profiles

A daredevil who can't say no to a challenge.


A prankster who has ran away from 'home'.


A witty heiress to a royal kingdom's throne.


A spy-for-hire/gambler that can smooth-talk his way out of anything.


A no-holds-barred temple explorer with a knack for 'surprises'.


A retired former expert Trainer who's lost his mind.


Blair - Mayor of Dragnor and Ambassador for the entire region of Ransei.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Breaking the Chains of Oppression!
Chapter 2: The Youth of the Avia!
Chapter 3: Risky Business!
Chapter 4: A Common Objective!
Chapter 5: Money Out the Window!
Chapter 6: The Birth of Power!
Chapter 7: Destiny!

Volume 2 through 8 coming soon!


Volume One
Chapter One
Breaking the Chains of Oppression!

At a distance, the Infinity Wall didn’t appear so difficult to climb over, but somehow Jet was struggling to make his way over the Dragnor province geographical landmark. It was a powerful and strong wall made from substances consisting of brick, rock, wood, and other natural materials from the earth. And here Jet was, just a tiny and fragile twelve-year-old boy trying to best a feature that many men could not do: climb the wall successfully without getting hurt. The midnight moon hiding in the clouds also was not the best sign for Jet.

After another failed attempt at clambering over the wall, Jet exhaled deeply as he took a deep breath. His emerald eyes surveyed the structure of the wall for a weak spot… or at least a ledge. Then he got an idea.

“Duh!” Jet said as he snapped his fingers before hitting himself on the forehead with his palm in realization. “I can just use Snorlax to give me a boost!”

Jet wasn’t sure why he did not think of using his Pokemon before. Perhaps he lost his train of thought in the heat of running away from home. It was not as if his parents cared anyway: his mother was probably out somewhere with her friends and his father barely noticed him in the midst of all his hard work. Jet did not care; he learned to barely notice his parents either.

“Let’s go Snorlax!” Jet said as he tossed a PokeBall from his pocket, releasing the Sleeping Pokemon. “Snorlax, I need you to lay on your back and use your Belly Drum to push me up over this humongous wall!”

Snorlax nodded, obliging to her Trainer’s commands by lying on her back. Jet was just small enough to fit on his entire Pokemon’s stomach as the Snorlax pounder the top of her belly, sending Jet wildly upward into the air and over the wall. Unfortunately for Jet, he flipped onto the other side of the wall and landed on his backside. As Jet tended to his buttocks, Snorlax peaked over the wall trying to climbing, but was unsuccessful. Frustrated, Snorlax managed to Mega Punch the wall, creating a huge gap in place of the depleted rock.

Getting to his feet now, Jet chuckled at his Snorlax and said, “Well, that’s definitely another option to getting across Infinity Wall.” He returned his Snorlax to her PokeBall as he observed the old tower that stood a few miles on the other side of the wall.

Dragnor was a beautiful province, but things just were not right at this time. Jet had to get away while he still had the chance.

“Bleh!” Jet coughed in disdain for the thought of staying in Dragnor. “I should get going before I start feeling homesick! Like that’ll ever happen!”


Today was the day: the day that the ambassador of the Ransei region would make his address to the public about any changes to national policies and laws. In the ambassador’s previous term, there were slight changes that many people did not agree with, however these changes were minor and did not have a major effect on the lives of citizens.

The province of Valora was bustling today more than any other day in recent memory. Serving as the industrial location of Ransei, Valora was home to several business including factories, manufacturers, and even the Ransei region jails and prisons for convicted felons. The city had a major responsibility to its region, but today, even this particular section of Ransei was open ears to the ambassador’s public address.

In Valora’s downtown district there was a giant television screen hanging from the top of a company building. Within seconds of the morning rush, the face of man who appeared to be in his late forties was shown on the screen. The man had a thin tan, a bushy mustache, a bald head, and stern eyes as he peered into the camera that recorded him.

“Good morning my fellow citizens of the great Ransei region!” the man began. “It is an honor to serve as your ambassador once again! I hope you each are having a great morning as you look to me on your television screens or listen to me on your radios or any other form of communication you may be accessing in order to hear my voice.”
The crowd downtown in Valora grew pretty thick as the murmur of people settled down while the ambassador greeted the citizens across the region. Jet was walking along the sidewalk across the street from the visual display and looked up at the ambassador speaking. An annoyed look appeared on his face.

“Oh great… Ambassador Blair bright in early in the morning as usual…” Jet scoffed, turning his attention to the screen now as he stopped in his tracks.

“In serving as your ambassador, I admit that there have been tough decisions that I have had to make in order to ensure that you as citizens are safe. For example, the reduction of Pokemon that a citizen can capture; the increase of law enforcement discipline in the streets; the ‘no-more-than-one’ law for Pokemon allowed out in public at a time; and many other helpful things to ensure your safety! I must say that I am proud of the citizens that have fallen in line with my new policies and for those that have refused them I say: ‘good riddance’!”

Jet scoffed as balled his fists. “Is he seriously patting himself on the back?”

“I’m saying all of that, ultimately to say this: it is OUR destiny to spread these new ideals across the entire region of Ransei! Due to the disobedience of some of our fellow citizens, I have decided to implement a new organization in order to ensure that they are either with us or against!” Ambassador Blair exclaimed enthusiastic, lightly slamming his fist on the table at which he sat. “More information will be released about this new organization in the coming days. However, if you are interested in learning more now, please feel free to see one of my representatives in your province. Thank you and have a great day!”

As the screen mounted on the building went blank, a few of the members of the crowd began to chant. “Des-ti-ny! Des-ti-ny! Des-ti-ny!”

Jet shifted his mouth as he clenched the strap on his bag shaking his head, ”They don’t understand…” Then, a voice from the other side of the crowd proceeded to capture Jet’s attention, ”Hmm?”

“You guys chanting ‘destiny’ don’t understand that everything Blair is saying is garbage!”

Jet looked up as he noticed the young man standing on top of… someone’s parked car now? He had to be in his late teens. The guy looked familiar to Jet, but he knew that he had never seen him before. Maybe it was the wild brown hair, perhaps?

“Last time I checked, Ransei was a democracy! Liberty! Freedom! Now he’s making all of these laws just to appease what he wants?” The young man exclaimed, getting the full attention of his audience. “What about what the people want? There shouldn't be a limit on how many Pokemon we can catch! Who’s got time to seriously wanna catch’em all anyway, right?”

Jet smiled giggled a little and said to himself, “He’s got a point…”

“A-a-and,” the man stammered trying to grasp his thoughts, “…this law enforcement garbage? Are you serious! The only law enforcement that I see are a bunch of random cops stopping me in the middle of a Pokemon battle because of some ‘time limit’ on Pokemon battles in certain areas! What the heck, man?”

The young man received a few nods and murmurs of agreement from the crowd.

“And that 'no-more-than-one' rule is just plain stupid! How are Pokemon gonna get 'busy' if only one is out of the Pokeball? Am I right!?”

There was a brief and uncomfortable silence as well as a random cough.

Jet wrinkled his nose at the thought of Pokemon breeding. He had yet to get to that stage in his life with Pokemon or even with the opposite sex.

“O… kay. I messed that one up,” the man chuckled rubbing the back of his head. “But you guys know what I mean right!? So what are we gonna do about it, huh!?”

“I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do, boy!” a voice from behind the young man said. “You’re gonna get the hell off my car!”

The young man looked down and realized that he was standing on top of the old man’s car. Laughing uneasily, the young man placed his hands out in front of him in defense, “Listen old man, I’m sorry about standing on your car or whatever… I was just in the heat of the moment and…”

“Police! Get this crazy boy off my vehicle!”

In the blink of an eye, three cops appeared seemingly out of nowhere and raised their holstered guns at the young man standing on top of the car.

“Down now or we will shoot!” said the officer in the middle pointing his gun directly at the young man’s leg.

The young man tilted his head as he held his hands up towards his head and said, “I don’t get a ‘good morning’, ‘how ya doing’, ‘it’s a lovely day outside’ greeting first?”

“DOWN NOW!” the officer to the right shot a warning bullet into the air causing the young man to fall to the ground off the vehicle and the crowd partially scattered.

He scrambled to his feet quickly but the young man was tackled before he could get anywhere. The officer that held him down managed to put him in handcuffs before standing him up.

“Hey!” Jet said running over to the scene. “You can’t shoot off a warning shot if he’s not running from you guys”

“The kid’s smarter than the cops!” the arrested young man chortled before one of the officers flicked him in the back of the head. “Owww dude!”

“Beat it, kid. We’re just doing our job.”

Jet frowned as he folded his arms and said, “No you’re not! Spinarak, Web Shot!”

From the building where the officers stood in front of, Jet’s Spinarak descended, firing a sticky web substance from his mouth and tangling one of the officers in a mummified state. The crowd appeared to be in complete shock at the turn of events while Jet proceeded to make a run for it. Spinarak scrambled after his Trainer as one of the free cops proceeded to aim in on the preteen boy.

“Don’t shoot the kid!” the other free officer said. “He’s probably just some lowlife street rat that’s begging for attention. We’ll get him when he’s this guy’s age.”

The young man glanced at the officer as he heard that he was talking about. His eyes then were laid on the path of the boy that had tried to save him. A smirk appeared on his face.

”I got a feeling I’ll be seeing the kid again in the future…”


The Valora province’s jailhouse looked at modern as the entire city did. The upkeep for the jail was obviously a major priority but Jet could not quite understand why the government was so focused on making sure their jail looked… presentable.

”Maybe they want the inmates to feel at home when their in jail?” Jet said to himself, laughing at the thought.

By now, it was late into the evening and the jailhouse was under the watchful of a few security guards that were standing outside. To prevent from being seen, Jet managed to climb up a nearby tree as he kept a bird’s eye view over the entrance area. Spinarak crawled onto his shoulder waiting for a command.

Jet observed the area closely. “One… two… three… four security guards. Alright, so it shouldn't be that hard then,” he said looking to Spinarak. “Think you can make your Pin Missiles hit their necks?” Jet pressed the side of his neck with two fingers.

Spinarak responded with a nod as he crawled out as far as he could on the limb of the tree before releasing a fury of consecutive pin missiles, hitting each of the officers in the sweet spot on their necks. They were knocked out cold.

“Awesome, Spinarak! Let’s go see if we can find that guy and get’em out of here!”


With the five security officers down, Jet thought that it would be wise to scout the perimeter of the building to find a window. It turned out that there were several windows and Spinarak had the responsibility of identifying different inmates in order to find the guy from earlier. Jet kept watch near the front of the building, but once Spinarak returned with good news, the boy followed after his Pokemon.

They arrived at a small window near the back of jailhouse and Jet climbed up the wall, peaking into the window. Sure enough, the young man was lying on the uncomfortable bed of his cell staring at the ceiling.

“Pssst!” Jet whispered.

The young man sat up and looked at the window. He looked out through the bars of his cell to see if the guard on duty was watching. Fortunately he had dozed off during his grave-hour-shift, so the young man stood and went over to the window.

“Heh! I knew I’d see you again,” he whispered. “I’m Auburn. You think you can get me out of here… uh?”

“Just call me Jet,” he smiled. “And yeah I can get you out here.”

Auburn nodded and said, “Awesome. But wait! Before you do anything… can you tell your Spinarak to grab my bag over there by the security guy? I’ve got my PokeBalls in there. It’ll make this process a whoooole lot easier and quicker.”

“Consider it done!” Jet whispered back as he gave Spinarak a nod.

Spinarak crept in between the bars and inside of the cell before making his way out onto hallway path. The silent pitter-patter of his feet was essential in not only waking up the inmates, but the security guard as well. Spinarak entered the security cell and found Auburn’s dark blue PokeBall bag, shot a web from his abdomen to hold onto it, and brought it to Auburn in his cell. Auburn grabbed his bag and thanked the String Spit Pokemon as well as Jet.

“Hey, Jet was it? Listen kid, do me a favor, will ya?” Auburn asked, tying up his shoes and then taking out one PokeBall, not looking at the boy whatsoever.

Jet’s expression turned into a confused one as he observed Auburn seemingly prepare himself to leave, “Uh… sure?”

“Meet me in those woods near the front of the jailhouse, will ya?” Auburn smirked as he stood up and dusted himself off. “I don’t want you to get into any trouble with law. You’re a good kid.”

Even more puzzled, Jet remained silent as he observed Auburn. He seemed to be pretty confident that he would escape even without Jet’s help. This assured-ness led Jet to silently agree as he disappeared from the window and ran back out to the woods where Spinarak shot down the security guards.

Auburn turned to make sure that Jet was gone. Once he was, he smirked at the bars of the cell saying, “Blair wanted one Pokemon out at a time… he’s got it!” He took out a PokeBall and tossed it forward releasing his Charmeleon. As he caught the ball on the recoil, Auburn said, “Let’s go Charmeleon! Fire Fang!”

“Char!” Charmeleon roared as his mouth filled with fiery embers. It began to chomp on the metal bars that held his Trainer hostage. After a few more flaming bites, the middle bars were no more and Auburn and Charmeleon were out onto the floor.

Auburn and Charmeleon ran down the hallway of the cellar, waking up a few of the inmates as they wondered how the young man was not only to escape but retrieve his Pokemon as well. Fortunately for Auburn, they hadn’t released his Pokemon yet, which was procedure for anyone who was arrested as they were perceived as a threat to society in Ambassador Blair’s world.

Unfortunately for the two, they reached a securely locked door that was blocking them from the lobby area of the jailhouse. By now, security officers that were inside were alerted about the escape of Auburn in addition to the sudden knocking-out of their fellow security guards who were watching the perimeter. Auburn turned his back quickly as he saw a duo of guards heading towards him with their flesh hungry Houndours.

Auburn glanced at Charmeleon and said, “Now’s a good time to cook that door, Charmeleon. Overheat! I’ll hold off the Houndour.”

As Charmeleon unleashed a rage of flaming fury from his mouth onto the cellar door, Auburn took out another PokeBall and tossed it forward in front of the Houndours, startling them.

“Hey you can’t break the law in jail!” One of the guards said.

Auburn chuckled as his Lucario was released, “How’d you think I got here in the first place, smart guy? Lucario, Close Combat!”

Lucario jumped at the two Houndour and immediately began to pound her fists into the Houndours’ body parts. Faces, backs, legs, chest… you name it and Lucario made sure to put physical, harming pressure onto the Pokemon’s joints. With their Houndours’ on the ground, the two officers reached for their walkie-talkies and asked for backup against the loose inmate.

Auburn glanced back after receiving a quick notification in the form of a loud ‘thunk’ sound that Charmeleon managed to finish off the door. With Charmeleon out of strength, Auburn quickly returned his Pokemon while commanding Lucario to deliver an Aura Blast to the two officers. Lucario began to wind up her palms slowly, lifting her right leg upward towards her chest. When she stomped down on the ground and pushed her arms forward, two blue spheres of aura energy shot at the guards and blasted them into the wall. Afterwards, there was a huge uproar heard from the awakened inmates.

Auburn grinned and took a quick bow saying, “Thank you! You’re too kind!” He proceeded to run out, but peaked back in. “That doesn’t mean I’m letting you guys free though! Can’t be too sure!”


Jet decided to wait for Auburn in the same tree he and Spinarak were in before. For Jet, it seemed like he had been waiting for hours and the sounds of Houndour barking in the halls of the jailhouse definitely were not good signs for Auburn. Jet shifted his mouth as he looked to Spinarak who was resting on his shoulder.

“I don’t think Auburn made it. Let’s get out of here…”

“Oh ye of little faith!” said Auburn’s voice from below Jet. He grinned as he looked up at the tree, giving him a ‘thumbs up’ sign. “Or however the saying goes. I don’t know…”
Jet hopped down from the tree and looked at Auburn with admirable eyes, “H-how did you get out of there without a scratch?”

“Good ol’ brute force. My Charmeleon and Lucario showed those guards a thing or two about locking up the wrong guys!”

“Wow that’s so cool!”

Auburn grinned, jamming his fists into his pocket. He had never been considered ‘cool’ by anyone before. Friends were few and far between for him so he was enjoying Jet’s company; the fact that Jet thoughthe was cool was just the icing on the cake.

“You held your ground pretty good back there in downtown Valora, kid,” Auburn nodded, looking down at him. “You wanna hit the road with me in the morning?”

Jet smiled at this opportunity. At first he was just going to see where the road took him after he ran away from home, but now that he stumbled upon Auburn, things were looking much smoother and easier. Auburn had to be one tough cookie if he took out those guards on the inside of that jailhouse.

“You can count me in!” Jet shouted, balling his fists in excitement.

“Whoa whoa whoa…” Auburn said, placing his index finger in front of his mouth as he looked around for guards. They were still standing near the entrance of the jailhouse. “...keep it down or else I’ll end up back in there on that sorry excuse for a bed. And I’m sure they won’t treat you too kind if they found out about you knocking out their boys.”
Jet nodded silently, covering his mouth.

“Now come on… we’ve got some ground to cover in the morning. I’ve got spot for us to lay our heads at for the night.”

Auburn said as he led Jet in the opposite direction of the jailhouse. It appeared the two had formed an alliance without even knowing it. Without any question, they had looked out for each other as if they had known each other for years. A common way of thinking had an interesting effect on the relationship between two different people. Auburn was not sure what the future held for him, neither did Jet, but they both knew one thing: this was going to be a hell of an adventure.
Next - Chapter Two
The Youth of Avia!
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Re: Pokémon Revolution

Chapter Two
The Youth of Avia!

Over the course of the next few days, Auburn and Jet managed to connect on numerous levels. They shared many attributes and experiences, but they were also very different in certain aspects as well.

Auburn, as Jet learned, was actually an eighteen-year-old native from the province of Greenleaf. His birthday had recently just passed and he celebrated by going out of his way to wake up a family of Onix in the mountains of Cragspur. He was a daredevil in every sense of the word, but he enjoyed the thrill of facing tasks that appeared to be impossible to accomplish or overcome.

Jet, on the other hand, informed Auburn that he was a native of Ransei’s capital province, Dragnor. The province itself was one of the most economically successful out of the entire region, yet Jet and his family was not living in the best of conditions. Plus, his parents mistreated him, so he decided to run away from home. According to Jet, they probably would not even realize that he was gone.

After days of tedious travels that appeared to be aimless, Jet was beginning to assume that Auburn did not know where he was going. In fact, he did not even recall Auburn telling him where their destination was. The scenery in the current location was filled with forest and the weather felt nice, but Jet came to the conclusion that they were lost. His patience was running thin and he wanted to stir up some trouble or at least fun.

As the two boys walked through a thick forest, Jet paused in place as he held on to the bark of a tree, staring down at the ground as if he was in deep thought. This caught Auburn’s attention as he turned around to face the boy, lifting a brow after not hearing his footsteps.

“What’s going on, kid?” Auburn said.

Jet looked up at Auburn with a puzzled look on his face. “We’ve been walking and traveling for days now.”

“Yeah…?” Auburn said as his voice trailed off.

“Where exactly are we going?” Jet asked as his Spinarak, who was resting on his shoulder, shifted to the other side of the boy’s body.

A chuckle escaped Auburn’s lips as he looked down, shook his head, and then looked back at Jet once more. “Kid… I’ve got a few lessons to teach ya,” he began. “One, you should never plan moments of spontaneity… like this one right now; two, realize that when you signed up to join Auburn’s escapade, you shouldn’t question him, remember that; and three… tell your Spinarak to not move all… creepy-like. That thing doesn’t creep you out?”

“This thing is my friend!” Jet responded in an offended manner.

Auburn lifted his hands in defense as he took a step back. “Chill… chill kid. I was only kidding,” he said turning to continue to walk as Jet followed behind him after silently agreeing to Auburn’s terms. “It’s just… Bug-types kind of creep me out. Well, the big ones anyway. Long story, don’t ask.”

Jet smiled and laughed a little before saying, “But seriously, Auburn… where are we?”

The two boys continued on as they neared the end of the forest. Once the trees cleared, they stood in front of a towering bridge that connected to the forest to a mountainous location that was covered in artistic architecture, similar to that of a royal location. The entire area appeared to be in the mountains as some of the clouds shrouded the province and gave it a mysterious mystique of altitudinal beauty. Several bird Pokemon were flying around the skies as well.

Auburn smirked as he stopped at the beginning of the bridge and pointed to the sky and said, “My friend… we are a mere bridge away from the royal province of Avia!”

Jet was amazed by the size of the bridge. It was a mile long structure over a heightened fall downward. Whoever made this bridge certainly was a master in architecture.

“Wow,” Jet said aloud. “But why are we here?”

“Let’s just say I have a… friend… who has a special ceremony that I need to see.”


Being a citizen of Avia was an esteemed honor in its own right. The province was home to some of the finest architectural designs that this world has ever seen and the cuisine in Avia could compete with any other location. With its aura of royalty ringing about throughout the province, it was simple to see why Avia was a desirable destination for travelers and visitors alike. But with turbulent times in the region of Ransei, being the daughter of Avia’s king and queen was starting to take its toll on a certain blonde.

The Avia province was unique to other provinces in that it had its governmental leaders, but it still maintained its royal family from years past. This family was responsible in providing all strategical and financial help that molded Avia’s beginnings. Today was the beginning of the rite of passage in Avia’s royal history for Princess Kelly.

“I really don’t want to do this today… It’s so awkward…” Kelly said as she sat in her bedroom, staring at her dolled up self in the mirror. She was a very intelligent girl who would much rather prefer to live a normal life instead of the life of luxury, but with her bloodline, that was going to be impossible.

“Kelly!” said a voice from outside of the blonde’s door. A knock followed the call. “May I come in, dear?”

“Yes, mother,” Kelly said as she stood up, flattening down the body of her navy-blue gown and then sliding into her matching cream gloves.

A tall woman who looked like an older version of Kelly opened the door and cooed at her daughter’s appearance. “Oh… darling! You look so beautiful! I’m sure you’ll make your father proud today!”

“Yeah, once he stops complaining about Ambassador Blair…” Kelly said sarcastically as she glanced over at her bed and saw her Pikachu waking up from a nap. “Look who’s finally awake. Now I can get an honest opinion about how I look.”

As Kelly’s mother tidied up her daughter’s blonde hair bun, Pikachu rose from her slumber and walked over to the two women before jumping on top of the dresser to get a good look at her Trainer. After a few moments of glances and inspection, Pikachu smiled brightly and gave Kelly a thumbs-up, indicating she looked beautiful.

“Ugh! You’re no help, girl!” Kelly said in response to Pikachu’s gesture.

Kelly’s mother laughed lightly as she placed her hands on Kelly’s shoulder while they both looked at her in the mirror, “Someday, Kelly, you’re going to want to impress a young man and…”

“Mom, I’m seventeen… I think I’m past that stage now.”

“…as I was saying Kelly… Someday there’s going to be that one guy that really impresses you and you’re going to want to impress him. First impressions are lasting impressions.”

Kelly scoffed as she smirked at her mother saying, “I don’t think there’s a guy out there that can handle being with someone that’s smarter than him, mother. Remember the last two guys?”

“Indeed I do,” her mother said as she walked towards the door. “But… you never know. Opportunity may come knocking at your door any day now! I won’t be queen forever you know!” She closed the door gently, leaving Kelly in thought.

Kelly simply smiled to herself as she stood up, looking at Pikachu.

“Well girl, let’s go to this stupid ceremony…”

Suddenly, there was a knock at Kelly’s window.

Confused as to why someone was at her window, Kelly quickly walked over to it and opened the curtains to see two boys standing on her balcony: Auburn and Jet.

“Okay, Auburn. This is starting to get ridiculous… you’re kidnapping little boys in addition to your other crazy antics? Like climbing up to my window in my room?” Kelly said as she folded her arms.

“Seriously, is that how everyone greets me nowadays?” Auburn said with a sarcastic smile. “No ‘Hey, Auburn!’ or ‘Oh my gosh I haven’t seen you in forever’?”

Kelly stroked her forehead as she closed her eyes saying, “I’m dealing with enough stuff as it is today, Auburn and unfortunately I don’t have time to play hooky or sneak out of the house to purposely bother gigantic Pokemon today.”

“Wait… what?” Jet said with an excited grin on his face.

Auburn looked to Jet and then said, “I’m sorry. Where are my manners? Jet, this is my good friend for many years, Kelly. The heir to the Avia throne… sadly. Kelly, Jet.”

Kelly curtsied in a fitting fashion as she was introduced to Auburn’s disliking.

“That had to hurt you… at least on the inside. I feel it right here,” Auburn snorted as he pointed to his core.

Kelly ignored Auburn’s comment and extended her hand to Jet as the two shook hands, “Nice to meet you, Jet. My only question for you is what are you doing hanging out with a crazy person like Auburn. He’s nothing but trouble.”

“Trouble that you were once a part of, might I add Ms. Rebel?” Auburn smirked, folding his arms.

Disregarding Auburn’s comment, Jet nodded at Kelly and said, “Well… I’m actually hanging with Auburn just to see where the road takes us. I had to break him out of jail a few weeks ago and—“

Auburn quickly grabbed Jet and covered his mouth. An expression of extreme embarrassment covered his face as he said, “Lettttt’s… talk about something else shall we—OW!!!!!”

Apparently the sensation of teeth biting against skin was not too pleasurable for Auburn. The wail was just enough to alert Kelly’s Pikachu who ran over in time to see what the commotion was about.
Auburn released his grasp from Jet and quickly waved his finger to ease the pain. “Dammit kid, you didn’t tell you were a biter!”

“You didn’t tell me you would put me in a half nelson!” Jet responded.

Auburn nodded and shrugged, “Fair enough.” He looked down at Kelly’s Pikachu saying, “Heyyy! Haven’t seen you in a while!”

“Don’t try to change the subject,” Kelly said, lifting Auburn’s head with her hand. Then, she realized something. “Wait a minute… you broke him out of jail a few days ago? Don’t tell me that that news story in Valora was about you two… Auburn you can’t bring a little kid like Jet in on these little antics! You’ve got to grow up and act your age! You’re 18 for crying out loud!”

Auburn rolled his eyes and then smiled in a hopeful manner, “So you did remember my birthday? I thought you forgot since, you know, you didn’t call me to wish me a good day.”

Kelly sighed and walked inside her room. “Sorry, I’ve just been busy around here dealing with things here,” she said. Kelly turned to face him as she silently allowed them entry into her room. “That doesn’t mean you can continue to go around like a dumbass and act like you’re some sort of… vigilante! Especially with Blair and his… reign of terror.”

Auburn and Jet entered the room as Pikachu sniffed Jet’s leg while observing the Spinarak on his back. Spinarak looked down at Pikachu before crawling down Jet’s body and stopping in front of Pikachu. After a brief stare off, Pikachu stroked Spinarak’s back gently, which led to the Bug-type Pokemon to shoot a web of string onto the floor. Pikachu laughed heartily while Spinarak was left embarrassed. Jet wandered over to the two Pokemon while he allowed Auburn and Kelly to ‘catch up’ or whatever they called it.

“So you agree with me in saying that Blair’s a crazy, madman right?” Auburn asked as he folded his arms, watching Kelly prep herself in the mirror. “I don’t recall you ever doing all of this when we were younger. Why the sudden change?”

“Because I grew up, Auburn… We’re not little kids anymore,” Kelly said, turning her head sideways to look at Auburn before looking in the mirror again as she fixed her eyelashes. “And to answer your question about Blair… yes, the man is a crazy case, but… the people continue to vote him into his position so there’s not much anyone can do about it. Especially with him having so much power.”

Auburn shook his head to her comment about her growing up, seemingly hurt by it. However, he shifted his mouth when she spoke of Blair, “With that being said… I’ve got one more… crazy idea… an adventure if you will. Like we used to do when we were younger.”

Kelly decided to not look at Auburn this time as she applied lip gloss to her lips and rubbed them together so that it evenly coated her skin, “Crazy idea? Like stealing one of my father’s Eevees?”

“I’m guilty of that,” Auburn said while scratching the back of his neck. “But… I can’t help it that the little guy wants to be with me.”

Kelly sighed as she turned to face Auburn. “Look, whatever you’re gonna say, just say it, alright? I’ve got a ceremony that I have to attend in a few minutes and if I’m late, my parents won’t let me hear the end of it.”

Jet looked up from playing with Spinarak and Pikachu as he proceeded to listen to Auburn. He too was interested in whatever Auburn had to say because, well, he did not keep him extremely informed about where he was going or what he was planning to do.

Auburn shifted his mouth again as he caught himself admiring Kelly’s appearance. She definitely was fixed up pretty nice for this ‘ceremony’. After a brief moment, Auburn said, “Well… I was thinking… what if the citizens of Ransei formed a group of Trainers who were completely against Blair’s reign? Obviously Blair’s not going to listen to us if we approach him with words or whatever, but I think if we send small messages here and there, we’ll be able to get his attention.”

Kelly folded her arms and squinted her blue eyes at Auburn. “So you want to create more Auburns: aimless vigilantes who have no plan and won’t garner enough buzz to get attention of the masses no matter how much crazy stuff they do?”

Auburn smiled brightly at her and said, “Well… let’s break that statement down shall we?” He looked at Jet and then at Kelly as he continued, “The kid and I managed to make our mark on the area by breaking out of Valora’s prison… aaaaand as far as not having a plan, well… that’s why I’m standing in front of you today.”

Confused, Kelly asked, “What do you mean?”

“You’re the smartest person I know, Kelly,” Auburn nodded. “You were the brains of our random adventures whenever I decided to pop into your room like Peter Pan. You always made sure we never got caught or got in trouble. And now you’re even smarter than ever! And don’t think I forgot about your Skarmory… that thing packs a punch. This ‘team’ I’m trying to form will be a group of Trainers who are fed up and tired of the way things are in Ransei. Maybe we can inspire more people to join and support us if we do enough, ya know?”

Kelly bit her lip as she thought about it for a moment. She recalled how much her father disliked Blair and she also really did not understand why Blair approved of certain things as well. However, she just could not allow herself to get into harm’s way, given her current circumstances as her being announced to be the heir to the Avia throne.

Shaking her head, Kelly looked down and then looked at Auburn and said, “I-I can’t Auburn. Not now… not anymore. Things have changed.”

Disappointed, Auburn exhaled through his nose and looked at Jet as he walked towards the window, “Come on, kid… let’s get out of here.”

Jet stood up and nodded at Kelly as his Spinarak soon followed.

“It was nice meeting you Jet. Good seeing you too, Auburn. Be safe…” her voice trailed off as she watched the two boys leave out the window and over the balcony. She shook her head and muttered to herself, “Only Auburn would be crazy enough to climb up six stories of a building…”


“So that’s what you’re planning! You’re going around the region to build up a union of Trainers?” Jet asked Auburn as they stood outside of Avia’s royal castle.

Auburn nodded his head as he looked around.

“Why didn’t you tell me!? I wanna join!” Jet said with a smile.

Auburn looked around a bit more before looking down at Jet, “Kid, you were already initiated into it when you broke me out of jail… Actually… when your Spinarak wrapped up that police officer with his web.” He grinned at Jet.

Jet nodded as he noticed Auburn was looking around. “What are you looking for?”

“I’m actually looking for a restaurant while we wait.”

“Wait for what?” Jet asked.

“You’ll see.”


Hundreds of people lined up in the banquet hall of the Avia Castle, awaiting the announcement that would be provided by the king of the provinces. News reporters, high ranking officials, and even normal citizens were granted entry until the hall reached capacity. Several news cameras surrounded the stage near the back of the hall as the people around the province awaited the emergence of the royal family to the front of the camera. Eventually, a group of blonde people appeared from the back door area and were met with a warm welcome of applause, cheer, and uproar. They were dressed in matching navy-blue attire, the official color of the Avia province, and were accompanied by two Swellow that took flight into the sky before perching on two short pedestals on either side of the podium of which Kelly’s father, the king of Avia stood, waving into the camera.

“Good afternoon everyone,” he began as the crowd settled down. “I would like to welcome you all into our home, please be seated. Today, marks a special day for my family personally… as you all know… I sat where my daughter sat many, many, MANY decades ago!”

The crowd chuckled slightly at the king’s slight humor. Kelly sat uncomfortably in her chair as the camera lens focused on her. She felt the eyes of thousands of people looking at her, so she tried her best to avoid eye contact with the camera. But, she recalled her mother’s words about always smiling and waving to anyone that met eyes with her, so she smiled into the camera and gave a gently wave before paying attention to her father’s words.

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize that their time is coming to an end… and it is time to bring in a new era of leadership. I would like for everyone to welcome my daughter, Princess Kelly, to the podium as she makes her first public announcement about her future.”

The crowd erupted with applause and stood as Kelly made her way to the center of the stage and stepped up to the podium. Flashing lights clicked from the cameras everywhere as Kelly was unsure where to direct her words. Once the applause died down, Kelly cleared her throat and took a deep breath.

“Thanks, dad…” Kelly said looking at her father as she gave him a thumbs-up. Pikachu stood beside her on the stage as she continued, “Today… is a great day. I realized some things about myself and learned that I am ready to make one of the biggest decisions about my life and announce it to the entire province of Avia. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of this opportunity and the challenges that it presents itself on a daily basis. This position requires great strength, intelligence, and courtesy for those around me and I am one-hundred percent positive that I am more than capable of carrying out this attributes.”

Kelly paused for a moment as she glanced at her family and then the audience. Pikachu smiled brightly before cooing its name happily.

“Today… everyone… I… I, Princess Kelly, have decided to forego my position as the heir to the Avia throne by living out my dream to become Master Trainer in the region of Ransei. I pass my inheritance to my younger sister in the process, thank you.”

Before anyone could respond to Kelly’s sudden and unexpected announcement, Kelly quickly walked off and headed up to her room. The king and queen were both shocked at Kelly’s words, but they both managed to remain calm as Kelly’s father returned to the stage to address the public and a cordial and professional manner. It certainly was an interesting time in the region of Ransei.


Later that night, Auburn and Jet sat by the Avia Bridge near the outskirts of the province. Auburn fiddle with his Charmeleon’s PokeBall while Jet was keeping his Spinarak entertained as they sat there.

“When are we leaving Auburn?” Jet asked.

Auburn responded without looking at Jet, “I told you to wait, kid.”

“But we’re not at the restaurant anymore,” Jet responded. He heard footsteps walking in their direction and looked up to see who it was.

They were approached by a blonde dressed in black and blue running shoes and a tidy blue and yellow outfit that was complemented with a skirt. Her long, blonde hair was tied into a ponytail with a blue ribbon. Resting on her shoulder, a Pikachu.

Auburn smiled as he stood up, tossing his PokeBall in the air and then catching it, saying, “Alright… now we head out.”
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Risky Business!
Re: Pokémon Revolution

Chapter Three
Risky Business!

The news of Avia’s little princess stepping down from her position as the heir to the throne circulated the airwaves at an alarming rate. For years, people were expecting her to announce her intentions on being bestowed with a crown. However, after yesterday’s shocker, the region of Ransei learned that she desired to become a Pokemon Trainer.

There was a certain person who was not shocked by the news simply because he could give a Rattata’s behind about the situation.

“Ninety-eight… ninety-nine… one hundred!” Blair’s voice strained as he placed the weightlifting bar he was using at its resting position above his while he was reclined on the bench. He sat up, grabbed a towel from one of his servants, and wiped his sweaty face before standing.

“Master Blair, sir?” the servant spoke, following the muscular man. “Are you aware of the news about the t throne in Avia?”

Blair walked over to the back wall of the recreational room in his large mansion and took a utility belt from the wall. The wall was filled with these belts, each with a set of PokeBalls attached to them. Blair strapped the belt around his waist before he was handed a black shirt from his servant. When he was asked the question about hearing the news from the Avia province, Blair lifted his eyebrows in an unimpressed manner.

“Avia?” Blair scoffed. “Ha! When I’m through with my plans for the Ransei region, no one is going to care about the precious royalty of the Avia province. At the end of the day, all will bow to me. It is my destiny to control this land!”

The servant simply nodded as he watched Blair shuffle into a pair of black combat. “Absolutely, sir. Are you ready for the test run on field two?”

“Yes. Bring forth one of those… criminals.”

“As you wish, sir,” the servant nodded and left the room.

A smirk appeared on Blair’s face as he watched his servant leave and soon followed after him. He made his way to the outside of the back portion of his mansion and walked towards one of his five battlefields that were conveniently placed side-by-side. Entering through the gates of the ‘field two’, Blair stood on the eastern side of the battlefield and awaited the arrival of his opponent.

Moments later on the other side of the field, a platform was raised from the underground, ascending a young man whose ankles were chained to the ground. He was dressed in an all black jumpsuit with a crimson letter ‘D’ outlined with blue on the chest of the outfit. The young man appeared to have a very confident expression on his face as he stared the ambassador of the Ransei region in the eye from across the field.

Blair smirked and said, “Ah, I see I’ve been challenged by a rebellious criminal. Tell me something, son… Will you continue to stare at me with those blazing eyes once I destroy you?”

“The only criminal standing here is you!” the young man growled.

“It is that attitude that will prevent you from being an integral part of my plan for this region. As a matter of fact, you are not even worthy of wearing that ‘D’ on your chest!” Blair shouted as he pointed at his opponent.

The young man ripped off his shirt, revealing several beastly scars across his upper body. “Ask me if I care!”

A menacing cackle erupted from Blair’s mouth as he snatched a PokeBall from his belt. He glared at the rambunctious young man that dared to disrespect him. “I was considering allowing you to face me with Pokemon that I provided for you, but now you’re trying to take my kindness for weakness. Free him!”

The chains that bound the young man to the ground were unlocked. Immediately after being freed, the young man went into a hysterical rage as he sprinted to the opposite side of the field with his sites on attacking Blair. Another smirk appeared on Blair’s face as he approached. Once the man got within striking distance, Blair roared, cutting his right fist up to the bottom of the young man’s chin, sending him flying into the air and thudding on the ground a few times. As the young man lay there, concussed by the strike, Blair approached him and stood over him.

“I still have a battle that is scheduled for today,” Blair said. “And I have a… bodyguard that doesn’t appreciate someone that tries to impose harm on his master.”

Blair tossed his PokeBall into the air releasing one of his prized Pokemon, Volcarona. The Sun Pokemon took flight above the battlefield as Blair proceeded to walk towards the exit where his servant stood.
“Enclose the field and don’t extinguish anything until there is nothing left,” Blair said coldly as he began to walk towards his mansion.

“As you wish, sir,” Blair’s servant said. He pressed a button near the gate of the battlefield as steel wall emerged from the ground and surrounded the entire field. There was no means of escape even from above.

The young man finally regained his equilibrium as he stood up, wavering a bit. His eyes glanced up at the top of the steel dome, fearfully looking at the floating Volcarona. After a series of screams for help, the young man fell to his knees as Volcarona began to unleash flames from its body and flapping wings. The flames circulated throughout the inside of the dome, proceeding to overheat the trapped young man.

Death was certain.


It was very fortunate for Auburn and Jet to be joined by Kelly on this seemingly aimless journey. According to Auburn, she provided a greater since sense of knowledge of the region of Ransei that he did not know about. Of course, there was also the hefty load of money that Kelly also had that helped them receive monorail tickets across the region to the province of Pugilis in western Ransei. What Kelly failed to mention before their trip was that she used all of her allowed money to get the group to the other side of the region.

“Wait! What do you mean you spent all of your money to get us over here?” Auburn exclaimed as they stood in the monorail station in the small province of Pugilis. “Your family is royalty! They didn’t loan you any money before you left?”

Kelly smiled uneasily as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Well,” she began, “my father doesn’t believe in handing out money if it isn’t going towards something he believes in. So, he’s letting me do things on my own. I have to respect that!”

“Respect what!?” Auburn groaned as he head hit the floor.

Laughing, Jet looked up at them both and said, “Well, aren’t we going to Violight anyway? There’s a casino downtown.”

Kelly nodded as she looked through her Ransei region map. “Yeah, I’m sure we can try our luck at winning some money back. I do have enough money to gamble.”

“Will you two listen to yourselves!?” Auburn exclaimed once more, holding out his hands in disbelief. “Gamble all of the money we have!? That doesn’t make any sense!”

Kelly raised an eyebrow at Auburn. She smirked and said, “Oh, so I’ve changed? The Auburn that I knew would jump at an opportunity to make money. Are you scared of trying your luck at a casino? Hmm? Is Auburn scared of the challenge?”

Auburn slowly turned to Kelly, eyes widened. However, Kelly met his eyes with the subtle smirk that remained on her face. Jet was a bit confused as to what exactly was going on, but he kept a watchful eye on Auburn, waiting for him to react to Kelly’s statement. Jet could not tell if he was offended by Kelly’s words or if he was really afraid of the challenge of gambling all of their money to double or even triple their funds.

“Uh… Auburn? Are you okay?” Jet asked, waving his hand in front of the bushy-haired young man’s face. “Auburn?”

Auburn nodded his head slowly, eyes wincing at Kelly as she kept her smirk firm on her face, appearing to wait for his response. “You know what? Challenge accepted…” his voice trailed off.

The three exited the station and walked west towards the Pugilis forest. The trip to the rural province was a long one and by the time they entered the forest, nightfall came. They decided to set up camp inside the forest when they each grew too tired to walk any further. Auburn’s Charmeleon created a fire for them to keep warm, while Jet’s Spinarak surrounded the entire campsite with a protective web that blocked out any intruders. Kelly, meanwhile, appeared to be reading a book while Auburn prepared a meal over the fire.

While random conversation occurred, Kelly decided to release her Eevee in an effort to reconnect it with Auburn’s. The two Eevee had not seen each other in quite some time, but after a few moments of figuring each other out, the two were playfully fighting one another from a safe distance away from the group. Pikachu was asleep in Kelly’s lap as she read, while the rest of the Pokemon were resting in their PokeBalls.

Once Auburn was done preparing the meal, he handed out bowls of potato soup to Kelly and Jet and provided the Eevees with a basket of berries.

“Bon appétit!” Auburn said, dusting off his hands as he took a seat and grabbed his own bowl of potato soup.

Jet took a bite of his meal and made a satisfying sound. He looked over to see what Kelly was reading and asked her about it.

“I’ve actually read this book many times,” Kelly said. “It tells different tales and myths about the Ransei region. Legendary Pokemon, origins, war… everything.”

Jet nodded, understanding her statement. “My father talks all the time about those wars that occurred during ancient Ransei. He said something about… if a person were to conquer the entire region of Ransei, the alpha Pokemon will return.”

“I heard that story before too,” Auburn chimed in, lifting a finger. “The question is… why would anyone want to ‘conquer’ a region? Isn’t Ransei all about liberty and freedom?”

“Maybe that’s why the alpha Pokemon would return in the first place,” Kelly said, taking another sip from her soup, “to return to Ransei and restore balance in the region. But for anyone to conquer an entire region single-handedly… that person would have to be a strong person. Think about it… one person versus millions!”

“A region just can’t allow somebody to conquer them, though,” Jet said. “At least not without standing up for themselves. How can anyone possibly live with that?”

“If they agree with the conqueror’s principles, it’s not that hard,” Auburn shrugged, referring to Blair.

Kelly glanced at Auburn. “You think Blair’s trying to conquer the Ransei region?”

“It’s not that hard to believe,” Auburn said. “Think about: he keeps creating all of these new policies and laws that prevent people from any attempts to overthrow him, he brainwashes people into thinking what he’s doing is right, and the people continuously vote for him not only out of faith but fear as well. What else could he possibly be trying to do?”

Kelly and Jet’s silence indicated that they were seriously thinking that what Auburn saying was probably true.

Auburn grinned as he sipped the remains of his soup and slammed his bowl down onto the ground. “The thing is… I don’t believe in that myth about the alpha Pokemon returning. If it wanted to return, it would have returned by now seeing our region in the condition that it’s currently in. I won’t allow Blair to continue to abuse his power to get what he wants.”

Silence fell among the group as they each were in deep thought about the whole situation. Kelly’s eyes went from Auburn to Jet to where their Eevees were playing, but they were no longer there!

“Auburn, where are our Eevees?” Kelly asked, standing up now as she went over to where she thought they were playing. There was a big opening in the web on this side of the camp. “I think they got away!”

Jet and Auburn got to their feet as they ran over there as well. “Or something got to them!” they both said in unison.


The group decided to pack up their things and ditch their camp site to prevent anything else of theirs from being taken. It was inconvenient, but the thought of losing their Pokemon motivated Auburn and Kelly to be on high alert at this moment. While the two older members of the group walked on foot, Jet utilized his Spinarak to hop from tree branch to tree branch to cover a wider visual span of the forest. Fortunately, Auburn’s Charmeleon was leading the way in providing light from them since the darkness of the Pugilis forest was much darker in comparison to the Velora forest.

“Eevee!” Auburn shouted, cupping his hands around his mouth as he did so, “Where are you buddy!?”

Kelly glared at Auburn and elbowed him in the stomach just enough to cause some damage. “Auburn, you’re going to wake something up!”

“How else are we going to find our Pokemon then, Kelly?” Auburn whispered loudly at her.

Kelly huffed and folded her arms as Pikachu ran ahead of them. The trek across the forest seemingly went on for hours. Jet searched high while Auburn and Kelly searched low. However, there was no clear sign of the two Eevees, especially in the darkness of this forest.

Auburn stopped and looked around the forest as he muttered to himself. “They’ve got to be around here somewhere. Eevee normally responds to my calls.”

“Hey guys, I found something!” Jet yelled from above.

Auburn and Kelly looked up to where Jet was and saw that he was standing on the branch of an extremely large tree. There appeared to be an immense web wrapped around the entire top of the tree.
“Okay, what the hell is that?” Auburn said aloud.

“Webs, Auburn,” Kelly said sarcastically. “Stay down here. I’m going up.” She released her prized Skarmory that Auburn had praised earlier and hopped on the Armor Bird Pokemon. She took flight upward as her Skarmory flew around the webbed home.

Auburn scoffed and shook his head. “Like I have a choice... I don’t have any Flying-type or Climbing-type Pokemon.”

Once Jet saw that he was now accompanied by Kelly aboard her flying Skarmory, he looked to webs that surrounded the canopy of the tree and said, “This is definitely the work of some sort of spider Pokemon. But these webs are too big to be a Spinarak’s. And look,” he pointed out, “there are giant webbed lumps throughout the web. I’m willing to bet that those are either objects or Pokemon.”

“Worth a shot,” Kelly said. “Skarmory, Swift!”

Skarmory cawed loudly as a fleet of golden stars appeared from his flapping wings. The stars managed to rip through the webs that encaged the different sizes lumps. Once the webs were torn, several Bug-type Pokemon were freed from their imprisonment and scattered away from the web immediately. Among these freed Pokemon were Kelly and Auburn’s Eevee. Thinking quickly, Kelly took out her PokeBall and returned her own Eevee while Jet hopped on the web bed and grabbed Auburn’s Eevee.

“Get out of here quick, Jet!” Kelly shouted as she saw a large, shadowy Pokemon emerge from the darkness. Before she knew it, she was face to face with an Ariados.

The Ariados, on the other hand, had plans of its own for its intruders and was not too happy with Jet standing on its home. Seeing this, Jet quickly commanded Spinarak to get him out of there and the web-slinging Pokemon shot a web to a nearby branch. Just as Ariados shot a web at Jet’s backside, Skarmory swooped in with an Air Slash that cut the web string in half. With Ariados’s sights on Skarmory and Kelly now, Jet was successful at landing safely on the ground alongside Auburn. Eevee hopped out of Jet’s grasp and purred happily in Auburn’s arm.

As Skarmory flew around the large tree, the angered Ariados’s eyes followed as it continued to shoot webs at the Armor Bird Pokemon, in hopes of stopping it. Kelly smirked as she hung on tight to Skarmory while her Pokemon continued to fire random Swift attacks at Ariados, knocking it off balance. Once Kelly saw an opportunity after Ariados stumbled, she called for Skarmory to swoop in on Ariados and finish it by delivering a hefty Steel Wing to the body of the Bug and Poison-type Pokemon, sending it flying into the distant darkness. After successfully getting rid of the predator, Skarmory flew to the ground and landed gently as Kelly climbed off her Pokemon.

She smiled and petted Skarmory on the face saying, “Good job, Skarmory.” She looked to Auburn who gave her a questioning look. “What?” she said with a smile, “You didn’t think that just because I stopped going on adventures with you that I wasn’t capable Trainer? I did say that I wanted to be a master Trainer after all.”


After their run in with the Ariados, the group decided that they would continue walking until they reached the province of Violight which was just outside the Pugilis’s deep forest. They were tired, but according to Kelly it was not going to be safe resting in this forest with so many Bug-type Pokemon ready to attack them at any given time.

“We can rest once we reach Violight,” Kelly said. “I’m sure we can split the cost of a hotel room, Auburn.”

Partially offended, Jet glanced at Kelly and said, “I have money too. I want to help out!”

“Quick lesson, Kelly,” Auburn quickly butted in before Jet got too mad. “The kid doesn’t like being treated as, well, a kid.”

Jet nodded, putting his hands on his hips.

“I’m sorry,” Kelly said, looking down at Jet. “I just was thinking in the best interest of you. You’re just a kid and I didn’t want to put you in a situation where you’re not even old enough to understand yet.”

“I’m almost thirteen years old and… I think I understand about the world enough to help you guys with money!” Jet exclaimed, balling his fists. “Just… don’t treat me like I can’t help. I’m somebody!”

Auburn lifted his hands as he peered over at Kelly, “See what you did?” He chuckled as Kelly shot him a glare.

Once Jet’s tension settled down, the group managed to successful reach the exit of the forest’s west side. They stood atop a large cliff that overlooked the bright lights of one of the Ransei region’s largest and most popular provinces, Violight. Even at this time of night, the lights were flickering and flashing brightly, inviting people to enjoy the nightlife downtown.

Auburn rubbed his hands together, excited about what the province of Violight had to offer for them. He vividly recalled Kelly’s challenge of him not being able to earn money from Violight’s famous (and perhaps infamous) casino, so he took that challenge to heart. Did she not know that Auburn could not say no to a challenge? Bringing Auburn a challenge was like giving a Growlithe a piece of bread: he was always going to accept it! But first, they had to figure out where they were going to stay for the night. One does not simply stay in Violight for just one night!


“Hmm… I haven’t been to the casino in forever. I’ve got to get my hands on some more money if it’s the last thing I do,” said the voice of a tall man dressed a dark purple jacket and bandana, accented with golden features. “But first I’ve got to earn this easy money for the old guy. He thought right in hiring the magnificent Garnet in carrying out a task.”

A smile appeared on Garnet’s face as he walked downtown, his clothes cloaking him despite the bright lights continuously flashing. Once he reached his destination, Garnet jammed his fists into his pockets as he made his way down an alley between buildings. He climbed atop of a trashcan and heard a weird moan from the container. Garnet looked inside the trashcan and saw a Trubbish struggling to move inside of it and simple closed the top in the Pokemon’s face.

“Seriously… what a weird Pokemon,” Garnet scoffed as he leaped up to grab the bottom of the fire escape and pulled himself to the ladder.

His ascend to the top of the building ended as he leaped over the mini brick wall between the ladder and the roof. Once he got there, Garnet silently cursed at himself when he saw a group of security guards with flashlights patrolling the area. Garnet sat on the ground as he hid himself behind the entrance to the roof and reached into his pocket. He released his Ditto as the Transform Pokemon awaited orders from its Trainer.

Garnet grinned at Ditto and said to it, “Alrighty, Ditto. Remember that model I dated? The one from Fontaine? What was her name… umm… hmm…”

Ditto waited patiently while Garnet tried to recall the model he dated from Fontaine.

“Ah gee… there were a bunch of models I dated from Fontaine,” Garnet chuckled. “Pick one, transform, and take care of those security guards, will ya?”

Ditto nodded as its body stretched and grew into a curvy woman in a black dress with brunette hair. Once it was done transforming, Ditto walked over to the security guards who were sitting near the edge of the roof. Ditto cleared its throat, being careful not to talk since it was not capable of mimicking the voice of human. Once it got the attention of the officers, it struck an attractive pose for the two men.

“Hey, wait a minute!” One of the officers said. “You’re that model! From Fontaine!”

Garnet sat in his same hiding place, mimicking the officer’s words playfully, chuckling to himself. He looked over just in time to see Ditto kick the two officers off the roof. He gritted his teeth and immediately ran towards where Ditto was and peaked over the roof to see that both of the officers had landed inside of a trash can, safely on a pile of Trubbishes. Garnet grinned and looked to Ditto, high-fiving his Pokemon.

“Good work,” Garnet said, nodding. “A little bit unorthodox, but good work nonetheless.”

Ditto struck a pose, in hopes of infatuating Garnet like it did to the officers. However, Garnet was unimpressed.

“Close, but not close enough,” Garnet wagged a finger at Ditto. “You’ve got the look, but her breasts were definitely bigger than that. Maybe next time.”

Ditto frowned before transforming back into its pink blob form.

“Now,” Garnet said as he walked towards the door to the roof, preparing to go down, “let’s get inside and get that Staff, shall we?”

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A Common Objective!
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I just read Chapters 1 and 2 and surely enjoyed doing so.

Not only is this well formatted and easy on the eyes, but grammar is employed consistently and I wasn't distracted by typos/errors or anything like that.

Above all I recognize this as a sort of story I'd like to write myself, and so enjoy reading.

I'm not at all familiar with Pokémon Conquest, which this is said to be tangentally inspired by, but I was able to follow and enjoy the first two chapters anyway, though the mixture of modern and ye olde aesthetics caught me a bit off guard at first, it was obviously just a quirk of this setting and quickly became of little concern.

This is the first fic I remember from this author and I hope he/she keeps on going!
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