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Rocketshipping debate thread

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Sep 17, 2005
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Well, in light of the more recent episode, I thought it would be interesting to discuss people's present views on Rocketshipping

From what I can remember, Rocketshipping used to be very popular, perhaps it still is?

But some have come to believe that the recent episode killed of Rocketshipping, though many will likely say that there wasn't anything between them to begin with

So, what is your opinion on Rocketshipping? Possible? Impossible? Previously possible?
I'm what is called a Queershipper, I think. I believe that James is bisexual, yet I still think James and Jessie have a relationship. But not in the usual sense. James is timid and has a conscious, while Jessie is vicious and unethical. It seems to me that Jessie would perform the masculine role, and James the feminine. That, or they see each other like siblings. Either makes sense. If you were to write a J&J shipping fic with James acting tough and masculine, you'd be hijacking the character. Please don't put poor Jimmy in hunk role, when he's a bona fide wimp. And also, don't portray Jessie as anything other than what she is, which is a cruel, lazy, sadistic, relentless bitch. And that's how I like her. The idea of submissive, dainty Jessie makes me sick. Ever see A Tail With A Twist? Where Seviper bites her hair? That's Jessie. Rocketshippers can parade around their belief, and I'm cool with that, but I don't like it when they use the names of chracters from the show yet make no attempt to get their personality right. Don't hijack characters.
James' fear of marriage is due to underlying issues caused by Jessiebelle. He is a good friend to Jessie and always has been. He has also shown attraction to girls. So the potential for RocketShipping is definately there.
I was a Rocketshipper and still kinda am at heart. I feel like they're out there to destroy it now for whatever reason. It was alive and strong for YEARS and well, now the more and more I watch Pokemon, the more I get upset with it. I understand that romance is not Pokemon's area, but think back; it used to be all OVER the place, now it's a complete opposite situation. Could it be Eric Stuart's fault? Possibly. Probably. But I don't want to point fingers (as angry as it makes me). I'm starting to lean towards Queershipping, and really, it makes a lot of sense. But b/c I know James is obviously attracted to women (especially in Japan, you know, where the show is really TRUE) that makes me think "OH! Well maybe they'll stop the gay inuendo." I don't see it happening for a LONG time tho. So anger is present, but I believe that in the end it'll happen. Seriously, he's been w/ Jessie for HOW LONG? I think if he didn't really love her company. He'd leave, besides, look at the way she treats him. That guy really is devoted to Jessie.

Blah. That was long but those are my beliefs. GO J&J!!!! hahahahaha :)
I think it wouldn't work out for many reasons. These are jus my opinions, but here they go!

First of all, they fight alot. Sure, some say is the first singh of love, and I belive that. But people that fight way too much may not be in love.

Seconed, they almost never agree with anything. If you fight alot with a person, you don't agree much with that person ether.

Finnaly, they don't show many hints. Sure, the ones that there is are nice, but compared to other popular ships, they have too little.

And those are my reasons for not agreing with Rocketshipping. Even if it's not a rival ship to my ships, I just don't like it. But here is my advice FOR Rocketshippers: Don't quit this ship, and keep beliving in it!
I think that Jessie and James have a great, sweet, quirky, friendship. Especially in Kanto-Johto, back when the writers occasionally focussed on Team Rocket, there were some really fantastic scenes involving the two. I'd probably consider their relationship (and the relationship they both have with Meowth) stronger than any other on the show apart from Ash and Pikachu. And in Kanto, I think that the writers were dropping in some shippy hints for the pair of them, too.

From Johto onwards, though, *noise of nuclear explosion*. That is one deeeeeead ship. If Love At First Flight and The Bicker The Better squashed it, the Manene ep stomped on the pieces and burnt the soggy remains.

Oh well, there's always the manga.
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The Manene episode is only really a poke in the arm, though. As I said, James has issues. And it isn't as though they are going to married while they are following Pikachu.
I havent been watching much of the new episodes.. I found some new advanced episodes with english subtitles... well my boyfriend found them for me I suck with computers. I want to start watching them because I dont like to go by what is said in the english version. I mean its done by 4 kids tv.... 4 KIDS TV! dont you think they edit things? I'm sure some of the anti dialogue in the american version is slightly different injapan. It will take a while though because i just found out my bf had to deleate them but its gonna redownload them for me.
Ah, but we know exactly what they edit. We know every 'James is a homosexual' line that is not in the original, and we know when hints for or against are added by 4Kids or when they are in the original.

I find the only time i think of james as a homnosexual is when i look at the show with an amrecian vewer sort of way. A lot of stuff is different in japanese culture that differs from amreican. I know my english was bad I'm sleepy
Whenever 4kids makes an edit, we know what it is. Dogasu prepares edit lists for one thing, and people themselves check dubbed eps/ against the original.

The Advance series are barely edited at all, and the only line changes are the standard "James is gay" ones, other than that 4kids doesn't remove nor add shippy hints anymore.
Really they don't add or remove shippy hints? Well I guess it wouldn't really matter seeing as Jessie and James are only in 2 episodes. Still, for normal episodes, is it 4kids who adds the lines? Or the VA's themselves? Or some stranger off the street??
4kids apparently stopped adding dub hints for ships startng with AG. The only line they added was Ash mentioning Misty in the 6th movie, but that was it.

4kids hasn't added any "real" Rocketshipping hints, what you see in the dub is more or less the same as the original with minor changes. The only thing they do that can be anti-Rocketshippy is the "James is gay" stuff, and that's about it. The writers of the dub script add hints BTW.
Ahhh, the debate.

Like spokethewind, I'm still a "Rocketshipper at heart". Granted, I've grown, and learned a bit more about relationships since I first fell in love with the ship, but to me it still feels like there's something there. (Oh, argh, I can't even read some of my early J&J fics; they're so sappy and OOC!)

I really can't agree with any of the episodes being jabs at the ship. People aren't always in harmony with each other all of the time; that's highly unrealistic. And Jessie needed a good slap on the hand in the Manene episode. Arguements make it dynamic, ne?

I don't know why they're bent to abuse Team Rocket any way they feel like it. Yeah, and the homosexual!James was amusing at first, but now it's getting a bit out of hand. Especially since I've realized those are final changes, and that the script is stuck like that. Argh! Be nicer to James! -_-

I could ramble, but I'll let y'all talk. ^_^
It was amusing??? I never thought it was amusing though I only ever noticed it because a lot of people here keep mentioning things he's said, and going a bit too literal with them. For example the whole "it's not nice to take it from behind", that just annoyed me as if it was a hint to his sexuality (which it wasn't in my opinion) it was saying he was straight, not gay. It looks to me everyone's just watching the episodes to find any line he says and turn it gay. If Brock or Ash said it, it would be nothing but maybe a funny quote at the very least.

And before anyone says it to me, I'm not being anti-gay.. I think there's nothing wrong with being gay so don't even bother. James can be straight or gay, I wouldn't care.. he's still my fav character, it wouldn't matter if I did care cos I don't see any of the Rockets getting love interests, not really. Please people, this is just getting annoying cos now I watch the new scenes with TR in, trying to pick out which line someone's going to use for "proof". I didn't for the life of me expect somebody to mention that James said (or sang) the world balls in the motto to prove it.. um, does that mean everyone who says it is gay or am I missing something. Yes I did see the episode b4 you ask.

I am one of those people who think that gays aren't all the same, everyone's different. They're not all girly, squeaky voiced at times..

Now I'm rambling, I'll leave it be before I offend anyone (or if I have, anyone else).
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