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Rate the pokemon attack above!

7/10 I think it can be very useful when used at the proper moment, but it may not work always depending on who you’re opponent is. So it’s good to have a plan B.

Tri Attack
6/10 Only decent STAB for Porygon. Aside from that its ok coverage that can help out in a pinch. Though I gonna have to deduct some points for it only having a 20% instead of 30% because cmon its TRI attack.

0/10 Literally no longer usable, but even when it was, it’s usefulness was very limited due to the randomness in the damage that it could cause, plus there was a limit to it as well. It was easily outclassed by every other psychic attack and was not super effective on anything.

Simple Beam
5/10 I know there are entire strategies for moves such as this one and baton pass, but it’s certainly doesn’t fit my battle style and the constant switching is annoying.

6/10 strong but less powerful in doubles and it may hit your teammate if you don’t plan ahead.

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