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Real-Life shipping

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The Dude

The Dude Abides
Sep 29, 2005
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Do you ever look at two people and think "I wonder if those two are in love." or "Those two would look so cute as a couple!" Here you can discuss shipping real people you know.
*points to SpeedoShipping on the list*

We're not technically dating now, but we probably would be if we lived nearer to each other.
I wonder if there is already a name for Barb + someone-who-she-has-had-pirate-fantasies-with (who shall remain nameless).

*thinks she should submit a name in the shippers list* >D

Only problem is that if the other person doesn't like the ship, I may be forced to commit ritual seppuku with my keyboard.
I should submit MukaShipping: Archaic and Kasumi-san.
Tooru-kun/Kudou-san/Phantom_Bugsy x Alfonso. :D

Yes. DefyingGravityshipping <3
My friends and I enjoy shipping the members of Johnny's Jimusho. (It's a musical entertainment organization in Japan. Groups from it are SMAP, Arashi, NewS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, and others...)

We ship KAT-TUN a lot. I'll put up a picture soon.
Damian/Mozz is my new OTP <3.
If by 'Jez' you mean Jessiebelle, then no. This thread is for real-life couples, i.e., both persons are human.
Chaos would be me and an EXTREME Advanceshipper. We'd tear up the place. >< hehehehehehheh. I dunno who I'd be good with, I just started here. XD
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