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Random Messages #Seven

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Hey! Im the 26th biggest poster on this thread right now! What a leap from 37!

^ I dunno
The parties always gotta happen before I go to bed...
Eh, naw. He's imaginary. Hehe. Gin. Haha.

I want a sleepover party with Orihime, Ichigo, Szayel, Grimmjow, Aizen, Tesra, Renji, and Kyoraku!
I'd love a sleepover party with Marth. Just Marth...
No, Just Marth.

And then I'd throw a second sleepover and invite Pit and Dark Pit.
Because everyone knows what Vast White and Deep Black sound like.
I can never look at Reshiram and Zekrom the same way now...
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