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Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

Do you think that Stars is real or Fake

  • Real

    Votes: 61 59.8%
  • Fake

    Votes: 41 40.2%

  • Total voters
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Stars having this kind of exp gaining would be the worst in my opinion.
By the end of the main game my team was at level 60. It took over 40 hours to get that far. Training up to level 100 for hyper training is going to be a pain.

However, the exp share and the Gen V exp system did make for an overall more challenging game and I did appreciate that.
Okay, so here's how I've put the pieces together. It's purely my interpretation, and not intended to be perceived as hard fact, merely speculation.
First, Nintendo has been doing poorly. Not disastrous, but certainly the Wii U was not the success it should have been. Many skipped it over when considering console gaming (I know I did). As a result, they're doing everything they can to ensure the successor (Switch) succeeds. This began with making it a new concept in gaming, functionally destroying the barrier between console and handheld gaming. Neat! Their other strategy seems to be a large library of launch titles, including first, second, and notably third party titles ready to go at launch. For reasons that should be obvious, and will definitely become so later, I'll note here that Pokemon has, since it's inception, been among the most popular Nintendo titles, especially considering it's odd status as a second party property. Development kits for this system are also known to have been out and available to second and third party developers for some time now.

Second, Pokemon has had an incredibly successful go at a strong nostalgia kick. Capitalizing on their 20th anniversary, they've released SM, some truly fantastic games. Between this and their mobile Pokemon Go application, TPCi properties are very hot, and even some of the lost fanbase is back to see what's next. Not all are buying main series games, but at least most are thinking about it.

Third, SM have some curious quirks in design and programming. A huge number of simplified models with walk and run animations were in the code, but never implemented in any way. The models that are seen are HD, and are not seen in their full glory even on the n3DS. In some cases enough objects on screen at once can cause undeniable, factually shown slowdowns that can be seen in video made by Nintendo fansites that have no reason to besmirch the name on the 3DS. This also seems to be the reason that two marginally beloved battle formats were excluded from the game. Add to all that a new UI for battling when the UI previous had only marginally changed since the beginning of the DS. Moreover, the new UI mysteriously frees up a lot of space on the screen, and as seen in a mock-up video linked on the forums here somewhere, could be used to give us back a 1-screen battle.

4th there has been a collection of rumors, posted predominantly online, and without hard confirmation, that a third installment in the SM saga is in development for the switch. The major sources for these rumors have posted very little (but not zero) misleading or inaccurate stories in the same vein, implying at least some inside source somewhere.

In conclusion, it seems likely to me that Nintendo has been insisting that the monstrously (pardon the pun) popular Pokemon franchise release a launch title for the Switch, which Gamefreak themselves will be developing. The new UI, HD models, and walk/run models and animations, we're all created for this purpose, but included in SM, implying some connection between the titles. The most likely conclusion would be that sometime next year, a Pokemon game or paired versions will be released for the Switch as a launch title to pull at least a portion of the generally massive Pokemon fandom to the new system. This game will be another installment in gen VII, an unprecedented but not impossible move on the part of GF.
However, the exp share and the Gen V exp system did make for an overall more challenging game and I did appreciate that.
Someone please enlighten me. How does the EXP Share make the game harder? I thought it made it easier as I didn't have to grind as much as in previous games. Although I'm speaking mainly from my experiences with XY.
It does seem like a logical way to get the Kantonian forms. My concern is if people will interpret it as more Gen 1 pandering, or if said potential accusations become a developer fear that may have them exclude making Kanto.
tbh Game Freak could do nothing but say Kanto and people would scream that they were pandering. how dare they.
Lugia, Ho-oh, and Suicine are the only pre-G4 box mascots without alternate forms, something I expect to be rectified in the next two years - however GameFreak goes about it. It would be nice to have a form of Ho-Oh that visually reflects its lore (with all seven colors) and an alternate typing for Lugia that actually matches its thematics (Water/Dragon) instead of nonsense (Psychic/Flying). I also wouldn't say "no" to a Fire/Fairy Ho-oh form to give it a more unique typing and niche that better fits its theme of a sacred rainbow phoenix. I really expected forms for Ho-Oh and Lugia in HGSS and am still shocked that GF didn't deliver.

If you consider Black and White Kyurem "forms" of Reshiram and Zekrom, then the gap becomes even more apparent, as literally every other box mascot aside from Dialga, Palkia, Xerneas, and Yveltal have alternate forms in some way or another, making the Johto box mascots seem pretty boring in comparison.
Guys, look at this:
Yes it does: more of a reason to believe in the chance that Stars is real. It's not a confirmation, but it's quite a hint.
No it is not. Stars is likely fake. That image could be fake.
No it is not. Stars is likely fake. That image could be fake.

Debatable. That leak with Mallow and the final starter evolutions was also a leak and look what happened. a Heel wresting tiger, a siren and robin hood all appeared in the game alongside one of the trial captains being a young woman with an affinity for cooking and green pigtales.

There IS a precedent for leaks proving mostly true.
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I don't believe it for a second. Nothing would convince me that is real or proof.
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