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Random Messages 16: Annual Meeting of NPCs From Cursed, Barely Functional Video Games

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art worms been hard at work c:
apologies for the horrible low quality, I've never exported jpegs from Krita before so I haven't figured out the quality settings yet x__x
mostly I just drew everyone as their avi :P
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(she was just in a portal i guess)

This is wonderful :staryu::staryu::staryu::staryu::staryu:

I’m sorry freindo

Throws the burger at you so hard, you fly into unova and break a dam, flooding it again


Haha take that Unova not even me getting hit with a questionable burger so hard I cross international borders can stop me from wreaking havoc on you
I love Unova and ruining Unova
....several times have i themed my profile around new yohkas... i mean, only four, and neither of them are technically from new york... but metro city, midgar, and unova are close enough, right?

..okaaaay, cloud isn't from midgar. i know that. cut me some slack here
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