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EVERYONE: Pokémon βeta Version


Absent Silhouette
Sep 25, 2014
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Hello stranger, thank you for sneaking a peek. This work of fiction was first posted in another forum I joined, but since the forum wasn't Pokemon oriented I decided to post it here. I'm very open to criticism, so if you see a typo or something wrong with the sentence structure, PLEASE tell/show me. I need all the help I can get.

Here's the summary.

The year is 20xx and the Pokémon franchise has evolved to the point where nothing can sate the hungry fans anymore. GameFreak has long abandoned the 2 version followed by a third version formula in hopes of introducing a new and more risky one. A MMORPG. No one outside of the Pokémon Company or Nintendo knew of this risky venture, for any leaks of this online game would result in fandom chaos.

To keep things under the wraps, The Pokemon Company created a group consisting of developers, programmers and directors under the name "Professors", or Profs. for short. Their duties involved creating and developing the massive online game that was soon dubbed Gen 0. In hopes of staying true to the main series, the Profs. downloaded the data of all the main series game unto one single disc which they affectionately called The Source. With it they would mold the data into what the online game would soon become, Pokémon Legacy.

Gen 0 was soon taking shape, everything was in place from the servers to the battle system. The game was almost flawless, almost. It seemed that the Profs. forgot that all data from main games was transferred to Gen 0, and that included the faults within Red and Green; Glitches. Upon further developing and research testing, the Profs. noticed that Glitches behaved differently on Gen 0 than they did on their original installments. Rather than acting like a faulty programming, they acted like a program instead. They had their own corrupted coding that allowed them to behave like other programs within the Servers; they became their own entities. The reason for this unprecedented error was because the new system would incorporate Advanced Artificial Intelligence and since the data within The Source was compacted together, some coding was mixed. The Profs. tried to locate the Glitches and delete them but they proved to be very sneaky and calculating, so they decided to fight data with data.

After careful staging and coding, the first Artificial Trainer Intelligence was created. Under the code name Red, he wore the same trademark clothing his Gen 3 counterpart did, but unlike his silent counterpart, Red was able to speak. The mission of the A.T.I. Program was to seek out and "fix" the errors and faults within the Legacy System, and that included Glitches. Red was seeking a very infamous Glitch from the Gen 1 Era that had been corrupting other AI's and system actions within the Region Servers. He was able to encounter the Glitch in the Cinnabar Sector, but the encounter resorted with Red's disappearance. The Profs. did not know what occurred, but they knew a battle took place because the Battle System was activated and the events were logged into Battle Records.

>Battle System Activated<
<>-Location: Cinnabar Sector 0.1
<Battle System Online>
<Identifying Players>
->Red Vs ?-?-?<-
<Red Sends Out [Charizard]>
?-?-? Sends Out ''?"
>Charizard was defeated...
>Red was defeated...
>Victor is- Missing...
<Battle System Offline>

<Locating A.T.I. Red...
>Location Unknown...

What do you guys think of the premise?
Chapter 1: Data

“Green that is your name, your identity.” Said the soft echoing voice belonging to woman wearing a white dress with circle designs all over. The woman had a very distinct style of hair as well; two thick strands of hair colored blue and red curled into a circle behind her head. She had an empty look on her face just like her voice lacking emotion. Although she had a sweet face and voice, her presence was very heavy with authority and knowledge that radiated through the empty black room designed with blue lines that sped horizontally and vertically across like squared shaped snakes.

In front of her stood a young girl with sport apparel. She donned a blue sleeveless shirt with a red skirt that stayed on her thighs. Her shoes were clearly meant for running seeing as they were etched into her feet perfectly to allow quick and easy movement. On her long caramel hair rested a white hat with a pink design of a half circle divided by the crease flap.

“Green? My name? I am Green?” Asked the young girl perplexed.

“Affirmative. Your name, identification, nomenclature. Is Green.” Reassured the women in the white dress. The young girl stared puzzled at the woman contemplating to believe her or not.

“Um, listen ah lady, I may not recollect anything about ANYTHING, but my name being Green just don’t feel right. It don’t fit.” The young girl fired back.

“Infi.” The woman responded quickly. The young girl raised a brow in confusion.


“My name, my identity. I am Infi.” She answered as the young girl lowered her head in thought, thinking what to say next. She quickly raised her head and hand like an idea just popped to her head.

“I got it! Listen Infi, the name Green, just don’t fit, like it doesn’t belong to me right? Well I have a better one. Leaf.” Infi stared at her for a minute, organizing her thoughts, while Leaf stood smirking at her waiting for her vacant response.

“No. Your name, your code name is Green. Your coding, your design, it belongs to your name: Green.” Infi said without much thought. Leaf’s smirk disappeared as Infi finished her sentence. She took a step forward with a harsh face looking straight at the woman’s empty blue and red eyes.

“How about you keep calling me Green, and I’ll stick with Leaf?” Her eyes never leaving hers, Leaf turned away and paced around the room while exchanging short glances at Infi waiting for her to speak. Infi stared back vacantly, thinking as Leaf kept pacing around, her steps now quicker and longer as if she were getting impatient.

“Very well.” She returned. Leaf stopped walking, and smirked.

“Good, we solved that issue.” She exhaled while flipping her hair in an uncaring fashion. Infi nodding took a step forward and placed her glove covered hand on her chest.

“As I mentioned before, my name is Infi and I am the Messenger and Link. My duty is to inform and alert you of your missions, and provide any information that you may need. Any questions you have, I will do my best to answer. After all I was programmed to aid the A.T.I. on their duties.”

Leaf opened her mouth to say something, but soon closed it to examine what she just heard.

“Is there a problem? Would you like for me to repeat myself? My name is Infi I-“She was cut off by a hand on her mouth.

“Shhh, yes, I got it ok, you’re a maid of sorts…wait, did you say programmed? Programmed as in computers? Data?” Leaf asked somewhat concerned for Infi. Infi nodded with Leaf’s had still blocking her mouth. Leaf looked down and back up to meet Infi’s vacant stare.

“You’re a program? You’re not alive?” She asked slowly this time. Infi nodded again and removed Leaf’s hand from her mouth.

“Affirmative. I am a program, just like you.” Leaf’s eye widened.

“WHAT?! I? I, um…No! I am not a program, I’m alive, just look at me! I’m angry!! I’m screaming at you in anger! I’m not data!” She roared in a confused fury.

“Negative. You are a program, your supposed outburst of emotions are just calculated response actions coded deep into your programming. They’re fake, your emotions.” Infi responded without removing Leaf from her sight as she began to pace once more around the room.

“No! This! Ah, this is not true! I can feel it! My rage! My confusion, you can’t make this up!” Leaf shouted back while staring at her hands.

“Yes. It is possible. Everything you feel is coding acting as a response to another stimuli, action or response. Your coding unlike mine is more advance in the sense of replicating sense of self and emotion. Your rage, your confusion is a mere programmed response.” Silence took the room now. Leaf now was staring at the black floor with racing blue lines, lost in thought.

“I…am a program? Data? Ones and zeroes? Soulless?” Her voice now filled with pessimism. Infi nodded.
“Affirmative. You are Green, the second product of the Advanced Trainer Intelligence Program, responsible with protecting and fixing the errors and faults within the Gen 0, the system we are in right now. Your missions yet to be assigned will consist of clearing certain tests and actions for the research and further development of the Gen 0, an online game.”

“Woah, that’s a lot to take in…sigh…So I’m like a fixer and guinea pig? Is that what you’re saying now?” Leaf sighed while rubbing her cheeks in irritation. Infi turned her attention away from Leaf as she generated a glass screen in front of them. In front of them, the screen showed the logo of a circle divided in half by another circle. Leaf looked up curious.

“Before I am allow to disclose any further information with you, you are to watch the following video explaining the concepts and ideas behind the Gen 0. Any questions you may have, I will answer after the video. For now please pay to the following.” The woman said with a smile that Leaf knew was fake. She did as told and glared at the screen. The video started playing.

“Hello there, and welcome to the world of Pokémon.”

I’ll be darned to believe everything you just said. I am not a program, I am not Green, I am LEAF. She thought to herself as the video continued.​
Well, the concept seems quite interesting. There seems to be plenty of room to expand, and I'd love to see how you manage it. There were some grammatical errors, although I am not capable of telling you how to fix all of them. It's not how I usually write, and I seem to have forgotten how to punctuate those types of sentence. I would hate to give some misinformation. The dialogue also feels a bit unrealistic at points, mainly at points like these:
“Green? My name? I am Green?”
“Affirmative. Your name, identification, nomenclature. Is Green.”
This may be you just making them sound a bit more like primitive robots, or it could be an accident. Just thought I'd point that out, as dialogue like this sounds extremely choppy and can look like the story is of lower quality. I really[/I love the idea, though, and I would love to see how it develops later on. Please keep me interested! I love a good story. :)
Thank you, and I can see how they would read weird, especially Green's line. I will definitely mark that down when I get to rewrite this.

Chapter 2: Absent Silhouettes

“Bzzt…Establishing Connection….Bzzt…Call Connected.” A voice announces though a pitch black room. A sudden light from a screen illuminates the dark and cold room. It appears to be abandoned.

“Hello? HELLO?! You guys? Stupid connection, why do we have to communicate like this?!” A male and sharp voice barks through the screen, revealing a slim silhouette. Two more screens lit up also revealing silhouettes, one belonging to a big man and the other of a petite person.

“Yes, Professor Olive we hear you.” Answers the female voice belonging to the petite silhouette. The outline of the young man named Olive scratches his head.

“Oh Professor Acacia how are you? I thought I was going be speaking with myself for the rest of the night.” The man laughs nervously.

“We would have let you Oliver but we are scheduled for an updated report on the development of Gen 0. Also…Are you on Prof. Banyan?” Inquires the sweet voice. The monitor with the outline of the tall man distorts a bit until a clearer image is shown.

“…..Yes. I am online…” Replies the deep and solemn voice. The other monitors stay silent for a while as if waiting for something to happen.

“Argh this waiting is making me go crazy! Acacia are you sure the meeting was today at this time?!” Prof. Olive questions exasperated. Acacia’s monitor stays silent.

“The message was sent a week ago revealing the exact time and date of this meeting. Time zones were taken into consideration for the arrangement. Failure for the whole Board to connect would result in another meeting arrangement. I made sure to explain in great detail in the last messa-“. She was abruptly interrupted by another monitor lighting up.

“Greeting fellow Professors, I apologize for my late arrival. I was finalizing some other matters.” Announced a distorted voice, its gender and tone unknown.

“Ah Professor Aspen good to know that we can at least count on a senior member to keep his appointments.” Remarks Prof. Olive sarcastically.

“Oliver mind your tongue! You may physically be an adolescent but when we consult, you are expected to behave professionally like an adult. For Mod’s sake you’re a master programmer! Behave like one.” Shouts Acacia across the barely lit room.

“I’m just tired of the “seniors” doing whatever they please just because they’re older! This is the second time they missed another meeting! How’re we supposed to consult and address the issues within and outside Gen 0 when the group in charge of it can’t even meet up! It’s stupid!” Oliver’s angry shout leaves the room silent.

“It’s alright Acacia, the boy is right. This board is failing to keep up with the development of Gen 0 over petty things like meetings.” The words echoed through the room as a reminder. Banyan’s monitor still lit, made a noise that took everyone by surprise, prompting everybody’s attention.

“Oliver…Behave….” He mutters as if thinking on his own words.

“Huh?” Prof. Olive asks in deep confusion while staring at Prof. Banyan’s monitor as if it were foreign.

“Infi…Infi reported ATI-2 behaved rebellious on her orientation.” All monitors turned to face Prof. Olive’s as if they knew the reason why.

“Rebellious? Professor Olive, would you have anything to do with ATI-2’s out of character behavior? Her design, specs and conduct coding were already settled long ago, why the sudden change?” Demanded Acacia in an annoyed tone.

“Well, um you see….” Prof. Olive stalled as Acacia’s outline showed her rubbing her head.

“Out with it!” She demanded.

“Fine! Sheesh, don’t Camerupt on me. I may have had something to do with ATI-2’s unprecedented behavior despite her being an Advanced Artificial Intelligence.” He said cautiously.

“I was bored ok, so I took a look at the ATI Series and may have changed some things, like…changing the default conduct coding….”

“You did what?! Oliver why would you do that? They’re supposed to be system correctors not teenagers with attitude! Think of how it could affect their efficiency!” Acacia roared startling Olive. While Acacia could be sometimes loud, she would never yell in complete anger. Her outburst took everyone by surprise, even Banyan who was seldom fazed.

“I’m sorry ok! I wasn't thinking! I just didn't want to see them going around doing their duties like mindless drones, I wanted them to behave like actual Pokémon Trainers.” He cried trying to defend what little credit he had left.

“Them?” Asked Aspen surprised.

“Them?” Asked both Acacia and Banyan in unison.

“Hehehehe….um…gulp...Yeah, I may have also messed around with the other ATIs.” The room stayed completely silent taken aback with what Prof. Olive confessed. The silence was broken by a small chuckle coming from Aspen.

“Well this is certainly amusing. Lady and gentlemen, we seem to have evolved from directors and programmer…to gods.”​

I hid some references in this one. I wonder how many people will find. Thanks for reading.
Chapter 3: Basic Level

“GO Bulbasaur Use Wine Whip!” The command shakes the tranquil forest setting as a small green creature with a bulbous plant on its back releases two vines, surging towards a small yellow rodent. The yellow rodent takes notice of the upcoming threat and quickly dodges the quick green creepers, then positions itself in an offensive stance.

“Quick little thing aren’t you? I’ll make your speed mine after this, now Bulbasaur use Tackle!” The female voice commands once more, alerting the green creature to begin charging at the yellow rodent who was now preparing for an electric attack. The Bulbasaur is about to make contact when the rodent unleashes streaks of lightning towards the charging creature.

“Keep charging Bulbasaur! Attack head on!” The voice orders this time louder. The Bulbasaur makes contact at the expense of getting hit directly by the bolt of lightning, both opponents taking damage. The rodent recoils back shaking its head, while Bulbasaur shakes off the static.

“Now that's close Bulbasaur, Use Vine Whip once more!” Bulbasaur nods with a sly smile and releases the small quick vines from its back, towards the rodent. SMACK! The vines make contact, the rodent is taken back by the sudden blow, rolling on its back.

“Good! Now let’s finish this! Go Poke Ball!” A young girl emerges from the background and throws a ball towards the yellow rodent. The shot lands smacking the rodent on the tail; the ball quickly floats opens and releases a red beam that envelopes the yellow rodent. The beam now engulfs the rodent, sucking it back inside the capsule ball.

“Perfect shot!” Shouts the girl as the ball begins to move. Three times it shook until a small twinkle lit on the middle. The girl rushed to pick up the ball, raising it in a victory like pose. The bulbous green creature hurried to her side in delight, joining her on her festivity. She clenched the capsule tightly, the girl’s reflection is revealed on the surface, showing Leaf’s face.

“I got a Pikachu!” She breathes in delight. Her Bulbasaur smiles back at her.

“Bulba! Saur! Bulbasaur!” Barks her partner in agreement. Leaf smiles and places the red and white ball in her bag then looks up to the sky.

“Well what do you think? Flawless right?” She asks the sky as if it were listening.

“It was satisfactory. Passable.” Replies the empty blue scenery. Leaf bites her lips in annoyance.

“Satisfactory? That was grade A battling and capturing!” She remarks back. A sudden bright light of floating pixel assemble in front of her revealing a female form. The light dims until it exposes Infi with her hands in front of her stomach.

“It was satisfactory. There was no display or signs of advance battle skills or strategy. Your current skills are basic at most, which was to be expected.” Infi informs ignoring Leaf’s humph.

“Always the technical one aren’t you?” She chides. Infi raises her hand placing it on her chest.

“My programming only allows me limited speech patterns and observation. My vocabulary relies on easy, accurate, and practical communication, same for my analytical assessments.” Leaf sighs in defeat as she bends down to pet her Bulbasaur.

“It’s like I’m talking to a robot.” Leaf whispers to her partner who stares in confusion at her words. She stands back up taking out another Poke Ball from her bag and pointing it at her Bulbasaur.

“Thank you for your hard work Bulbasaur, thanks to you we got the first member of our team. Return.” The ball releases a sudden red beam that engulfs her Bulbasaur, absorbing it back to the capsule.

“Well then Infi since I’m still at a basic level, I guess I’m still stuck doing tutorials.” She sighs in defeat. Infi approaches her placing a hand on Leaf’s shoulder. Leaf is taken back by the sudden touch.

“Worry not, while your skills are still at a basic level, I was given permission to give you clearance.” Leaf smirks at Infi.

“Oh really? I thought I wasn’t supposed to get clearance until I fought an NPC and gone through various battle situations.” She remarks in a mocking tone. Infi tilts her head in confusion.

“Are you trying to perform a sardonic imitation of me? If you are it’s not very likable or accurate.” She states in a confused yet imposing tone. Leaf turns then begins to walk away.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.” She smirks as she walks away leaving Infi standing alone in the forest.

“While her skills were acceptable, her behavior is yet to be…compliant.” Infi declares to the empty setting. The wind blows, scattering leaves and grass across the clearing.

“That was to be expected as stated by Professor Olive. Disregard her attitude, focus and report on her ability to perform as an apt corrector.” Orders a distorted voice as Infi nods in accordance.

“After all, her behavior can always be…rectified. Isn’t that right Infi?” Infi closes her eyes as she slowly grips her right hand with her left.




Thanks for reading!​
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Chapter 4: Job Description

“Corrector?” Leaf asked scrunching her nose confused, Infi nodded.

“As in somebody who corrects stuff?” She asks trying to make sense of the word. Infi nods again.

“Affirmative. However its connotation is to the technical sense.” Infi informs as she brings up a screen of information, numbers and letters moving up and down in an orderly fashion revealing a network of data. The light from the screen illuminates part of the navy room that is decorated with white moving streaks going all over the place. Leaf stares flabbergasted at the plethora of information that cycles in front of her like a highway of numerical figures; before she can say anything the screen disappears.

“Hey I was watching that!” She yells at Infi in childlike manner. Infi ignores her as she begins to summon something in her hand which catches Leaf’s attention.

“Data as you know, forms everything inside the Gen 0, you and I included. Without it we wouldn’t exist.” She begins as the orb of light begins to form in her palm.

“It makes up everything, the servers, sectors, characters, actions and of course...” She continues as the orb begins to take the form of a small person. Leaf stares at the tiny person only to realize it’s a miniature version of herself. She slowly steps forward, watching in amazement at the little creation resting on Infi’s left hand.

“Glitches.” Leaf stopped moving as soon as the word was uttered. The miniature Leaf begins to lose all shades of color while shaking in a warped manner.

“Commonly known as a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment.” She stops. The small replica now begins to transform into a mess of concentrated pixels, altering the space around it.

“They too exist within the Gen 0, and that poses a problem.” Leaf continues to stare cautiously at the shifting mass of pixels on Infi’s hand, as if it were to lunge at her at any second.

“However…They are more of a threat within the Gen 0 than in any other medium.” Infi informs, her tone getting more serious.

“And why is that?” Leaf questions dreading the answer. Infi raises her other hand at the same elevation as her left, creating another orb of data. The congregation of corrupted pixels reacts to the orb of data, rapidly shifting as if it were some feral creature, deeply disturbing Leaf.

“They have become their own entities despite being abrupt anomalies. They have developed their own programming that can in turn corrupt other coding, software data included.” The glitch like mass lunges itself at the orb of data, enveloping it completely until it slowly disappears. Leaf stays completely still, stunned by what she witnessed.

“And that’s where I come in.” Leaf breathes in sudden realization. Infi nods, crushing the corrupted mass with both her hands.

“Affirmative. Your entire programming was designed to handle such issues. That is the duty of a Corrector, to protect and help fix the complications within the Gen 0.” Leaf drops her gaze to the navy floor trying to fully grasp the severity of her situation. Infi takes notice of her sudden change in temperament and places her left hand on Leaf’s right shoulder in understanding.

“Worry not, you are more than capable of handling anything within the Gen 0.” Infi’s words still not reaching her.

“Trust me, you shall become an amazing Corrector…Leaf.” She quickly lifts her gaze to meet Infi’s, surprised to hear her say her name.

“Unlike me, you have so much potential and remarkable features that I…wished I had.” Infi chokes on her last words prompting Leaf’s sympathy. A warm smile grows on Leaf’s face.

“Thank you Infi, I needed that.” Infi quietly nods lifting her hand off Leaf’s shoulder.

“Understood. I, Leaf self-proclaimed expert Pokémon Trainer, swear to protect and serve the functions and utilities of the Gen 0 System.” The young girl declares with her left hand on her chest and her right arm up in oath. Infi raises her brow, confused.

“A pledge was not necessary, simple yes would have sufficed.” Infi remarks making Leaf drop her hands in defeat.

“Sheesh Infi, you didn’t have to ruin the moment. I mean c’mon the oath makes it more professional and official.”

“My apologies, I am not well versed in social interactions.” Leaf lets out a small laugh, leaving Infi more confused.

“You know what, let’s make a deal.” Leaf proposes, sparking Infi’s interest.

“A deal?” Infi asks in reassurance.

“Yes.” She replies.

“Let’s hear it.” Leaf walks towards Infi leaning to her ear as she whispers the secret of their contract.

“Interesting. Very well I shall go along with this contract. I trust this will be kept in secrecy between us?” Infi asks in a curious tone. Leaf nods then sticks out her hand out to Infi.

“It’s a deal then. Let’s shake on it.” Infi stares at Leaf’s hand for a few second.

“You’re supposed to shake hands with me, it signifies an agreement, a promise.” She explains, Infi makes an “Oh” face and extends her hand to shake Leaf’s. The two shake for a few seconds until Infi stops, realizing something.

“I forgot. You are to enter the Kanto Server in a few minutes for your first shift.” She quickly explains to Leaf. The two begin to quickly go over procedures.

“Remember you are only allowed clearance to City and Town Sectors. Routes, Waterways and Caves will be locked for your safety. They will be unlocked later on when you get more acquainted with the system.” Leaf sternly nods as Infi continues on with the instructions.

“If you are to encounter any problem, report it to me via [V]Link.”

“Veelink?” Leaf asks trying to pronounce it right.

“Verse Link, a special communications channel between me and you, it connects your signal with the Center’s. In case anything goes wrong touch either ear and voice the concern. You can also telepathically use your [V]Link, though that may take some practice.” Leaf touches her left ear and whispers.

“Hello? Testing 1, 2, 3.” A voice reverberates throughout the entire room alarming Leaf. Infi glares at Leaf.

“Ah it works, hehehe.” She lets out a small laugh in shame. Infi sighs continuing with her dialog.

“After you report the concern you are to wait until further instructions.” Leaf frowns with her hands crossed.

“I thought I was a Corrector and was capable of handling anything?” She counters back.

“Yes, but you have not reached complete potential and Corrective Procedures dictate that the Corrector must first report the threat and wait until the target is fully analyzed. Till the target is evaluated and the risk level is established, you are to wait. When all precautions are taken you will be given authorization to engage the hazard. Failure to comply with these measures could result in collateral damage and/or loss of an agent.” Leaf rolls her eyes while mouthing off the words alongside Infi.

“Is that understood Agent Leaf?” Infi asks.

“Yes sir, report the problem and don’t engage the target until its analyzed. Blah, blah, blah.” Leaf repeats in an annoyed manner.

“If you don’t have any further questions the Terminal to the Kanto Server is past the entry behind you. Go into the Terminal and it will transport you to the Pallet Town Sector, once there you are to inspect the entire Sector for any irregularities. When you’re done request access to the next Sector and I will reprogram the Route 1 Terminal to teleport you to the next town/city and so and forth. Is that understood?”

“Um yeah...So I just go into the blue torrent of energy and it will take me to the location?” Leaf asks in reassurance. Infi nods.

“Affirmative.” Leaf gulps and turns around walking towards the entry.

“Ok well…Wish me luck.” Infi raises her brow, but nods in understanding.

“Good luck Leaf, you will do fine.” With that Leaf exits the room. Once inside the Terminal Room, she stares in awe at the huge torrent of energy radiating upward like a geyser. One step and at a time she slowly approaches the Terminal until she’s mere inches away.

“Ok, let’s do this.” She breathes out. She takes a deep breath and jumps in the blue flow of energy. Her whole body is enclosed in the blue hue as it’s slowly torn apart into smaller pixels. The small concentration of pixels begin to elevate upwards to the top of the portal; when they reach the top, they quickly disappear releasing a small pulse of energy across the room.
Wonderful! I like how different it is and how Infi reacts to everything. Keep up the good work!
Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Chapter 4 continued

Back in the Center, Infi stands alone with small smile on her face.

“How curious…It seems that Miss Infi is actually capable of emotions.” Chides a snarky voice coming from the dark corner of the room. The smile on Infi’s face quickly disappears.

“What would the Professor think if he found out that the Key program is still able to feel emotion?” Infi turns around to face the corner from which the voice came from.

“You…I was told your activation wasn’t due until another month.” Her voice filled with disdain. A small chuckle comes from the corner. A silhouette can be seen leaning on the wall with its hands crossed.

“You were told wrong.” Clarifies the snarky voice. Infi grits her teeth trying to calm herself. The mysterious person emerges from the shadows revealing a young man with a devious grin on his face. He sports a black shirt with purple dyed pants and matching cuffs. His hair is a light brown that matches his eyes and his grin wide revealing pearly whites. He exudes a sense of confidence and saunters in a very poised fashion. He begins to circle around Infi in a taunting way, testing her character.

“Makes you wonder, what else have they lied to you about?” Infi turns her head sharply to meet the young man’s coquettish eyes.

“I see you have also gained the ability to have a personality…Unfortunately.” She remarks, her eyes never leaving his. He laughs at her as he caresses the back of his head.

“At it seems that you never lost yours, despite what the report stated.” Infi continues to glare at the young man challenging him to break his gaze.

“You were told wrong.” She counters back with a smirk, the boy’s grin disappears, replaced with a scowl. She closes in until they are side by side facing opposite way.

“And by the way, just because you were activated without my knowing, doesn’t make you my higher up.” The young man stays completely quiet.

“If anything it means I will keep a closer eye on you, Blue.” The boy lets out a small breath followed by a chuckle.

“I wouldn't expect anything less from the Key program.” Blue snorts as Infi begins to walk away.

“Oh and hey, is that girl the brat I’ll be teamed up with?” Infi stops in her tracks not turning to meet his gaze.

“That girl has a name.” She corrects him. Blue lets another laugh.

“Oh I’m sorry, is Green chick my partner?” He corrects himself in a sardonic manner.

“Maybe, but I doubt she’ll want to team up with you.” Blue tilts his head in wonder.

“And why’s that?” He asks playfully. A smirk plays on Infi’s lips.

“Because Blue and Green aren't complementary colors.” With that said she exits the room leaving the boy alone.

“That’s alright…I wanted a rival anyways.”


Side story- Hidden Agenda

“C’mon, c’mon, let me in!” Pleas a boy in front of a computer screen, the light coming from it barely lighting the room. A bed can be seen in the background with plushes resting on it, the walls decorated with many Pokémon posters, and a table with the picture of a boy and his father. The boy types fervently on his keyboard as if he were running out of time. His screen displays many possible encryption keys as he tries every single one, desperately trying to unlock something.

“C’mon hurry up!” The boy appears to be 13 and 15, though his voice suggests that he’s younger. He spots a simple blue shirt with yellow shorts; his short black hair barely escaping from under his yellow cap. His finger keep drumming repeatedly on the black keys, the tapping noise getting louder with each hit.

“YES!” The boy screams triumphantly jumping out of his wobbly chair. The screen displays an archive of files organized neatly by relevance, but only one catches his attention. Gen 0 Development Reports. He quickly drags the mouse cursor to the file, clicking it and revealing another archive of reports. This time the reports are organized by date which shocked the boy since some of them dated all the way back to the “incident”. Overwhelm by the surfeit of entries he decides it’s best to click on the top one. He examines the report’s content fervidly as if trying to find something specifically.

Developer’s Report #1

The project has been given the green light. The board has given me full authority to direct the development of Pokémon Legacy, the soon to be success and savior of the Pokémon franchise. The board also made it very clear that I am to keep this on the low, no one not even my family must know of this project. They warned me that the Pokémon community or rather what’s left of it, wouldn’t be ready for this leap, the media lash would be too much. I hope to restore this great franchise to its glory days, too much falls on this.

This great burden will not be easy to complete, so many steps and measurements will be needed before we can even implement an interface. First I need to assemble a team of exemplary programmers, artists and etc. Following the team comes the outline, the planning. After all the planning has been finalized, we shall begin with the project. Too much falls on this, I can’t afford to fail, for every Trainer out there, I dedicate this endeavor to you, my top 100 percent.

O. Figs

O. Figs, the name pulls him. It’s him! I found it! I found potential evidence! The name brings a shaky smile to boy, still shaken he was able to access the archive. He copies the report and exits to click on the next.

Developer’s Report #2

I’ve managed to recruit 3 members into the project, I was not able to meet them in person since this operation is required to be done in secrecy, so their identities will have to be hidden. We agreed to call ourselves Professors, paying homage to the characters we first encounter in the games, the mentors that introduces us to it all. To keep with the theme, we decided that each of us will have a tree name; our group consisted of Aspen, Acacia, Banyan and Figs, which ironically was my real last name. They were really interesting people; Acacia our Lead Artist, is a very well educated woman, calm and sweet but harsh when need be. Banyan, the Sound Director is a quiet man, funny how he’s in charge of sound but barely makes any himself. Finally we have Aspen, tasked with Story Board, is probably the biggest enigma in the group. For some reason Aspen took the whole secrecy thing to another level, he/she uses a voice concealer to mask his/her true voice. Despite being more mysterious Aspen seems to be really ecstatic to begin the project. I have a good feeling that Pokémon Legacy will be the best Pokémon game ever.

O. Figs

“No names…” The boy sighs lowering his head in disappointment. He copies the report and heads to the next.

Developer’s Report #3

We've decided to stay true the series as a whole, so we will use an established foundation. Aspen proposed we download all main series source data into one disc, that way we can reuse data in another manner and perhaps implement unused data. We agreed to do so only after we remove the “faults” from the games; we don’t want Pokémon Legacy having the same faulty system like in Gen 1. I entrusted Aspen with the task of downloading all the source data for later application. I recruited another member, he goes by Sylvan. A kind old man who got into Pokémon when it first came out, I've entrusted him with Graphic Design to help Acacia. Our family seems to get bigger by each passing day, a reminder to me that they are still Pokémon fans out there. I hope my son grows up to play and enjoy this game.

O. Figs

The boy is taken back with the last sentence; he clears his throat and repeats the process continuing on through the archive.

Developer’s Report #4

It’s all coming together! We’ve managed to use the source data as a foundation for the game, which we now call Gen 0. I’m so happy we’ve begun, the journey to restoring the honor of the Pokémon has begun!

Developer’s Report #5

Everything seems perfect or so I thought. I was reviewing properties and tiles in our mock server, when I noticed an unused palette for an unidentifiable Pokémon error. I quickly brought it up to Aspen asking him as to why that go there in the first place. He defended that he wasn't aware it got through the application process. He went on about how it could gone through by attaching itself to another palette scheme, making it go unnoticed in the process. He promised to destroy the palette scheme so I dismissed the issue. I can’t afford to let petty things destroy my greatest work, no second greatest. My greatest work was born two days ago; my beautiful baby boy, Joey.

O. Figs

“So like him…Hehehe.” Chuckles the boy, smiling at the last sentence. The screen quickly goes red, a huge warning text fills it completely.

“Ah bleep bloop!” He curses as he begins to type again. The red warning text still on his screen, this time with sound.

“Unauthorized Access! Unauthorized Access! Unauthorized Access!” Blares the speakers alongside the displayed text. With no other choice the boy cuts the connection to the server, destroying the files he saved.

“So close…I was so close…Forgive me Pa.” He sighs as he reaches for the picture resting on the table. Both the boy and the man in the picture are grinning while holding a huge Snorlax doll, the same plush that rests on his bed behind him. A droplet falls on the glass protecting the picture.

“I won’t give up dad, I won’t…I’ll give it my top percentage.”

Chapter 5: Perspective

After my rash jump of faith into the Terminal, everything got fuzzy, like VERY fuzzy. My sight blurred and my body felt like it was being torn apart piece by piece, all while the rushing sound of airstream deafened me. When I came to again I was still standing, but I was greeted by a beautiful scenery. Small green hills greeted the horizon with small country houses and crop fields. Prairies surrounded the boundaries of the small town with tattered paths corresponding with brooks sparkling with clean water.

The sight overwhelmed me, I haven’t seen something so beautiful, so peaceful. The wild flowers were vivid with bright scarlet and gold, giving the whole plain an animated look. The whole land truly looked like a masterpiece and I could not for the life of me stop gazing.

“Leaf? Are you alright?” The voice called in my head, shaking me back into reality. I recognized the voice.

“Infi? Why are you in my head?” I asked aloud not minding my surroundings.

“[V]Link remember?” She reminds me as I rub my head recalling the discussion.

“Yeah forgot about that. Anyways I’m fine, I was just taking in the beautiful scenery. Can’t believe it’s not real…” Infi remained quiet. Great, not awkward at all. Why do I keep bringing up the whole we’re not real and just data thing; I’m the one who needs lessons in social interaction not Infi.

“Yes, it is not real. Behind all those hues and tiles, there’s a progression of ones and zeroes. Within the Gen 0, not everything is what it appears to be. Because while numbers show truth, they can also be rearranged to create a lie.” She deadpanned. To think that all I see and feel is merely an illusion fabricated by numbers, a façade. It doesn't feel right, it can’t be right.

“There goes my fake mood.” My voice filled with sarcasm. Infi did not respond so I decided to continue on. I headed towards the beaten path that led to the small town by the green hills hoping to explore the place a bit. All the houses were painted white with red roofs and matching windows; with the majority of the houses being one story with the exception of three. I walked past the houses wondering if there were actual people in there, but part of me knew they were empty. Empty, like me.

“The connecting Terminal is right up ahead.” Infi reminded me as I approached the corner of the street. I saw the towering blue Terminal emerging from behind two story houses, which interestingly had mailboxes, something the other houses were lacking. My interest piqued so I decided to approach them; I went to the house on my left and stopped right in front of the lawn. Nothing fancy, same as the others with the mailbox being the exception. I closed in on the mailbox and noticed something was written on it. It was a smudge of black, probably a name. I could barely make anything of it, but I was certain it consisted of three letters. The first letter was unidentifiable but the second appeared to be an E or O. The last letter looked like a D but it was dragged on by the smear so I could be wrong. What name could it be? Ed? Od? Bed? Rod? Re-

“Is something the matter?” I quickly stepped back in shock, and ended up losing my balance, falling straight on my butt. I quickly gathered myself, brushing the dirt of my legs and posterior all while looking around in assurance that no one witnessed my brief humiliation.

“Ahem, yes in fact…Ahem I was wondering as to what that name on the mailbox reads.” I kept clearing my throat, trying to mask my embarrassment. Infi needs to stop sneaking up on my head like that, I swear I’ll end up getting into a freak accident. Infi remained quiet, did she not hear me?

“Infi?” I asked looking up at the clouds as if she were up there like some celestial deity. No response, did the [V] Link get severed? I placed my right hand on my ear to see if it decided to work again with touch but I got nothing.

“Green” A foreign voice spoke, prompting me to turn around looking back at the street. There floated a black gaseous looking creature with a big white smile spreading across its face.

“Huh?” I responded thoughtlessly. What the heck is that thing? It’s all…gassy. Wonder if it smells.

“Hello Green.” It said with a deep distorted accent, hovering towards me revealing two floating hands to show it meant no harm. I stood my ground reaching into my bag for Bulbasaur’s PokeBall, the gas monster took noticed and grinned.

“No need for that, I just wanted to say hello.” It reassured as it got near enough for me fully inspect its features. Its body was completely black and almost round save for the point that stuck out from behind giving it a dew drop aspect. A black mist encircled it, clouding its body’s outline, giving it an eerie aura which only made me more uneasy. Overall this thing didn't look like the kind of person you would take candy from, I mean who smiles like that with a deep evil accent? Creeps, that’s who.

“Do you smell?” I asked it. It twisted its mouth and arched its eye in confusion, probably a sensitive topic for it.

“Excuse me?” It asked.

“You heard me.” I’m not one to repeat myself. The confusion disappeared from its face as it sighed.

“You are wondering if I smell? The first thing you wanted to ask me was if I smelled?” It questioned me looking bewildered. I mean I thought it was a valid question, since it looked foul. I kept my composure, because I’m not withdrawing my question until it answers. It kept staring at me until it took the hint.

“Fine, you win. Yes it does smell a bit. As to what, you smell and decide.” I figured as much. I couldn't help but grin which only annoyed the blob of gas.

“Since your priorities are a tad skewed, I’ll do you the honor of presenting myself. I am Variant RBB8, but I go by the name of Ghost.” It began to rise as it continued, the black aura creeping near.

“And I just wanted let you know, that we won’t back down.” We? There’s more of it? Ghost seemed to notice my confusion and began to chuckle.

“Come now ATI Green, use your one/zero mind.” Great it knows my name AND series, this is definitely not a NPC. What else could it-!

“Glitch.” I whispered in realization. Ghost began to laugh while clapping.

“Yes! YES! There we go. Took you long enough, and here I thought you were an Advanced Trainer Intelligence.” He snickered while scratching the top of his head. Wait! What’s a Glitch doing in this Sector? I thought it was secured, I mean there’s no NPCs or script events, how did it get in here? Wait a minute, maybe it’s another test! Yes, that’s it! That’s how it knew my name.

“How did you get here? This Sector was secured, entry is impossible without the proper Terminal." I stated hoping the “Glitch” would slip up. The grinning Ghost turned to face the direction where the terminal was sited. It pointed to the blue terminal with its sharp finger.

“Like that one? See that’s the thing about us Glitches. We’re all about unauthorized access.” Yeah right, and I’m the queen of Kanto.

“Ok, is that it? You’re not going to attack me?” I asked haughtily. This whole façade was dumb, I expected more from Infi; I mean just look at it, it looks like someone was trying to scare a child, not a very convincing sprite. Ghost made an O face and slowly grinned, it sure likes to grin a lot. Grinning Ghost, sounds catchy.

“Oh dear Green I would very much like to, but the Master’s orders are absolute, and I’m afraid the Master only asked me to do introductions.” Ugh this is getting annoying; I threw the capsule releasing Bulbasaur who was already in battle stance.

“Ok then, now it’s my turn to follow my duties. Go Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf!”


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Chapter 5:Cont.

"Go Bulbasaur, use Razor Leaf!" I command. Bulbasaur quickly crouches and releases the sharp leaves from the side of its bulb, targeting Ghost. Ghost quickly evades them by diving to the ground, then quickly lunges himself towards my Pokemon. He's too fast, he will just keep dodging my moves. I need for him to get closer.

"Stand your ground Bulbasaur!" I assure my Pokemon. Bulbasaur nods as he positions himself for impact. Ghost flies closer and closer; I need to time it just right. When he's mere feet from Bulbasaur I yell the command.

"Now Bulbasaur! Use Leech Seed!" Bulbasaur raises his bulbs and aims it at Ghost; a seed is launched. The seed lands on Ghost's face, halting him in surprise. The seed quickly opens releasing small roots that wrap around Ghost's body, tightly constricting him. The seed and vines begin to shock him, signaling a successful seeding.

Ghost screams as the roots begin to absorb his energy. I quickly take the opportunity and signal my Bulbasaur to go for the opening.

"While's he's seeded, use Wine Whip!" Without wasting any second Bulbasaur quickly releases two vines from its back, launching them towards the enemy. The vines make contact, whipping and slashing him with every hit. He should be taking major damage with the vines and the leeching, it'll only be a matter of time.

"Argh! Blasted thing!" He curses as he tries to break free from the roots. Bulbasaur withdraws the vine whips as it prepares for my next command.

"Let's finish it with a Razor Leaf!" Bulbasaur barks in agreement and positions itself for the attack. Ghost begins to trash about, slamming himself to the ground. The impact broke some of the vines, giving him enough freedom to release his hands. Bulbasaur fires the Razor Leafs at him, but Ghost quickly tears free from the remaining roots and dodges the sharp leaves.

"It'll take more than some grass to beat me!" He pants with smirk. He raises his hand and begins to charge an attack, Bulbasaur turns to me to make the call.

"Don't let him finish it! Use Razor Leaf!" I shout. Before Bulbasaur could begin the attack, Ghost finished making the huge black ball and throws it. The leaves barely scratch the black ball as it still flies towards my Pokemon. This isn't good, if that lands it might make some major damage.

"Bulbasaur dodge it!" I yell, but the roaring of the black mass its far too loud. Bulbasaur begins to run away from it, but he's too slow. He's not going to make it!

"NOOOO! BULBASAUR!" The sphere makes contact with the ground, releasing a wave of black flare that swallows everything. Dark flames burn around my surroundings, nearing close to me.

Ghosts begins to cackle. The black flames surround me, closing me in a circle. I can't see anything past the thick smoke and the roaring fire. The flames begin to rise, towering over me like a firewall. A wave of uneasiness begins to flood me as I fear for my Pokemon. In the background I can still hear Ghost's distorted cackling.

"You know what's funny? After your odor question I became curious." Laughs the Glitch from behind the firewall. The flames begin to close in, ashes and embers float onto my skin leaving small burns. My uneasiness is long gone, now panic overtakes me. In my desperation I start hyperventilating, the thick smoke fills my lungs and my body tenses with every painful breath.

"Is it possible for us to smell? After all we are Data, we are not...real." Ghost continues from behind the towering black flames. My vision begins to blur as I can faintly make out his silhouette from behind the flurry of fire.

"But then I noticed something." He emerges past the blazing wall as if it were curtains. Surprised, I fall on my back, clutching my chest and throat as the smoke and heat invades my body. Ghost hovers over me with a wicked smile and his hands clutched together.

"A particular scent." He clarifies. Ghosts wafts the air around him trying to get a better sniff. His wide and white eyes settle on me. I slowly begin lose my vision, the last thing I see is his wicked grin.

"The smell of fear."​
And so the Ghost attacks. I love how you put the sprites whenever you start a battle. It really reminds the reader that this is taking place in a video game. I'm really curious as to how you show the characters' senses later; is it just all a fabricated feeling, or do they actually feel? Keep posting! ^_^
Yeah I really wanted to incorporate sprites on my work to give a tiny bit of imagery of what happened.

Side story:

Three monitors light up illuminating the same decrepit room where the professors once met; three silhouettes are revealed.. It was Acacia, Olive and another new figure.

"What's the emergency Linden?" Demands Acacia, stress fills her voice. Linden clears his throat.

"We had an unauthorized...access to secured and private files." He breathes with uncertainty; Olive lets out a small laugh.

"Wow Linden, how that happened? I thought you were the Cerberus of the Vault? Remember? Nothing gets past you?" Olive mocks. Acacia's figure rubs her head in annoyance, while Linden grunts.

"Quiet you! You of all people should not be harassing others for mistakes. I know what happened with ATI-2. Not so flawless are we Olive?" Linden snarls back. Olive's laugh stops.

"Actually! I wanted to do that. Clearly you didn't hear the report in the last mandatory meeting, OH! That's right, you weren't there! Thanks to you and the others absentees we have to reschedule... And no I'm not flawless, I'm slick, like olive oil." He corrects.

"QUIET!" Roars Acacia, startling both of them. Now Acacia's figure is rubbing her temples.

"Enough of this pointless bickering, we ARE professionals, let's behave like ones. Now...Linden. When did we get hacked? Where you able to locate the hacker?" She asks. Linden clears his throat again while Olive's silhouette crosses his arms while sighing.

"Yesterday, around #. I only noticed it this morning when going over the firewall, et cetera. Because it happened while I was offline I could not track the signal or connection of the hacker or hackers." Acacia nodded, deep in thought.

"I see...What files were accessed?" She asks with another sigh. Linden remains quiet for a minute, until he clears his throat.

"Um...The reports." He answers quickly. Silence takes the room. Both Olive and Acacia's outline remain still.

"Which reports? Expense or..." She drags on, evading the other possibility. Linden begins to fidget with his fingers, and begins to chuckle a bit.

"Linden?" Acacia asks in concern.

"His reports." He breathes out in shame. Acacia quickly stiffens while Olive remains quiet.

"But! But! Th-the hacker or hackers were only able to see the first few, um the other folders and files remained closed. My, my guess he, she, um they were reading them one by one." He stutters while trying to sound hopeful.

"What makes you say that?" She demands. Linden clears his throat and begins to wave his hands around frantically.

"Cause the security program stopped he/she or them after a few minutes. With all that time they could have copied the files and left, instead they read them. Which was very stupid of them." He laughs. Olive twitches at the remark.

"Stupid is not doing your job when you're supposed to, Cyber Cerby." Taunts Olive while tilting his head to the left. Linden begins to growl but Acacia quickly steps in.

"Enough! Olive keep your smart mouth shut before I hunt you down and do it myself." She snarls. Olive drags his fingers across his lips, imitating a zipper.

"Now...Linden, are the files still there?" She asks Linden cautiously. Linden figure's nods slowly.

"Ok good. Still this could pose a problem...I will have to speak with Aspen about this matter and asks Kamilah to join you in server maintenance and security. Expect another board meeting in the near future." She sighs as Linden nods. Olive remains quiet.

"Linden continue monitoring the Vault, the firewall and all that gizmo, and report to me immediately for any strange activity." Linden nods and his monitor quickly goes black, Acacia's figure turns to face Olive's monitor.

"And you...You're walking on thin ice." She breathes angrily, her monitor blacking out. Olive remains quiet as he crosses his arms and lets out another chuckle.

Chapter 6: Burned

Shortly after my little chat with Infi I thought I should get more familiar with my surroundings by exploring a bit. While walking I did not realize how huge this place was. Each turn I made felt like a long trek. I could not count how many times I've already gotten lost trying to find the boundaries of this place, heck I didn't even know if the Center had any, for all knew this place could be endless. The navy layout was a tad to depressing for me, which is ironic considering my name is Blue. Did Infi or the Professors design the Center?

I kept walking on this long hallway that seemed to stretch into infinity and it didn't help that the creeping darkness wouldn't let me see what was coming up. After minutes of pointless wandering, I finally came across a dead end. At the end stood a vault door with the iconic Poke Ball symbol as its design; by it a key pad. I slowly crept towards it while looking around for any signs of Infi or a camera to catch me in the act. When I reached the door I slowly inspected the smooth metal by tracing a line across it with my finger; it was cold to the touch like this place. It was bad enough the Center was dark, huge and empty, but by adding the cold factor this place felt like an asylum. The very thought made me shudder.

"Blue report to the control room immediately." Echoed Infi's voice. The empty hallway began to light up, showing me the fastest path to the control room. I guess teleportation hasn't been implemented to the Center. Shifting my focus I decided to follow the path; the mysterious vault would have to wait. Upon finally reaching the control room, I noticed that Infi was rapidly typing into a floating keyboard/hologram. When I got close enough for her to notice she quickly turned and handed me a Poke Ball.

"What's happening?" I asked inspecting the capsule. Just like any other Poke Ball this one was red at the top and white in the bottom, divided by a line and the release button.

"I lost communication with Leaf a few minutes ago. I can not access her [V]Link or readings, which means something is interfering with the connection." She explained as she pulled up another screen, it was a picture of Leaf. She wore sporting wear and a white hat, typical apparel for Trainers.

"So what's interfering with it?" I asked confused. To my understanding Infi was devoid of expressive communication, to see her this worried...

"I'm afraid that's the problem. I do not have view of the sector. Whatever is causing the interference is a serious threat. Which means, Leaf is in danger." She stated, her eyes never leaving the screen.

"So? Can't she handle it? After all she's an ATI, a Corrector." I said crossing my arms. Infi briefly turned to face me with a solemn look.

"Affirmative, but she is not fully capable yet. Her training began a while ago." She defended before turning back to the blue floating screen. Before I could say anything the floor lit up again signaling me to follow the path.

"Follow the lit path and it'll take you to the Terminal room. When you enter, jump inside the Terminal and you will be transported to Pallet Town. Once inside, your mission is to assist or rescue Leaf. When you do find her, you two are to immediately teleport back here." She ordered.

"Aye aye captain." I joked with a present arms. I quickly exited the room and rushed to the Terminal Room. Once inside I spotted the towering blue pillar of energy.

"Remember you are to rescue or help Leaf escape the Sector." Infi's voice echoed in my head.

"I heard you the first time, no need to remind me again Prof. Oak." I sneered. Infi remained quiet probably thinking about the reference, but before she could rebut I stepped into the Terminal. My body slowly disintegrated into smaller pixels as they rose up to the portal. It felt like being underwater as a strong tide dragged me across the currents, maybe that's how fish feel when they're flushed down the toilet. Ugh grody thought.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I expected was green hills and pretty wooden houses, instead I was greeted by black fires that swallowed houses and prairies. A thick smoke clouded the sky, embers and ashes floated carelessly across the air as the wind blew debris and dust. Houses were slowly falling apart as the dark flames ate them. Trees fell and flowers burned to crisps. What was meant to be a town of beautiful beginnings looked like hell. It took me a while before I snapped into the reality of the situation. I quickly scanned the area for signs of Leaf but the thick smoke and rising flames clouded my vision. Think Blue, what can you do?

"Oh that's right" I muttered as I reached into my pocket, taking out the Poke Ball. I stared at the surface and saw my reflection.

"Go Pokemon!" I shouted as I launched the capsule ball into the air. The ball opened releasing a red streak that shot to the ground, creating a form. The glow faded revealing a blue turtle with a brownish/orange like shell.

"Squirtle!" It chirped happily. It turned to face me with a trusting smile on its face, and I nodded back at it.

"Well Squirtle seems that we're partners now. Ready for this?" I asked it. The blue turtle flashed me a smirk and at that moment I knew this was the perfect Pokemon for me.

"Perfect. Let's do this! Squirtle use Water Gun!" I commanded. Squirtle's eyes sparkled as it opened its mouth to release a powerful stream of water. The Water Gun quickly began to douse the nearing flames, creating a path for us to continue on. Squirtle continued to put out the flames until I caught sight of someone lying on the ground.

"Squirtle over there!" I ordered as I pointed towards two story houses. In front of them laid a girl with sport wear; a few feet from her laid a green Pokemon unconscious. The bulbous Pokemon seemed to be in worse shape than her. I quickly rushed to them, with my Pokemon right behind me. I crouched right beside the girl and turned her over, it was Leaf.

"Hey Leaf? Leaf! Are you alright?" I asked as I softly nudged her. She only groaned. I examined her from head to toe for any burns and fortunately I found none. Instead I did notice a gleam coming from her hands, it was a Poke Ball. It probably belonged to the Pokemon by her. I took the capsule from her hand and aimed it at the green creature; the capsule released a beam that absorbed the Pokemon back inside the Ball. I placed it in my pocket and turned to Leaf. I slowly raised her up, hoisting her and walked away from the creeping fire with my Squirtle beside me the whole time. As I neared the Terminal, I took another look at the tragedy behind me. Worry began to wear at my thoughts as I finally reached the Terminal.

"What happened here?"​
Chapter 6: Cont

When I regained consciousness I realized I was no longer in Pallet Town. Instead of the beautiful green scenery, I was greeted by the cold and dark room that I assumed was the Center. I laid on a small black bed with navy sheets over me, warming me from the coldness. Yeah I was definitely in the Center. My body was sore, I could barely move without recoiling in pain from my burning muscles. Burning...GHOST!

"Bulbasaur!" I screamed at the empty navy room. I quickly rose from the bed removing the blankets to look for my Pokemon. As soon as I got on my feet, a great wave of pain swept over me forcing me to my knees. It felt like my skin and insides were burning, which is strange since I don't have any visible burn marks. I was too focused on my pain to notice that someone had entered the room.

"Oh bother." Sighed a young man with brown hair and matching eyes. He had this annoyed face as he helped me back on the bed. Who was he? Is he with us?

"You just love getting picked up don't you?" He said with a smile much to mortification. What's his deal?

"Who are you and what happened to me? Where's my Bulbasaur?" I asked impatiently, trying to ignore the pain. He scoffed at me as if I insulted him. What is his deal?!

"Relax will you! My name is Blue and just like you, I'm an ATI." Blue explained as he set me on the bed.

"I was activated hours ago to assist you in server inspection." He continued. I don't have time for this, I need to know what happened to me and Bulbasaur. Before he could continue, I got up again this time more slowly.

"And what happened to me and my Pokemon?" I interrupted in anger. His smile slowly disappeared, replaced by a smile. Ugh I'm getting sick of people smiling at me.

"Can't keep still can you. Maybe that's why you almost got yourself burnt to ashes." He sneered. My anger began to rise as did my pain.

"Quiet!" I yelled. His smirk stayed there, taunting me.

"Mind your temper, we don't want you burning up." He mocked. That's it. I lunged myself at him, aiming my fists at his face. He slid to the left evading my attack and jabbed me at my sides, forcing me to hunch in pain. Now the burning began to worsen, same for my rage. I rose staggering while holding my side and went for another strike.

"Desist!" Commanded a familiar voice. My body froze. Infi stood by the door with her hands raised pointing at us. Both me and Blue stood frozen in our places, as if something was controlling us to hold still.

"Explain." She said with a deep menacing tone. Both me and Blue looked at her then back at each other; He was smiling like nothing was wrong, the nerve of him! Despite not being able to control my body, I could still feel the searing pain.

"Grass over here was on the floor when I entered the room, so me being the gentleman I was, I decided to help her. Then she began to give me attitude and attacked me." Blue explained his eyes never leaving mine. I hate that, lying no good Bidoof!

"Lies!" I snarled. Infi looked surprised at my outburst.

"He was taunting and mocking me! He wouldn't tell me where my Pokemon was!" I explained with frustration. Infi's eyes were scanning me in concern as if I were crazy. She turned to face Blue this time.

"Blue upon rescuing her, did she bear any injuries?" She questioned him. Blue merely sighed as he looked up to the ceiling in thought.

"I told you already, when I got there she was lying unconscious in the middle of the street. There was fire around but it wasn't close to her. She had nicks but no bruises." He clarified annoyed. Infi's glance returned to me as she closed the distance between us. I couldn't move still, was Infi controlling me?

"There's something wrong with her." Infi deadpanned. Blue began to laugh while his body stood still.

"You're telling me? Here I thought I was the jerk." He joked with laughter. Infi rolled her eyes at him, letting her arm down. The action seemed to release him from his paralysis. He quickly dusted himself and joined Infi by her side.

"What's wrong with her doc?" He asked her as he crossed his arms.

"I do not know. My presumption is that she was infected by a virus of some kind." She responded, her eyes never leaving me.

"A virus?" Blue asked in confusion. Infi nodded as she moved me back to the bed. Soon as I was laid, restraints rose from the bed, attaching themselves around my neck, arms, waist and legs. I quickly reacted by trashing around, trying to break free from the constraints but they were too tough. Infi walked over to my side followed by Blue, as she scanned me from head to toe.

"I am not a hundred percent sure but her actions suggest so. I will have to conduct multiple tests just to be certain." She explained with her brow furrowed. Blue rubbed the back of his head still confused by her remark.

"How do you think she got it?" Blue asked. Infi turned to face him briefly.

"Probably by whoever or whatever cut our [V]Link and burned half of the Pallet Sector." All of us remained quiet in realization of what could only cause this.

"Glitches." I sighed as I closed my eyes, the fire within me still burning.​
Chapter 7: Fallen Tree

The scene changes to the bustling setting of a city. The sky is tainted with gray. Masses of people are going in all directions, some dressed professionally, others causally. Skyscrapers loom over the small humans, casting huge shadows that shroud the pollution of the urban location. The cries of the city resound everywhere with people yelling, cars honking in dead traffic, and the blaring of hip hop music.

In the rushing crowd there's one face that sticks out from the other blurred ones, it belongs to an older woman. Her hair is a fading cream that matches her almost gray eyes. She appears to be older than 40 but her face still looks colorful and sharp, exuding a serious aura. She wears a black trench coat with a long red scarf, with matching black heel boots. She immediately turns into a thin alleyway filled with tipped over trash cans and tainted walls. At the end of the alleyway lies a steel door with a keypad, upon reaching it she pulls an ID card from her coat pocket and swipes it downward across the keypad's slit. A click sounds from behind the door, opening as she enters. The room inside is empty and abandoned save for one old elevator door. The woman enters the old fashioned elevator and slowly descends to the black abyss.

When the elevator finally reaches the lowest floor, the woman exits into a thin hallway. The walls are slowly falling apart with tubes protruding, leaking dirty water. The floor is tainted with puddles of brown water, mossy grime and thrash that was pushed to the sides. She slowly paces around the residue until reaching the vault door at the end. She repeats the card process and the vault door opens revealing an office space. There's many monitors hanging from the walls with strange letters and formulas; In front of them stood a glass desk with a laptop. She makes her way inside and sits herself on the chair, then proceeds to remove her coat. She opens the laptop and begins to tap away starting the system. Once online she clicks a name on a contact list and begins to form a call, the ringing continues until someone picks up.

"This is Aspen." States a deep distorted voice. The face icon was absent, only showing a black figure.

"Hello Aspen, this is Acacia." She replies as she brings up another tab with reports on her screen.

"Ah Acacia how are you?" Aspen asks, his voice eerily happy. Acacia forms a fake smile, she hates formalities.

"Good Aspen, thank you for asking. I actually wanted to report an incident we had a day ago." She replies and then proceeds to explain the incident to him. After she finishes, Aspen remains quiet.

"I see. This is troubling news. Have you discussed with Linden about adding Kamilah to server security?"

"Yes I have, I contacted Kamilah a while ago, and she will join him tomorrow. Linden also mentioned he will now perform hourly tests on the firewall and other security programs to ensure nothing gets through." She responds as she places her hands on her lap.

"Very good. I trust you'll schedule the next meeting soon, and hopefully everyone will attend it."

Acacia nods and brings up another tab with a calendar, she sets a mark on a day and closes the tab.

"Consider it done. The next meeting will be #, I shall send the information to everyone on the team." She answers as she taps on the keyboard.

"Oh actually could you schedule another meeting." Acacia stops tapping.

"For?" She asks with her brow arching.

"Oh, just for the selected." He answers with an exultant tone. Acacia furrows her brows and begins the other scheduling.

"Done." She breathes tired.

"Perfect, thank you Acacia. I hope to see you again in the next meeting. Until then." The call ends. Acacia sighs, rising out of her chair and closing the laptop. She goes to the monitors with diagrams and begins to draw on them. The scene fades away to another room. The room is filled with many monitors and computers, some broken while others on. There's also big machines by the walls, probably for the network. Cables lie everywhere, from the floor to walls, connected with the every machine in the room. At the end of the room a person is sitting on a chair facing away from the desk and the view of the room. The person begins to chuckle with its voice concealed. Resting on the desk is several pieces of papers labeled Developer's Report.


Developer's Report #6

My son Joey was finally born. I am so happy to become a father, there's no words to describe my happiness. I asked the higher ups permission to take a week off and begin working at home so that I wouldn't be away from my child. They agreed only If I promised not to slack off and keep working the hours I promised. I quickly contacted the other Professors of my situation, and they congratulated me, agreeing to continue the good work. I can't wait to move back home with my family. Everything is perfect!

O. Figs

Developer's Report #7

According to an anonymous source, our lead Director Professor Figs was stealing and selling confidential information from the Legacy system to other game developers and producers. The board of Nintendo responded by firing and pressing charges on him for the theft and sale of valuable and unreleased data. Figs argued he had done nothing of the sort and claimed he was being framed. His trial was a month ago under the jurisdiction of Judge Tremaine, and was claimed guilty of the crimes he insisted he hadn't done. He was penalized under the law of Developer's Ethics, and was sent to prison. It pains me to see a family have their father taken away for such a thoughtless crime, my heart goes to Mrs. Figs and their newborn, Joey. The board met last week and finally decided on who would become the new Director of the project.

It is with great shame and humility that I, Aspen accept the title of Director. I will do everything in my power to finalize the Gen 0 and launch Pokemon Legacy! I promise to be loyal and true to the ideals of my predecessor and lead my team to success. This time there will be NO failures.

This is amazing! The only criticism I can give is that the Ghost is not a glitch. The Ghost MissingNo. is, but a regular Ghost is not. However, the Ghost was outside of Pokémon Tower, and it was able to be attacked by Bulbasaur, unlike a regular Ghost. Please write more!
Here for a quick Chapter One review:

Technical Accuracy/Style
First thing I'd do is left-justify everything. I can't quite put my finger on why, but the entirely centred story gets on my nerves, and the more it gets on my nerves, the less I can really relax into the story. The prose isn't exactly sparkling, but it is largely accurate:

“Dialogue like this doesn't have capitalised tags at the end, by the way,” said Josh.

I skipped the long summary – I hope that you're not relying on it to give information instead of giving it in the story. I feel that an essential part of storytelling should be to have the narrative make sense without providing a synopsis.

I find it faintly amusing that you've essentially flipped a cliché – rather than a human being sucked into a game, here you have code who thinks she's human stuck in the game. I'll be interested to see how coherent the concept of the game world turns out to be.

Not a lot to say here. Leaf herself is kind of a blank slate right now. Infi's dialogue fits a character who essentially can't think for herself, with all the artificial stupidity of a program only just clever enough to make its own choices.

Final Thoughts
This may well be one that I'll have to come back to. The concept itself isn't a bad one, but ideas really are the absolute easiest part of writing.
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