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Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon character!

Stop bumping into things and fining people! You’re going to lose so much money in court thanks to your fining habits!

Imagine having so much build-up to being a tough rival worth respecting only to throw it all out the window last second and permanently go back to being a coward. Just because you couldn't handle something threatening... what seemed to be a cave at most. He didn't even try to fight it off throughout most of the climax! Kieren had monumental steps towards character development suddenly reversed in the blink of an eye, just when he getting somewhere. He even had the likelihood of becoming the main antagonist in the climax and putting you on edge like Paulo did in his Masters EX arc... dang.


Edit: Wait Carmine isn't my favorite Pokémon character. I just wanted to pick someone.
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Poor, poor Kieran. My boi has to deal with an older sister that has some problems and needs to go see a therapist. She has anger issues and tortures the protagonist and Kieran so much. She also has you lie to Kieran about his favorite thing. Wow, some good big sister!

Sun & Moon male protagonist
You belong in prison. You hacked the Treasury lol. You are so shy, just guts up. You shouldn’t have lied to me with the Team Star crap, you evil, evil little girl!


When your parents named you, did they intend to make the t silent? That seems fitting for you after we're done with our gym battle :cool:

More angular and spikey than a Sandshrew....and just as shrew-ish. At least his father is an unlikable villain in an entertaining way while he (Silver) is just unlikeable.

Nurse Wigglytuff
These Wigglytuff are dead weight when it comes to battling, so those Nurse Joys in Kalos better have something else backing them up for when trouble strikes. I noticed one of them has a Mega Audino :chansey:.

In the very least, I had to sit here for several minutes trying to figure out how to roast a Wigglytuff and even on deciding if I wanted to roast one at all.

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