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Rate the pokemon attack above!

6/10 Cool move for what it is. It makes fury swipes and double slap obsolete.

Hyper Voice

Liked how Rayquaza used it in Pokémon Emerald and I'm biased for how Oichi's Wigglytuff uses it in Pokémon Conquest. Otherwise it's a pretty ineffective move that has also been outclassed by Boomburst for the past 3 gens.

10/10. Entrainment is great. I really love how it can pass Wonder Guard in doubles, when nothing else can. It passing abilities in general is really cool for strategies, like the one with Durant where you can pass Truant. I don't think I have any suggestions for how this move can be altered.

2/10 - Doesn't seem useful at all

Dizzy punch
5/10 good with confusion
(By the way, did you know that Plasma Fists makes any Normal-type moves used after Plasma Fists become Electric-type? This works perfectly with Zeraora's Vo of Absorb ability. Aaaaaaand, I think it creates a magnetic field, too, cuz I've evolved magnetic zone evolutions in Ultra Space (which isn't a magnetic zone) after using Plasma Fists.) Along with the reason of Zeraora being in my top 10 Pokemon and a lot of Pokemon Ultra Moon nostalgia, this is a 9/10 for me.

Sweet Scent
5/10 It’s like sand-attack, it can be useful. Unless there’s something I’m missing about it lol . I also remember using it to make the grass move in hoenn. lol

Water Sport
4/10 Can be useful sometimes, like in dilapidated and Fire gyms

Light of Ruin (It is technically a real move, programmed into a few games, just not useable because they haven't yet revealed Eternal Flower Floette)
9/10 powerful move with many good side-effects, but not 10/10 because of most of the time not having excellent accuracy

I gotta finish this
Fire Blast
That is a a move I've never heard of. Psychic moves kick ass! On PS I have Espeon that has Reflect, Light Screen, Protect and Psychic.
It's speed stat is 329 and Sp. Atk is 319.

How about:
TM 15 (Hyperbeam)
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