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Pokémon Trading Card Game Live to undergo 8-hour maintenance on February 20th, starting 8:00am (PST) / 4:00pm (PST), ahead of update to Version 1.11.0

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Pokémon TCG Live - Update Notice
Next week, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live will be receiving an update to Version 1.11.0 to resolve a small number of issues impacting on both gameplay, and general app stability both in and out of matches. This update will be preceded by an 8 hour long maintenance window, which is scheduled to start at 8:00am (PST) / 4:00pm (UTC) on February 20th.

Most notably, the Version 1.11.0 patch will update the minimum Android OS version for players on that platform. Players with devices on Android 8 or lower will need to upgrade to a newer version to continue playing, or else switch to another device or platform.

Though not explicitly stated in the patch notes, it is also possible this update, which is happening only a week before Pokémon Day, might be adding content which will only unlock in-game from that day forward.

The full Patch Notes for 1.11.0, as posted by the developers on the official Pokémon Community Forums, can be found below. Links to information on the cards directly mentioned in the notes have been added for your convenience.
Version 1.11.0 - Patch Notes said:
  • Medicham V (EVS #185): Fixed an issue where the player going second could not evolve a Pokémon placed in the first turn during the extra turn granted by the Yoga Loop attack.
  • Exp. Share (SVI #174): Fixed an issue where Exp. Share attached to Benched Pokémon did not activate if an Exp. Share on the Active Pokémon was suppressed.
  • Lunatone (OBF #093): Fixed an issue where the New Moon Ability incorrectly blocked the effect of Glimwood Tangle (DAA #162).
  • Updated visuals for the Special Condition Confused.
  • Updated the minimum Android OS version for Pokémon TCG Live. Players running Android 8 or lower will need to update to a newer version to continue playing Pokémon TCG Live.
  • Optimized quest completion, and fixed an issue where occasionally incorrect Battle Pass experience amounts were granted.
  • Fixed an issue where Knock Outs caused by devolution did not progress Knock Out quests.


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