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Pokémon World Championships 2022 Art Logo, pop-up Pokémon Centre entry tickets and North American International Championships winners announced

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Alongside officially announcing the winners of the North American International Championships, the Pokémon Company International's Official Press Site has revealed the official Art logo for the Pokémon World Championships 2022, which will be taking place on August 18th to 21st in London at the ExCeL Centre. The Pokémon World Championships Art logo is styled in a manner reminiscent of a coat of arms. The design features the event's two mascots, Roserade and Pikachu, in British inspired outfits, as well as a highly stylised "London" that includes the three Galar region starter Pokémon.

The Official Pokémon website has also announced that entry tickets for reservations of entry into the pop-up Pokémon Centre at the Pokémon World Championships will become available on July 18th. The exact method of reserving these tickets will be announced closer to the date of release.

2022 Pokémon North America International Championships Winners
The winners of last week's 2022 Pokémon North America International Championships for the Trading Card Game (TCG), Video Game (VGC), Pokkén Tournament DX and Pokémon GO tournaments are as follows:

Trading Card Game
Junior Division: N. Osterkat
Senior Division: R. Heiremans
Masters Division: Azul Garcia Griego

Video Game
Junior Division: A. Ashby
Senior Division: C. Han
Masters Division: James Evans

Pokémon GO

Senior Division: A. Ford
Masters Division: Payden Bingham

Pokkén Tournament DX
Senior Division: P. Fearing
Masters Division: Chaz Wright

These 1st place winners have each won invitations to the Pokémon World Championships 2022, where they will compete for the title of World Champion in their respective game and age categories, as well as a share in more than $500,000 in scholarships, cash and prizes.
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