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Pokeshipping General Discussion


All of the bara
Feb 28, 2008
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Let's start off the new Pokeshipping thread with a topic!

Why do you like Pokeshipping?

I love Pokeshipping because I feel Ash and Misty are meant for each other. Pokeshipping is my OTP!
Why do you like Pokeshipping?

Because of the likelihood of the whole thing. This Is the best ship in terms of hints and real suggestions toward canonism <(try finding that in the dictionary!) You can't define love, when there's a spark you just feel it, and I've definitely always felt something strong between those two.
Yay, the thread's been restarted. <3 *glomps thread*

Why do you like Pokeshipping?

Because it's seriously like the sweetest thing ever. Ash and Misty are so stubborn towards one another, always squabbling over even the smallest thing, but you can so tell that behind all the bickering they (used to) do they really do have feelings for each other deep down. Especially Misty. <3 I adore her secret crush on Ash and the way she hides it by trying to pick a fight with Ash any chance she gets. So adorable. ^___^ And we can't ignore the fact that even sweet little dense Ash has shown evidence that's he's attracted to Misty. Like when he saw Misty in the kimono and was clearly jealous of Danny and Rudy (especially Danny).

Ahh, I could go on and on and it would never summarize my love for this couple. It's just amazing. <333

Pokeshipping forever!! <3 Here's hoping this thread can achieve or even surpass the greatness of the last one!
Why do you like Pokeshipping?

For me, it's all about their chemistry and dynamic. As Dana pointed out, they bickered and squabbled a lot in the beginning, but you could see their relationship evolve and grow. As time wore on, they started showing how much they cared for each other and how much they respected one another. Misty showed her obvious crush while Ash has been shown to be quite jealous of Misty showing other guys attention or other guys trying to gain Misty's attention.

So really, it's all about that initial love/hate relationship between two people who share a lot in common but still are quite different in many ways.
So do the rest in this thread!


Yeah. And thanks for closing previous one with 6000 our posts. That was really nice. Really. :dodgy:

To not make spam (Hun is watching ;-)) I will answer on this:

Why do you like Pokeshipping?

1. Pokeshipping was first.
2. Created by writers (probably to end the story with Ash and Misty together).
3. They have the best interactions and chemistry.
4. They have wonderful hints with blushes which prove that there is something between them.
5. After those all years they experienced many beautiful moments, so there is no doubt that they are meant to be together.
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yay a fresh start!

Well, it's the most plausible to me. I absolutely adore it. It's cute and I've loved it since I was younger. The dynamic between the two is also really awesome to watch.
I'll give a fresh set of pics

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You got this restarted? As far as I am concerned, Pokeshipping is the Ash ship I like the most. This is mostly due to canon.
Heh. Everything that needs to be said about our august ship-and why I enjoy it...has already been said. The canon, the fact that the writers of the Manga seemed to catch on to it is a big one for me-it just seems to be the closest to canon.
Why do you like Pokeshipping?


...was the FIRST and for me...makes a memorable shipping..
I think Ash and Misty are Meant to be and I really love their HINTS,they've got the most solid hints..and they were the pairing whom I started watching Pokemon that I was Able to be inspired from both of them..
Honestly, I don't know why I like Ash and Misty together; I just do. I guess it could be for all of the reasons everyone else has already stated and so much more that I can't put into words.

It could also be that they just work together and they have that chemistry/spark between them that makes them so....them. That and all of the hints in the show and the movies makes it so much more appealing to me for them to be together.
Well, g;ad we got this back. As my OTP, PokeShipping has never stopped being awesome in my eyes. Indeed, it seems to be geting awesomer all the time!!
Why do you like Pokeshipping?

Because its the 1st ship that I trule fell in love with, even i don't support it as much as I do i still love this ship. ^^

And its nice to see the tread up again. =D
Why do you like Pokeshipping?

There are many reasons... during my childhood, Ash, Misty, and to a lesser extent, Brock filled my mornings with a fresh new Pokémon episode. I grew with a weird attachment to them, and as so, when I began to reach the age where couples make sense to me, I couldn't help but imagine Ash and Misty together. That is reason #1.

Second, it's probably the Pokémon ship that had the most chance of occurring, because Misty had a crush on Ash (as well as that mysterious video of the 1st movie... but that isn't part of the canon, so never mind) and if the produces haven't stretched the series, I'm pretty sure Ash x Misty would be canon by now.

Third, as you all know, this is probably the most cute ship in the world of Pokémon. May them be portraited as adults, teens or kids, they always look good together.

Here are the first Fan Arts posted on this thread to prove my last point:


サトカス by すいか

年後?サトカス by 糖子

If any of the links doesn't work, please tell me.

Also, I don't want to sound bothersome, but if any of you haven't done this yet, I recommend reading the new rules.
What is your opinion of MangaPokeshipping?

I don't think it has the same charm of anime!Pokeshipping, but it's still cute. Ono's manga has it pretty much just like the anime, which is nice, and I like the way Red and Misty interact in Special.
What is your opinion of MangaPokeshipping?

I don't read manga, but I think it's cute. And I think it's easier to give some more romance hints in manga than anime. But I like anime better.
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