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poll:who is ash's best traveling partner?

who is ash's best traveling partner?

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The best traveling partner for Ash is May IMO. I simply loved the chemistry between both characters, they had funny ones, cute ones, great bonding ones, etc. And May herself was a very great addition to the cast, one who was fun, bright, a character you could connect to since she was relatable to me, and one who's presence actually led me to begin watching this show in the first place.

But I will say everybody else on this poll are all great and awesome in their own ways.
Of course is May!:D
I always admire her when Battle Frontier is aired and her character is kinda good too even though I don't like her food addictions when in Hoenn and also in DP haha...
This is quite tough for me as I love Brock, Dawn and Cilan... I chose Cilan because his puns... I love puns.
Brock is close second as he is also hilarious but as seasons went on he became less funny...
I voted for "tomboyish mermaid". No pun intended.:p

To me Misty was best traveling partner pokemon anime had. She had very complex and colorful personality. She had lot of expression sides distinct to her, lot of flare, depth and passion stored within herself. And unlike most characters she didn't shoot out all of her qualities and flaws which made her human and sympathetic to follow all at once.

I liked how we got to see gradual development of her characterization showing with time several sides hiding behind that rough, rebellious side of hers. We saw she is deep romantic and dreamer liking love and tenderness, hotheaded ad stubborn individual not allowing others to mess up with her knowing how to take care of things by herself not bing type which will selfpity herself and cry for others help. No she would endure bad moments and try to overcome them on her own not pouring her heart out to everyone and everywhere. We saw her girly side liking parfumes, to dress up ocasionally and be very feminine and flirty when she wants to. Lot of battling spirit and competitive fire in her liking to compete with others and display her own qualities as trainer. Or caring side and compassion taking care of sick friends, saving Ash life even admitting herself"where he would be without me" when almost dying, and helping others to deal with older siblings.

Encompassed with strong determination, initiative to take charge of things and resolve them on her own being brave, feisty and sassy indivudual which had heart of gold but also attitude and certain tomboyishness in herself not letting that anyone mess up with her sending positive role model for femakes out there of how to be feminine, yet strong, assertive and sure in yourself individual.
In characterization and depth she is most consistent, realistic and enjoyable companion to me.

Wishing to see her back as main for one last time, because she is very fun and it would be interesting to see how she would work in today anime format. With unfinished story giving required stamina to put her to good use again (like goal never becoming water pokemon master, many unanswered things about past like parents, fear from bugs, interest in reaching E4 Prima power giving potential to make arc of entering prestigue tournaments becoming apprentice etc). Someone spunky, fiery and perky like her would interact great with current characters Clemont, Bonnie and Serena, that's for sure.

Its wishful thinking, though i do miss her being unfortunate and unfair that she didnt made any physical return for 9 years.
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Misty. She was a spitfire, but she cared about Ash. They pushed each other and they grew thanks to each other. I will never forgive the anime for not bringing her back more often. I mean BROCK of all people lasted right up until Ash left for Unova. I think Misty would've been able to travel with May and Max along with her friends. But I can't see Misty the tomboy getting along with girly girl Dawn. That would've been a cat fight I'd love to see.
Out of all of them, my favorite is May. I just feel that she is the one I can relate to the most. I love her personality in the anime and she's the one who really started the Contests thing too.

I also really like Dawn, Iris, Serena, and Misty but May is hands down my favorite.
I'd have to go with May. Not only due to the Teacher/Student dynamic that they shared, but they also had some good chemistry with each other in general. While May wasn't above criticizing Ash (Tree's a Crowd, for example, when he impulsively tried to catch a Treecko the same way she did with Azurill early on), she did look up to him and seemed to be the most on his side. An example would be Balance of Power, where she was rooting for Ash more than her father. Ash also seemed to be fond of her more, like when Drew insulted her, and was most willing to help her with training and such. So I'd have to go with May, as they influenced each other quite a lot.
Read my username for hints xD

My fav. is cilan/dent (I think you knew that though)
He has this strange thing because he seems to over react to EVERTHING. :boom:
Lol. But, he just GET WIERDER every episode xDxD oh my

I knew right away that it would have to be someone from XY since this is the first time I've really cared about group dynamics. Whilst Eureka is my favourite traveling companion, I voted for Citron since this is Satoshi's travel companion we're voting for. Citron simply is the one character where I feel shows his own character and interaction with Satoshi the best. He's not as able as Satoshi but he's still great in battle. He's a great character within the group as well, especially in his interactions with Eureka that are adorable. Though rare, when he interacts with Serena, it is awesome. He often is helpful to the group with his inventions, but isn't perfect either. His episodes have a lot of variety so there's a lot for the audience to enjoy too.
Hey guys, I broke the May/Misty tie. Anyway, voted for May primarily because of the chemistry between her and the others, especially Ash. She also went through quite a bit of character development.
I say Dawn because she shared the DP saga with ash and she never faded into the background like the other girls do. She is still the only character to be mentioned in the Japanese opening credits with ash, also to have a duet with ash, and has the most episodes focused on her than any other female traveling companion by bulbapedia's count with 55. Misty was with ash for 5 seasons and only got 48 eps which was the most before Dawn came
May is obviously the easy and correct answer, but I am surprised that Dawn isn't second. Has to be nostalgia that gets Misty votes, she never did anything. Dawn actually had a full team, had goals other than following Ash around, and had better character development. I'm still super pissed that she beat May, but she is def the second best traveling companion.
May is obviously the easy and correct answer, but I am surprised that Dawn isn't second. Has to be nostalgia that gets Misty votes, she never did anything. Dawn actually had a full team, had goals other than following Ash around, and had better character development. I'm still super pissed that she beat May, but she is def the second best traveling companion.

Or it could be that people who voted for Misty simply likes premise behind her dreams, character development, storyline, flaws , personality and dynamic with other characters, as well pokemon better.

Personally i voted for Misty and it wasn't because of nostalgia.
I like how she had very strong and independent character, personality, unique dreams of striving to become best while using one type(aka becoming water pokemon master and top water expert which very few people managed to do in world like Wallace, E4 Siebold and E4 Lorelei) always standing up for the weak and trying to help people out.

She was fiery, spunky and strong willed but she also had sweet and feminine side having girly aspect to her being passionate about several hobbies,which added to character substance while having sad backstory having to grow up in shadow of selfish sisters and prove herself to everyone making her easy to relate character. Adding to pokemon certain appeal and flamboyant dynamic which got lost ever since she left cast.

Underused at times and not fleshed out enough having unfinished things in story? Sure, but still entertaining cahracter with cool pokemon, admiring dreams, relatable backstory and very rich pertsonality in my opinion.
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I must go with Misty as female travel friend. I haven't watched DP series properly but, Dawn could challenge against Misty if I watched. In the other side, since Ash doesn't really have much male travel friends, my favourite goes with Cilan, followed by Brock, then Tracey and least is Clemont since his outfit even bugs me.
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