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Sign Ups Power Rangers: Hexagon

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Jun 22, 2007
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Power Rangers

Point of Notice: This roleplay, obviously, takes place in an alternate universe immediately following after the Wild Force season. At the same time, this roleplay utilize the Ranger suits from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. However, this roleplay, in no shape or fashion, in reference to Ninja Storm. In terms of this roleplay, Ninja Storm never happened. This roleplay, ultimately, is based on the Power Rangers Hexagon concept that was originally planned by the creators of the PR series.

Premise: In the not too distant future... the Earth has come to the understanding that evil will always attempt to overthrow the good in this world. Many teams of Power Rangers from all over have had their share of battles against various terrorism syndicates and have all been successful in overcoming their problems. Finally, one person decided that there should a be a central organization where the database of Rangers could be located. This organization, named the Hexagon, was created by one of Earth's original Power Rangers, Dr. Tommy Oliver.

Dr. Oliver had been thinking of this idea even after he turned his Ranger powers over to TJ Johnson. When he partnered with all of the Red Rangers from years past, he knew then that the combination and organization of powers on Earth would be a successful cause. Eventually, he teamed up with his best friend, Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger, lobbied the idea to the American government, as well as the United Nations, and were granted acceptance and funding for their Hexagon project.

It took a while, but Hexagon was finally up and running. It's headquarters was conveniently located in Angel Grove, CA (as Dr. Oliver stated, "Where it all began.") and was co-operated by Dr. Oliver and Jason. Fortunately for Hexagon, there was not many times where they were needed. Terrorist syndicates (whether intergalactic or Earth-bred) were few and far between and wasn't something that Dr. Oliver or Jason could deal with. In the meantime, the Hexagon Employees were working on Ranger suits that would serve as representative of Hexagon when fending off evildoers. Ninjor, a formerly ally of the original Rangers, even came along and provided ninja-based powers to Hexagon, allowing the to help mold and shape a new generation of Rangers.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before ideas clashed and heads butted. Dr. Oliver was preparing to become the face of Hexagon, appearing publicly and speaking on behalf of the government-funded organization, while Jason felt as if he was disappearing into the background. Numerous times his ideas were pushed out of the way, which ultimately left him bitter. In a way, he felt this way during his years as a Ranger, where he was originally the leader of the team, but when Tommy joined the team, things obviously changed. It was also the sole reason why Jason ended up going on that "peace conference" retreat.

Nonetheless, one day, after arguing with Tommy, Jason had had enough. After being caught stealing three of the six morphers created by Hexagon, Jason literally fought his way out of the Hexagon Command Center and eventually vanished from plain site. Dr. Oliver, although disappointed in his now former best friend, remained unworried about Jason's whereabouts. The morphers that he had stole were incomplete and were not going to be functional unless Hexagon scientists got their hands on them. He ultimately decided that focusing on three morphers would probably be more beneficial financially and psychological for Hexagon.

Plot: Years have passed... Hexagon, since then, has been recruiting several people from all over the world to be one of the three pilots for the Hexagon Ranger suits. Many tried... many quit... many did not qualify... many just did not fit the mold. Ultimately, to Dr. Oliver's surprise, the only candidates that remained were three individuals that were crazy enough to go through the training, remain patient with Dr. Oliver's stern nature, and had a good enough attitude. These three were selected to become the Hexagon Rangers, all the while living as normal human beings.

Fortunately, Hexagon had perfect timing as an unknown evil force has started to unleash random creatures, machines, aliens, etc. into different parts of the world; some even familiar to Dr. Oliver. However, Dr. Oliver has not allowed the Hexagon Rangers to utilize their power yet until they are deemed ready for field action. In the meantime, much to the dismay of the world, separate military factions have tried their might in stopping these creatures. Few were successful, many unsuccessful. How long would it be until Dr. Oliver allowed his Rangers to fight the needed fight?

It seemed like Jason was a forgotten factor in this entire equation. He too was well aware of the new evil force in this world and ultimately completed his morphers with the power of a resurrected ally, Alpha 6. Utilizing the powers of thunder, Jason and Alpha 6 successfully created the Thunder Morphers. The purpose of this team would be to, of course, fight evil, but Jason made it clear to his newly recruited members that their ultimate goal was taking down Hexagon as well as the monster that it created in Dr. Oliver. What would happen when these two teams collided? Whose side are you on? Find out in Power Rangers Hexagon!

Hexagon Rangers: (not gender specific)

A trio of humans who were "selected" by Dr. Oliver to be the representative of Hexagon in the face of a new evil in this world. The Hexagon Ranger powers are ninja-based, given that their powers have been provided for them by Ninjor. In addition, their Ranger powers also allows them the opportunity to control a specific element (Wind, Water, or Earth). These Rangers have a good sense of justice and are enthusiastic about protecting this world.


Red Hexagon Ranger

Gear: Hexagon Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Sword, Ninja Blaster, Hawk Shooter
Ninja Power: Wind

Blue Hexagon Ranger

Gear: Hexagon Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Sword, Ninja Blaster, Sonic Fin
Ninja Power: Water

Yellow Hexagon Ranger

Gear: Hexagon Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Sword, Ninja Blaster, Lion Hammer
Ninja Power: Earth

Rebel Rangers: (not gender specific)

The "Rebel" Rangers are a trio of Rangers selected by Jason to sort of "do the job that Hexagon was supposed to do". These Rangers, more than likely, are some of those who grew annoyed with the Hexagon selection process. Jason has hand-selected these individuals because he saw potential in them. Similar to the Hexagon Rangers, the Rebel Rangers powers are ninja-based from Ninjor, but because they were incomplete, Jason sought another power, provided by Alpha, and partnered them with the Thunder Powers (from the Thunder Zords) while combining them with a Beetle-motif (Stag, Horn, and Heracles). These Rangers each have the ability to control Thunder has well.


Crimson Rebel Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher
Weapons: Thunder Staff, Crimson Blaster
Ninja Power: Thunder

Navy Rebel Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher
Weapons: Thunder Staff, Navy Antler
Ninja Power: Thunder

Saffron Rebel Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher
Weapons: Thunder Staff, Saffron Shield
Ninja Power: Thunder

Hexagon Allies:

Dr. Tommy Oliver - The creator of the Hexagon concept, Dr. Oliver has matured into a wise man who has his sites on protecting the world from this new evil that has appeared on the horizon. Still a capable fighter, but no longer a Ranger, Dr. Oliver helps in training the Hexagon Rangers and wants them to live up his expectations of being exceptional Rangers and human beings for the Earth.

Ninjor - A former ally of Rangers' past, Ninjor returned to help Dr. Oliver because he needed a source of power for the Hexagon Rangers. Ninjor, obviously, was glad to help and provided Hexagon with Ninja-based powers. No longer a fighter, Ninjor sticks around Hexagon and serves as an assistant to Dr. Oliver and does things when they need to be done.

Hexagon Employees - A group of scientists and engineers who work at Hexagon Headquarters. They help create the suits, weaponry, and vehicles for the Rangers and are essential to its ultimate success.

Rebel Allies:

Jason Lee Scott - Former Ranger and co-founder of the Hexagon project, Jason has since disbanded from the organization and has created his own set of morphers that are used by three of his mentees. Jason firmly disagrees with Dr. Oliver's concept of justice and has decided he wants to show Dr. Oliver how "saving the world" should be done. Jason is a bit jealous of Tommy's success as a Ranger, so this plays a point in his dislike for him.

Alpha 6 - Resurrected with the help of Jason, Alpha is the robotic assistant to Jason. Seeing his resurrection as retribution, Alpha has decided that he will assist Jason as much as he can, though he disapproves of the ongoing rivalry between the former leaders of the Power Rangers, saying they should put their differences aside.


The Grid Master - Not much is known about the Grid Master accept he is capable of creating new types of monsters at the expense of the entire Earth. No one has actually seen his face, but the monsters that have surface on this planet have indicated that the Grid Master is ready to take over the Earth.


1. Activity is a must to join this RP! If you aren't going to be active, don't apply.

2. This is not a first come-first serve RP. The best characters that are applied will be selected.

3. The Hexagon Rangers will receive their official first assignment when this Roleplay begins but are not aware of what their "Ranger designation is". The Rebel Rangers, likewise, won't appear until the Hexagon Rangers appear so they don't know either. However, in your Bio indicate whether you want your character to be a Hexagon Ranger or a Rebel Ranger.

4. Have fun, stay active in the OOC!

Name: (Full Name)
Age: (18-21)
Ranger Designation: (Hexagon or Rebel)
Appearance: (A picture with a description and fashion.)
Personality: (A brief overview of how your character acts)
Extra: (You can place your history or historical bullet points here)
Name: Wild Jr. (yeah, it's just that. And, no, "Jr." is not a surname
Age: 18
Ranger Designation: Hexagon
Appearance: Like the guy in my profile pic, minus the blue hair. His actual hair is black and messy. Wears whatever he can find, doesn't really care about appearance.
Personality: Has a sense of humour, mostly sarcastic. This humour just keeps going, even when he's in battle, as he pokes fun at the opponent while attacking. However, he is extremely loyal, and would try to save a friend no matter what. A huge comic book geek.
Extra: Not much. Had a pretty normal childhood, except that he always wanted to do something to help others when they were in distress. When he heard that the Power Rangers were recruiting, he didn't have second thoughts about signing up
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