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Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon character!

Dude, she probably doesn’t leave her room much, and at that no wonder she needs glasses since the only source of light seems to be a pc brighter than my moms phone.

he reminds me of my dog
more specifically, the dog who turns 5 years old in a week but is still referred to as "puppy" because she's even more hyperactive and immature than our, well, actual puppy

imagine your only personality trait being trains, could not be me

holy shit she gets a design that actually looks like clothing people might wear irl and then the anime adaptation makes her so one-note i am sorry for what theyve done to you serena

Wait he was the Lucario trainer back then? I almost forget he exists nowadays because he's been overshadowed by the likes of Korrina, Cynthia, and Maylene. Ash may even be a more notable Lucario trainer than Riley now.

Oichi (Pokémon Conquest)
Yo girl why the heck do you get so heated around the player for stopping Team Flare when you've done absolutely nothing to fight back? You just sat there watching everything. The heck? Chill. You have no right to be this angry over it. I was about to ask how you weren't arrested for being a part of that organization but I guess since you never did anything much, you got out scott free. Consider yourself lucky!

Dude’s dissatisfied until Lucas/Dawn defeats him and should focus on more than just renovating. In short, he should really go out more to be properly satisfied.

Penny (and it would be clever if the next person replying could come up with a factual “diss track” for roasting her)
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