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Random Messages 16: Annual Meeting of NPCs From Cursed, Barely Functional Video Games

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Oct 16, 2013
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G'Day, Greetings, Kon'nichiwa, Howdy, Alola.

Welcome to Random Messages 16. I am your host, AussieEevee. Follow me as we take a journey through the pokemon world. We will see the snowy mountains of Sinnoh and the tropical beaches of Alola. Follow me and I will show you the bustling cities of Unova, and the fashion of Kalos. We will go exploring underwater in Hoenn, and check out where it all began in Kanto. If we have time, we may even check out Johto and the Orange Islands.

But first, we need to talk about the rules.
All global forum rules still apply. You can find the forum rules here: Bulbagarden Forum Rules - New Set!

2. Double posting is allowed but making several posts in a row is not permitted.
Although double posting is allowed it is generally preferred if you edit your previous post if possible. You can edit your post using the edit button that is found in the bottom right corner of your post. If you want to add multiple quotes to your post, then us the multi-quote function in the bottom right of other people's posts next to the quote button. We do understand there are circumstances where a new post might work better than an edit though; for instance, if a long time has passed since your previous post with no replies or if the new post is adding new information or is changing topics from before.

3. When posting fan-made content such as images, videos, music etc. please credit the artist/author if possible.
A good method for finding the creators of images is the following:

  1. Go to Google Images
  2. Either paste a link or upload your image
  3. You should get links to where the image has been posted and most likely the creator of the artwork

4. While we welcome silliness and randomness, please keep the majority of your posts legible and free of spam. Yes, it is possible to spam in the random message thread. This includes posting only gibberish, a language other than English, smileys, or repeating the same word/phrase for multiple posts in a row.

5. Keep the thread drama free! We want to keep this thread as lighthearted as possible and fun for all, so please don't use the RM thread to start conflict, complain about other users, or post in other ways that create a negative atmosphere. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): insulting or calling out users or staffers, posting only for attention (e.g. constantly threatening to leave, consistently complaining, etc), continued discussion of infractions received, and bringing drama from other parts of this site or other websites here.

6. While we do allow swearing, don't use this thread as a vulgar language dump. Excessive language, especially slurs and swears directed at other users, will be treated as Flaming and Baiting under the general forum rules.

7. Everyone here is equal. Regardless of age, post count, or time spent here, everyone is treated under the same rules and expectations.

8. Want to make a joke or sarcastic statement without worrying or offending others? Just use some SASS!
  • Smilies
  • Asterisks
  • Spelling
  • Sarcasm
This technique is used to evaluate how serious a post is. Example:
You guys suck. I'm leaving this awful trash heap of a website forever.

With SASS that becomes:
u gais suck!!! im leaving this awful trash heap of a website 5ever >:0 backflips out and slams the door

The second sentence is clearly joking, while the first one is a bit less obvious. This can be used to avoid conflicts and miscommunication.

NOTE: Even if you are using SASS, if somebody is made uncomfortable by your posts and/or asks you to stop, then stop making similar posts. Not everything is worth joking about and just because you don't see a problem doesn't mean it's not a problem for someone else. If you feel like a post is rule-breaking or otherwise problematic, then REPORT IT. Do not try to handle it yourself and do not respond to the post in question. Click the report button at the bottom of the post, type a quick summary of what you think is wrong with the post, and let the staff handle it. You will never get in trouble for reporting a post and the poster will never know you reported it. The staff really appreciates reports because we're human, it's not rare for us to miss things. If you're not sure about a post, report it. There's no harm in reporting and it's a big help to us. Thank you for your assistance!

9. Posting links to other sites is ok as long as the content can be considered part of a "random message." Links that are purely for advertisement are not allowed. No posting links to chatrooms, RPs, other forums, etc. Feel free to put these sorts of links in your signature! Posting links to games that are open for the community to play are ok, as long as it's not a game that we currently host or have the ability to host here. This rule will be applied mostly on a case-by-case basis, and if you are not sure if a link will be allowed, feel free to contact one of the F&G moderators about it!

10. Have fun! (yes, we all knew this one was coming, it's FUN & Games after all) This thread is what you (the users) want to make it! Feel free to chat with all the great people here or just post about your cat's adventures in the Multiverse. Enjoy each other's company and randomness! Oh and one of our mods is a Raxacoricofallapatorian in disguise.
If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of the Fun & Games staff!

Up first on our magical journey through the Pokemon world.. .The snowy mountains of Sinnoh. Let's go!

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