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Random Messages 16: This Thread Is A Cursed Mall Area with Tables

What is your favorite curse?

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neo geo is a cute lil game system made by snk, the developers of super-duper renowned fighting game series-es fatal fury and the king of fighters. (they also did samurai shodown, metal slug, ikari warriors, the art of fighting, and psycho soldier.) so it's heavily associated with fatal fury/kof, where terry is from
Terry is also what I pretend to main in super smash brothers ultimate. I am ok with him, but do not have him on my main switch and know zero command inputs reliably. Also ghost you good?
i used to main terry in ssbu, i dont play it much anymore but when i do i usually use cloud and pythra the most. terry is one of my mains in kofxv though (i use him as my mid, kula is my battery and ash is my anchor)
...... I actually had no idea it was the thread's birthday I was just being random.

Maybe I've just been here so long it's become a part of my DNA
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