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DISCUSSION: Pokémon that grew on you because of fanfiction

i think off the top of my head it's hydreigon and krookodile! i liked them both already, but i liked them a lot more after reading a certain writer's works.
Funny recent story about this, actually.

Was writing a chapter recently, and I decided to give a villain a Liepard because of the specific needs of the scene. Then I decided I wanted to know a little bit more about the villains so I wrote a 1-page interlude from the Liepard's POV, and then modifying the chapter to work in her characterisation better. To cut a long story short, the Liepard was spontaneously promoted to one of the main characters, and I have no regrets. Naturally, I have a lot of newfound love for Liepard as a species as well.
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