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Mafia Polymerization Mafia - Endgame (Mafia Wins)

Day 2 End/Night 2 Start - Watch out for the Yak-uza!
Day 2 Final Vote Count:
Quasar_Catfish (6) - Triple Midorikawa, FinalArcadia, coordinator lissi, Itsjustmudkipz, noctiluca, TheCapsFan
Midorikawa (1) - Quasar_Catfish

Not voting - Minish, beryllium, DawningWinds, RavenRaziel98

As the sun was setting, Midorikawa came running to the group...

„Look what I found hidden under Quasar_Catfish's mattress!“

She held an AK-47 into the air.

„Wait, I swear it's not what it looks like!“ said Quasar_Catfish with panic in their voice.

„That's what they all say, too bad that I already found incriminating documents in your bag! Now we found a full-auto rifle in your possessions - you're nothing but a merciless killer!“ shouted coordinator lissi, the rest of the group nodded in agreement.

„This has to be a misunderstanding guys, I swear, please, let me explain!“ cried Quasar_Catfish as suddenly...


A massive animal came running towards the group, carrying a person - no wait, two persons! - on it's back!


„It's Raven and DawningWinds, and they are riding on a yak! I wonder what they want though... “ said FinalArcadia.

„They don't seem to slow down!“ yelled Minish, as the beast came closer and closer.

Then, something incredible happened - while passing Quasar_Catfish, DawningWinds drew a katana, chopped off Quasar_Catfish's head and holstered the blade again - all that in one beautiful, smooth movement that would impress even truly skilled masters of the blade!

Quasar_Catfish collapsed like a Jenga tower and TheCapsFan said: „That was... convenient. Unexpected, but convenient.“

He shrugged and beryllium asked: „Sooooo... Dinner?“

„Yeah, sounds fine, let's head back to the camp!“ replied Itsjustmudkipz, and our group headed back, leaving Quasar_Catfish's corpse to the scavengers...

Quasar_Catfish has died, they were The Ice Dude, the Town Roleblocker + N2 onwards Vigilant!


Dear Quasar_Catfish, you are:


The Ice Dude, Role Blocker + N2 onwards Vigilant!

Being a Role Blocker you can target a player during the Night Phases to block them from using their Night Actions!
To do so use Block: Player.

Starting Night 2 you are also a Vigilant, which allows you to try to kill a player during the Night Phases!
To do so use Kill: Player.

You are aligned with the Town and win by eliminating all threats

What Quasar_Catfish didn't know was that they had a hidden stupid modifier on their Vigilant ability and got millerized!

Living Players:
1. coordinator lissi
2. Itsjustmudkipz
4. noctiluca
5. beryllium
7. FinalArcadia
8. Minish
9. Midorikawa
10. Quasar_Catfish
11. TheCapsFan

Dead Players:
3. ExLight
6. JamieIsBored
12. Hiimhereandboredtalktome

It is now Night 2!

Night Actions can now be submitted in your Role PM chats!

Night 2 ends on the 20th of December 2023 at 12pm (GMT+1)
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Oof and no hidden miller modifier (but whatever "stupid" vig means, I'm guessing it had a downside or chance to backfire?). Are we thinking that ExLight really did choose Quas to visit with Twins, is Lissi lying to draw out cop, or is Lissi insane/paranoid cop?

During Day 1, I know ExLight had been against the Quas lynch because he said that Quas is someone who you can usually figure out later. I don't know if that makes it more or less likely that he'd have targeted Quas. But we also still have the ExLight mystery of how he millerized himself, which may or may not be relevant to that.
Oh wait, Quas was telling the truth about being specifically a N2-and-beyond vig, and not n-shot. And if he wasn't able to vig until N2, then he definitely couldn't have been the one who tried to get beryl.

Okay, mystery solved there then lol. I think Lissi is clear then, it'd be way too coincidental to work out in her favor with miller if she was mafia.
There’s no way that vig would have worked every night. The stupid modifier probably limited it working or made it moot because an unlimited vig is OP.

Anyways. Am I shooting Lissi or do you guys prefer I holster and we test caps and Lissi? Let me know.

Lastly I repeat. I’m not foolish enough to target someone with a kill and then come out that I can kill. And frankly I’m much more patient than that.

What confuses me about Bery actually is why anyone except mafia would target her after her claim. It was N1. Say there is an SK, why kill Bery so early? It would get rid of all town and leave the SK and mafia. SK dies night phase. No way they outlast the mafia. So did mafia have two kills or did someone really not think things through?

And quasar did lie about that PR. That one was bad!
but whatever "stupid" vig means, I'm guessing it had a downside or chance to backfire?
Just noticed that

Stupid Vig:
The gun would've jammed and Quas would have looked down the barrel to figure out what's wrong, then the gun fires - this is also why it's unlimited shot, you only get to make one shot regardless :X3:
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