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Random Messages 16: This Thread Is A Cursed Mall Area with Tables

What is your favorite curse?

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is there really a fire on page 117? or is this just a ploy to make me die of embarassment by how i acted 4 years ago?
how did you act four years ago, i seriously need to know
Alrighty yeets garlic bread at the nearest person
wouldve been better served to an asexual person but i will accept it
Wait, there's a fire? :lapras:

At least I know it wasn't me who started it, since my nearest post to page 117 is on page 105. Then my next post is all the way over on page 236.

Perhaps it was Billy Joel who started it...

Oddly enough, that isn't even my largest gap in posts in this thread - the actual largest gap spans from pages 606 to 868, but I guess that's what happens when I take a two year hiatus from the forums...
naaah for real though... it feels like it's been a lot longer
i don't know how long it feels like i've been here to other people though, except for you. by no means am i bulbagarden-famous or anything i'm sure, but still... i feel like i've been here for maybe half a year or something. not less than two months, definitely.
...is 3000 posts really that much?
still nowhere near what my pace was, pretty sure i reached 10,000 posts around november 2019 :swirlix:
i'll let you know that i can grind your pace into gravel, buddy
I was sure you'd been around since a little before I became a Super Mod... had to do a double take after checking to see that no, it was a couple weeks after. Not a huge difference, but yeah, does feel like you've been around a bit longer than you had.
extremely, extremely late congratulations on the promotion
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