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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

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First! Also Spain themed region, it's gotta have a connection to Kalos in some way right?
Well...that certainly took me by surprise. I was not expecting them to just drop it so casually like that.

Gotta say, not really digging the starters. The Water one looks like Howard the Duck with a hat on, and the Grass one looks a little too close to Litten for my tastes. The Fire one is a crocodile? Does that mean the Chinese Zodiac theory can finally be put to rest?
I'm not too thrilled about going to Gen 9 so soon, but it's not the first time we've gotten a new Gen before I was ready and I am getting excited now that it's announced. The region looks pretty, especially with the castle. Not a fan of the player character we saw, but it's the male anyway.

LOVE the grass kitty.
Sigh Colors

Ok so I'm certain it's based on Spain.
For like a spilt 3 seconds you can see the protagonist run past the map and it's kind of round.

Graphics look kinda good this time, Personally to me anyway.

Starters looked like fakemons to me at first viewing. I like them a bit better but (None will surpass my love for scorbunny) but I need to see final evolutions for this trio. The fire crocodile could evolve into something really bad ass. But right now I'm feeling the grass cat.
The cute little kitty cat looks adorable and I think the duck is cute too. Not too sure with the fire type one for now but all could change once we see more of them.

Human character models look a bit rough but I'm sure they could change while it's still in production.

Also that trailer was very nice too, I actually thought it was Detective Pikachu 2 for a sec, lol.
I know I've given game freak crap in the past on their games, but this is way too quick of a turnaround from legends arceus. As much as I am hyped for a new game I'd also like to give them a chance to rest. Maybe just so PLA DLC.

As for actual commentary on the new games, the water starter is growing on me a bit and the player character looks a bit too "realistic" for my taste. It is kinda approaching the uncanny valley.
The MCs look absolutely awful. Starters are funny but look like fakemons but I vibe with them.
I wish they waited until 2023 for this game just so we could have a break for this. Late 2022 is still pretty soon. I hate how everyone goes that GameFreak should slow down but then also go: "GEN 9 GEN 9 GEN 9 GEN 9!!"

But opinions:
Still think they should just made a single version, plus the names really don't match according to color theory (Scarlet as a shade red is not purple/violet's complementary color on a color wheel, yellow is) but I guess we exhausted a lot of the yellow names.

The starters, besides the grass one (which may be a cat or a fox) I really don't like them. The fire starter looks like they just gave Applin eyes and some legs, while the water starter just looks like a recolored Ducklet with a slighty different head and beak with a weird hat/hair thing that kinda looks like Emmet's/Ingo's train hats.

The player characters, ughhhh. Somehow the male player characters keep looking worse and worse after Gen 6 and Ultra SM's choices for me. The female character actually looks somewhat decent but I don't really like the weird school uniform aesthetic.

At least the region looks pretty, I think it's Mediterranean so either Spain, Italy or Greece. I'm going to say more likely the latter two than Spain.

Also can't wait for the next Kanto pandering since as usual, cause Pikachu and Meowth were given special closeups amongst the trailer and when they do they usually get something special in these games.

I just hope this game can swing me over.
It'll take me awhile to adjust to the starters, and the trainers look younger than 11 and more like students. Glad they're apparently taking the PLA direction with graphics. I frankly didn't expect Generation IX to be announced so soon after PLA, and mistook the trailer as promoting a sequel to Detective Pikachu.

Fingers crossed for SV to have some, if not all, of the post-Sinnoh Pokémon not in SwSh.
If the region is indeed Portugal/Spain...wow, I never would've guessed. I thought for sure it was gonna be Italy based on the teases.

It'll be interesting to see if this region has any connections with Kalos, or if maybe we'll get a second Legends game set in medieval Europe with ancestors of characters from Kalos, Galar, and the Gen 9 region (now that would be cool!)?

Of the starters, I like the Grass kitty the best too.

And I too thought the trailer was Detective Pikachu 2. Clearly a bait-and-switch there.

The shape suggests Spain to me.
My first thought was "oh wow, so soon". When it was a live action trailer I legitimately thought it was going to be Detective Pikachu 2 (especially with that 'animated' Pikachu in the beginning of the Presents).

But... It looks good. It is in true 3D, like Pokemon Legends Arceus, except with cities. =D It looks like we have controllable camera everywhere. The environments look big, like Arceus.

Oh god and I can't complain about using another European location. At first I didn't know where it was, but it most certainly looks like Spain. That big city with the medieval wall is just amazing and I love it.
Maybe it's just me but the starters are all so cute I actually can't pick just one. :cry: I'm biased towards the kitty... but ducks are one of my other favorite animals... and the little fire alligator... I can't choose.

The region certainly looks nice. I'll have to rewatch it to give it a closer inspection, but it's colorful and pretty so I'm on board. The graphics are nothing shocking, but they seem alright, at least.
I didn't get a good look at the MCs though since watching it on my phone made it hard to see and now I'm scared lol.

Also it's a weird thing to say but I like the titles. Scarlet and Violet just have a good feel to them.

What a weird way to drop that trailer though. It definitely looked like Detective Pikachu for a minute there, they really got a lot of us with that. But then they just said "gotcha! ok here it is, bye!" and it ended.
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