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[RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

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Dog of Hellsing

He Sees You...
Mar 11, 2010
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There exists another world, parallel to our own but entirely separate. This world, known as the Digital World, came about from the use of digital devices such as computers and GPS. The energy of these devices created the Digital World, and residual energy created basic life forms known as Digital Monsters. This world and these beings were as real and solid as our own, except instead of being made up of molecules, the building blocks of life and matter were data.

Because it was created directly from devices such as computers, the Digital World had a direct connection to the Real World in the form of compressed data streams. This connection allows for Digimon to cross from their world into ours, and for normal people to travel to the Digital World. In some cases, Digimon befriended humans and helped them; other times, Digimon came into the Real World to conquer it. And there were cases of humans traveling to the Digital World for their own greedy ambitions. Luckily, humans and Digimon who had become friends were able to stop these threats to the worlds and keep the peace between them.

However, peace can only last for so long…

A Digimon known as Anarcomon had plotted for many years in the Digital World. He wanted nothing more than to have both the Digital World and the Real World under his rule. He was a Mega-level Digimon, one of great power, but he had seen how others before him had fallen and knew that even if he made an army of followers, he would be defeated by those who had come to be known as DigiDestined. Instead, he knew he needed to find a human partner from which to draw more power. He didn’t dare travel to the Real World and reveal himself, though, and instead sent other gullible Digimon to the Real World to find suitable humans.

The disappearances began.

People of varying ages, from child to adult, were abducted by the Digimon under Anarcomon’s control. Each was brought before him, to be brainwashed into serving Anarcomon and helping him. None of them were suitable for being Anarcomon's partner, though, at least not until a young man named Keith Williams from the United States was brought forward. Almost instantly, a twisted bond developed between he and Anarcomon; the two were partners, their fate having been decided by powers beyond them both.

Keith, however, was not of the same mindset that Anarcomon was. In fact, he was a mentally unstable young man, having a disorder similar to autism that made him extremely anti-social and childlike in his actions. This broken human wasn’t seen as a valued friend, but instead manipulated and used by Anarcomon. With the power from the bond with his DigiDestined, Anarcomon enacted the next step of his plan.

Over the years he had developed a weapon of sorts. It was a cannon, one that could fire highly-concentrated data. Anarcomon’s idea was simple, if not outrageous; fire the data cannons at the streams of compressed data that connected the Digital and Real Worlds, which would cause them to become unstable. Once they were fractured enough, they could be broken. For the streams were not only roads between the Worlds; they also kept the worlds separate, and without them, there would be chaos as the worlds collided and merged.


There are hundreds of minor data streams and ten major ones. The Minor Streams act as support for the Major Streams; should all ten Major Streams be destroyed, the Minor Streams will be unable to prevent the worlds from merging. Anarcomon has already destroyed three of the Major Streams, and the strain can be felt in both the Real and Digital Worlds. The backlash of so much raw data is causing normally peaceful Digimon to become highly aggressive, and the instability growing between the worlds is making it easier for them to cross over into the Real World. So far, numerous DigiDestined and their partners have been able to stop these threats, but they are becoming more and more frequent. On top of that, the data is allowing Digimon to Digivolve on their own, so there are Champions and even the odd Ultimate-level Digimon coming through.

The imbalance is also causing unusual things to happen in terms of the DigiDestined. Under normal circumstances, a DigiDestined only had one Digimon partner, but recently many DigiDestined have been finding a second partner as well. Those who have tried to find out why this is don’t have solid proof, but it seems the discord going on in the Digital World is affecting Digivices and causing them to respond to multiple Digimon.


*Anarcomon’s Army:- Digimon and humans (including DigiDestined) who would prefer the worlds to merge and live under Anarcomon’s rule. People joining this side will be working to ensure the data streams are all destroyed, as well as stopping those who try to interfere.

*True DigiDestined: Digimon and humans (including DigiDestined) who want to stop the merging of the worlds and prevent Anarcomon from spreading his tyranny. They will stop at nothing to protect the Real and Digital Worlds and are desperate to prevent any other data streams from being destroyed and also seek a way to repair the three already broken.

*Lone Wolf: Those who seek to take advantage of the chaos for their own reasons, be they pure or corrupt.


Digivolving can happen in several different ways. A Digimon can Digivolve on their own without human help if they manage to absorb enough data, but a Digimon who has a human partner can Digivolve at will by drawing on the energy of their partner and having it transferred to them via a Digivice. There is no need for Tags and DigiEggs used for Armor Digivolving are stored in the Digivice after being found.

*Normal Digivolving: This is basic Digivolving, where a Digimon moves on to its next form, known as a level. There are several different levels- Baby, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. A Digimon doing normal Digivolving will follow this chart and cannot “skip” forms.

*Warp Digivolving: This is when a Digimon jumps straight from Rookie level to Mega level. This requires a great deal of energy and the Mega level can only be held for a short amount of time.

*DNA Digivolving: When two Digimon fuse their data and become a single entity. This can happen only when both Digimon are at the same level, and the result is the next level up (if both are Rookie, the fused Digimon will be Champion). If two Mega level Digimon DNA Digivolve, it will result in another Mega.

*Armor Digivolving: DigiEggs can be found as the RP goes on, and these can be used to Digivolve a Digimon to a separate line than it would normally follow. When a DigiEgg is found it is stored in the finder’s Digivice. It can be accessed at any time, but only works on Rookie Digimon. A Digimon that Armor Digivolves cannot DNA Digivolve or Biomerge in order to Digivolve further. A Digivice can hold two DigiEggs at a time.

*Biomerging: A Digimon can fuse with its partner in a special Digivolution known as Biomerging. This happens by the Digivice converting the human into data so they and the Digimon can combine, sort of like with DNA Digivolving. A person can Biomerge with any Digimon at Rookie, Champion, or Ultimate level; any Biomerge causes the Digmon to jump straight to Mega level. Like Warp Digivolving, this takes a great deal of energy and the form can only be held for a short amount of time.

**DeDigivolving: When a Digimon expends or loses too much energy, it will undergo reverse Digivolution known as DeDigivolving. Under normal conditions, a Digimon will DeDigivolve to its Rookie level, but in extreme situations they may DeDigivolve all the way back to their Baby level. A Digimon can force itself to DeDigivolve by “shedding” excess data.


1) DigiDestined on either side can have either one or two Digimon partners.

2) This is a separate universe from any of the previous seasons, so none of the scenarios/characters from the canon exist in this. However, you can still pick canon characters, though their backgrounds will need to be changed in some places to reflect the lack of their canon not existing.

3) In the Real World, a Digmon’s data is “reconstructed” in a manner that makes the data take on the properties of flesh and blood organisms. Though they are still technically made of data, they can bleed from injuries, get bones broken, or have damage to internal organs, as their data replicates these features in living beings of the Real World.

4) Mega level forms can be held for the following amount of posts: 3 before reverting to Ultimate, 4 before reverting back to Champion, 5 before reverting back to Rookie automatically.

5) Most Digimon have the strength to remain in their Rookie form under normal conditions, though as the RP progresses, they can gain the power to stay in higher levels such as Champion or Ultimate.

6) It’s possible for humans to travel to the Digital World via their Digivices, but the Digital World is in a state of chaos with so much raw data flying around. Be prepared for a grueling, unpleasant trip if you decide to go there.

7) Digimon can have a gender, or if you prefer, can be genderless.

8) Every seven posts, Anarcomon's cannon will fire, destroying another of the Major Streams and countless Minor ones. Unless, that is, it can be stopped...


It’s entirely possible to die in this RP, though death means different things depending on if it’s a human or Digimon.

For Digimon, death means completely losing their physical form and reverting back to raw data. If a Digimon dies in the Digital World, its data goes to a place known as Primary Village. There, its data is reconfigured into a DigiEgg, which spawns in a random place in the Digital World. However, if a Digimon dies in the Real World, its data must be stored in a Digivice or the data will disperse and the Digimon will be lost forever. A Digivice can hold a Digimon’s data for an indefinite amount of time, but the Digimon can only be reborn if its data is sent to the Digital World.

If a human dies, they go to one of two realms; if they lived a just life and were good, they will go to the Hereafter, and if they lived a corrupt life and were evil, they go to Hades. A person can return to life, but first they must undergo a series of challenging trials to ensure they are worthy of getting a second shot at life.


1) Follow the ToS (Terms of Service, what you agreed to when first joining the forum).

2) No god-moding.

3) No bunnying unless given permission to do so by the character’s owner.

4) The occasional cursing here and there is fine, but don’t drop f-bombs everywhere.

5) Light romance is fine, but keep it PG please.

6) Please be literate when posting; avoid using chatspeak or smilies unless it’s in an IC email or something along those lines.

7) For the sake of the RP, please try to post at least once every few days. If you’re going to be unable to post, let someone know so they can control your character and prevent the RP from dying from lack of character interaction.


*SU Thread SUs will remain open for an indefinite amount of time
*Discussion and Cliff Notes Thread


-dajman1996 @ Kirah Swada
-Dog of Hellsing @ Kilara Blake
-Neonsands @ Neon Sanders
-vampiremessiah51 @ Alan Wagner
-KantoMasta @ Clint Hunter
-Zolar @ Halas Zolarinksi
-Modification @ Kaori Takahashi

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Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: True DigiDestined

He couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t hurt her, not again, not ever. He just couldn’t do it. The revelation was a sudden one, and it fouled his aim as he lashed out at the human he’d focused so much anger on. He’d only meant to graze her, maybe even miss entirely, but instead his attack went towards the left and slashed along her side and rip. The feel of his claws tearing gouges into the fragile creature before him horrified him and nearly caused him to be physically ill. Her shriek of pain was the most awful sound he’d ever heard, and he was the cause of it.

The human staggered away, collapsing to the ground as blood poured from her injuries. DemiDevimon could only press himself against the girl and try to comfort her, too weak from their fight to Digivolve and help her further. The smaller Digimon turned to face him with eyes full of accusation, disbelief, and fear.

“How…how could you?!” the Rookie asked, his voice thick with anguish as the girl whimpered and clutched her side, growing pale as she lost blood. “She’s our partner, how could you?!”

“I’m so sorry…Kilara, please, I know I don’t deserve it, I know I don’t have the right to ask, but please…forgive me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” he whispered, not hearing DemiDevimon’s words, only able to focus on the atrocity he had committed. The sharp scent of blood was making him dizzy and ill, but he couldn’t leave. She would die, she would die if he didn’t do something. Instead, he approached, ignoring DemiDevimon and falling to his knees before the injured human. With gentleness he didn’t know he possessed, he lifted the girl and held her tightly, careful not to jostle her too much.

“I’m sorry…” he repeated, and again, and again, unable to stop himself and knowing it would never be enough to make up for what he’d done. Tears filled his eyes and flowed freely for the first time in his life. DemiDevimon watched, seeing that the other had finally come around but fearing it may be too late. “Please, forgive me, Kilara…”

“It’s all right, I…forgive you…don’t be sad, it’s all right…”

“Why did you let me fall asleep? I’m supposed to be keeping watch!”

Impmon jumped, startled out of his dark reminiscing by Kilara's voice. He looked back at the young woman as she walked over to join him, stretching and yawning before sitting next to her partner. “You guys suck at the whole helping me stay up thing, you know that?”

“I got perfectly good eyes ‘n’ ears,” Impmon replied with a shrug. “I can keep watch just as good as you can. Besides, ya’ve barely gotten any sleep the past few days, so we figured we’d let ya catch some z’s while you had the chance.”

“Hey, where is DemiDevimon, anyways?”

“He went to get some chow, he should be back soon-ish. Though, you was asleep before he left, so he ain’t gonna bring enough for us all.”

“Eh, I’m not really all that hungry anyways,” Kilara replied, staring off into the darkness. They were in Dayton tonight, with a small group of novice DigiDestined who didn’t know the front end of their partners from the back. The three had decided to travel with the “newbies” until they got a feel for one another and were capable of fighting without getting hurt or killed. Tonight, as she had for the past three nights, Kilara was volunteering to take watch duty so the younger DigiDestined could get some sleep.

“Ya know, you bein’ the experienced one here, ya really shouldn’t be runnin’ yerself like this,” Impmon said after a moment of silence. “I mean, if we was to get attacked, it leaves the new kids ta deal with any threats. They oughta be the ones keepin’ watch so you can sleep. It’ll teach ‘em some self-reliance ‘n’ discipline.”

“It’ll get us all into more trouble, you mean,” Kilara said, playfully bopping Impmon against the back of his head. “They aren’t used to making themselves stay up; they’d probably fall asleep within a few minutes, and that would probably be when one of Anarcomon’s lackeys would decide to attack. Not that I can talk, since I sorta passed out myself.”

“You’ve gotten maybe eight hours o’ sleep over the past four nights, you got every right to pass out. ‘N’ like I said, I got perfectly good eyes ‘n’ ears ‘n’ so does DemiDevimon. In fact, our senses are better ‘an yers, so we’re better suited ta keepin’ watch anyways.”

“Pah,” Kilara said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “What sort of partner would I be if I made you guys do all the work?”

“The kind who don’t get herself killed from gettin’ inta a battle after four days o’ sleep deprivation,” Impmon answered, scowling at Kilara. “C’mon, get some sleep while ya can. It ain’t gonna do no one no harm, ‘n’ besides, I don’t wanna have ta Digivolve ‘n’ carry yer butt around if ya end up actually passin’ out.”

“Are you trying to say I’m fat?” Kilara asked in mock outrage, pulling an overly dramatic face. Impmon snorted, then grinned wickedly. Before he could reply, a familiar black and gray shape flew into view, carrying a plastic bag in his clawed feet.

“I had a feeling you’d wake up before I got back,” DemiDevimon replied once he’d reached the others. They were perched on the roof of a single-story house, the better to see any incoming threats. After landing, the Digimon nudged the plastic bag with a wing. “I figured I should grab a little extra just in case, and even if you weren’t awake, I know Impmon can eat triple his weight in less time than it takes to unpack the food.”

“Hey, I just have a high metabolism is all, thank you very much,” Impmon said with a huff, grabbing a pack of Swiss Rolls from the bag and opening it. “Besides, I keep stuff from goin’ ta waste. Ya know what they say, waste not want not. You don’t want ‘n’ I don’t waste.”

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” DemiDevimon responded with a faint smirk. He then hooked the bottom of the bag with his talons and overturned it, spilling the contents onto the roof. There were three bottle of tea and several snack foods, as well as cheese and pepperoni with crackers. The three quickly devoured the food, and they had only just finished eating when Impmon and DemiDevimon abruptly tensed. Kilara sensed it as well; a digital field, a cloud of condensed digital energy and data particles. These formed when Digimon were emerging into the Real World, acting as a sort of “egg” that allowed a Digimon to reconstruct its data after the transition from the Digital World to the Real World.

“Should we wake the others or check it out ourselves? It feels like it’s really close,” Kilara said, standing as she looked around. After turning to face behind her, she spotted a dingy gray fog materializing perhaps a mile away. Only seconds later, an intense beam of ice-blue data shot into the air, shimmering for perhaps fifteen seconds before fading away.

“No time ta get ‘em up. Let’s go check it out ‘n’ if it seems bad, one o’ us can come get the others,” Impmon said.


OOC: So most posts will be first-person for Kilara, but I wanted to start this with a bit of backstory and such for Impmon. DemiDevimon will probably get a post like this eventually, though hopefully not so gloomy lol.
OOC: I think this is my longest RP post ever

Clint Hunter|Gabumon|ArmadilloMon
Roles: Anarcomon's Army

"Ok Gabu, finish him," Clint commanded his partner, Gabumon. The small, wolfe-like creature ran forward towards the small, helpless Digimon. Clints opponent, a little boy, let out a horrible cry as his little Digimon was shattered into a million bits of data. The boys Digivice blinked twice and then went out, leaving a black screen.

"H-H-How could you?" the boy asked, now on his knees. Clint shook his head and grew an evil smile.

"Kid, if there's one thing you can learn here, it's dont pretend to be the hero, or bad things will follow," Clint said to the boy, and began to walk off. Clints Gabumon Gabu and Armadillomon Arma quickened their pace to keep up with him.

"I almost feel bad sir," Gabu said. Clint shook his head in dissaproval.

"How many times do I have to tell you. Only feel pity for those deserving it. That kid tried to slow us down, so he deserved what he got," Clint explained to Gabu. "Sometimes I feel like you should be with those Digidestined brats and Arma can be my partner," Clint continued. He knew he didn't really mean it, but he was mad.

"Weaklings, thats all they are," Arma muttered, looking at Gabu, trying to prove a point. Clint nodded in his approval. Suddenly, his Digivice blinked. A blue Digimon's face appeared on the screen.

"Clint, master Anarcomon demands your presence," the small monster said. Then the face clicked off, leaving the Digivice blank.

"Well guys, lets see what he's up to now," Clint muttered, setting off on who knew what.
Kirah Swada|Dracomon|
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Roles: True Digi-Destined

"Just the the alley on the left." Kirah said to his partner as they were hunting down a Digimon that seemed to enter the world, Kirah could only rely on his Digivice as it showed the location of the spawned creature. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWRR" A growl emerged from the corner of the street sending people into panic. "Oh great so much for no casualties." Dracomon moaned as they saw a Monochromon appear before them. "RARRRG" It roared as it spotted the duo especially Dracomon and charged towards them. Kirah ran for his life which relied 50% of his fitness and 50% on adrenaline whilst his partner launched off a stationary car and started glide from the mad beast.

"We can't outrun this thing." Kirah shouted he jumped over a fence with Monchromon just 40 metres behind him and gaining on him. "let me try something." Dracomon smiled. And the small Dragon Digimon flew towards the dinosaur Digimon. "TAIL SMASH!" Dracomon yelled as he spun his body to gain power to deliver a powerful smash with his tail. "GARRG" The beast cried in pain, "Alright! Now Dracomon try slow it down." Kirah smiled as Monochromon started to stagger, "Baby BREATH!" Dracomon lauched a flame from his mouth. The flame engulfed the dino-digimon as it yelped in pain. "Now that's that." Dracomon smiled smugly as Monochromon roared again in pure rage and charaged at the duo. "AHHHH!" The duo screamed as the enraged beast charged at full speed.

OCC: If it's not a bother i'll like someone near my location to help me out since I don't want to be too OP.
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OOC: dajman, I’m in the US or I’d help lol. If you wanna change your location to mine I can help you after this. Also, you guys CAN Digivolve your Digimon, just use common sense about it. For now really you can do normal Digivolving and DNA Digivolving, but the other methods won’t become available until later in the RP.


IC: Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: True DigiDestined​

It was a good thing I was so fit; running a mile is harder than it sounds unless you happen to run marathons professionally or something. It didn’t help that I was carrying Impmon. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t really weigh a lot, but it’s cumbersome trying to hold someone the size of a toddler when running as fast as your legs can carry you. At least DemiDevimon could fly, and he was agile enough to easily keep up as we headed towards the digital field that had appeared.

“Should we Digivolve?” the bat-like Digimon called down. “I can sense it, and it’s Champion level at least, but I can’t tell yet if it’s benign or malevolent.”

“Let’s wait,” I replied. “If a DigiDestined and two Champion levels show up, we might scare someone who’s coming through with good intentions.”

“Better we scare ‘em and make up for it later instead o’ runnin’ head-first inta an enemy,” Impmon argued, wiggling to get free. I paused long enough to let him down and sighed heavily; he was right, of course, but I was worried about sparking a fight where there didn’t need to be one.

“All right, so one of you Digivolves for now,” I said, and both Digimon nodded. “Impmon, you must as well go for it. DemiDevimon can already fly, so it would help if you could as well. Then you can carry me for a change!” Impmon snorted as I pulled out my black Digivice and aimed it at the Digimon before me. “Let’s do it!”

A beam of concentrated, glowing white data erupted from the screen of the Digivice and engulfed Impmon, then rapidly expanded. The white sphere then collapsed in on itself, the data being absorbed into the new creature that had formed. This one was a pale blue color and about seven feet tall, with tattered wings and long horns. This was IceDevimon, Impmon’s Champion form.

“All right, let’s get moving,” I said, and IceDevimon easily scooped me up in his long arms. His wings, which didn’t look like they should be able to carry him, spread open and he leapt into the air. After gaining a bit of height, he angled towards the digital field, DemiDevimon following closely.

It was only a few minutes later when we arrived; flying is a lot faster than running, that’s for certain. We entered the field and I felt the hairs on my arms stand on end as we approached the center. Everything had an eerie white cast to it inside a digital field, and it almost made me feel nervous and jumpy. However, once we reached the center of the field and saw what had emerged, I felt a little bit better.

“Graymon!” I called, recognizing this one thanks to his missing left eye. The large dinosaur blinked and faced us, having been looking in a completely different direction. He nodded as IceDevimon landed and set me down, folding his wings. “Man, am I glad to see you. I was worried we’d be meeting up with something that thought our faces looked tasty.”

“Well, I’m glad you came. I’m delivering a message to the various DigiDestined in this area. It seems there are numerous allies of Anarcomon’s who are planning coordinated strikes over the next few days around the States. Anarcomon himself doesn’t seem to be commanding them to do it, but we can never be one hundred percent sure in the information we’re getting these days, so it’s impossible to tell if these Digimon are acting on orders from him or working on their own. I don’t know when or where these strikes are supposed to take place, but we do know they’re small groups of Champion level Digimon lead by a single Ultimate.”

“We fought a group like that when we met the new DigiDestined we’re traveling with,” DemiDevimon said, his tone thoughtful.

“Ya think we mighta already gone against one o’ these little welcomin’ parties, then?” IceDevimon asked, folding his arms over his chest. “Sounds like it coulda been. Four Champions ‘n’ an Ultimate. We was lucky one o’ ‘em kids was able ta get ‘is Digimon to Champion level.”

“How many of these groups are there supposed to be?” I asked, and Graymon shrugged.

“We’re not certain, but roughly we’re estimating maybe twenty or thirty. There could be a hundred of them, though. We just don’t have very much information right now, but we figured we should share what we do know with as many of you DigiDestined as we can.”

“Well then, we’ll let you get to it,” I said, waving as the digital field started to disperse and Graymon turned. While the larger Digimon headed off, I faced my partners and sighed.

“No rest for the weary, eh?”
IC: Halas Zolarinski | Guilmon | Veemon
Location: Naples, Florida, United States
Role: True DigiDestined

Crystal-clear water crashes against the sandy beach while two, lone teenagers sit on it watching the golden sun sink into the horizon. Birds are chirping and there are a few dolphins rising from the glass-like surface of te water. The teens appear to be lying down and enjoying each other's company.


"It's been a great weekend," Kailey says, her voice smoother than a well polished stone, "I don't think I've ever had as much fun as we have just in these few days."

"And it's only going to get better," I speak whilst stealing a kiss from her. "You know, it's been three years now and I think we could take it to the next level. I mean, there is no one here besides us." My voice is completely serious and my eyes are locked on Kailey.

"Well, we could, but I'm not sure I am completely ready for that yet. I mean, what happens if we get caught, or even worse?" Kailey questions me.

"Nothing is stopping us now, is there? We could just go and have a little f--" I get interrupted by a loud beeping sound and his pupils shrink.

"What the hell is that?" Kailey looks at me, "I thought you said we weren't allowed to bring our cell phones out here? And yet, you bring yours."

"No, no, no, no. It isn't my cell phone," I say thinking of an excuse, "It must be someone else's phone that they left on the beach. Let me see if I can find it and turn it off."

"You better be damn right." Kailey says sternly.


"Kind of busy here," I say into a small black-and-blue walkie-talkie looking device. The device, which a small screen projects an image of the user, is known as a Digivice. "This better be important."

"Yeah, I guess you could say it's important. We are under attack!" A small, blue, humanoid creature says. A yellow 'V' runs arcoss its forehead. "Guilmon is over there working his ass off to fight off a hoard of Tyrannomon and I have to leave him to call you! Just take a look."

The scene in the small screen changes to a large, dinosaur-like monster with metal arms and chest holding off at least ten red and green Tyrannosaurus Rexes. The metal dinosaur is swinging its claws wildly at the T-Rexes crushing bones and revealing muscle with each flesh shearing swipe. It looks beaten, but still strong.

"VEEMON!" The metal-dino screams while tearing off the arm of a T-Rex, "GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE AND FIGHT!"

"ONE SEC GUILMON!" Veemon yells back, "Halas, you have to come here now! We need you."

With that the screen goes black. I am completely shaken by what I have just seen. I stare blankly at the Digivice and how I can't leave my friends to die in there. I need to go in and help them, but how do I explain this to Kailey? She won't take this lightly.


"And so that's what kind of situation I'm in right now. I have to go, but I will definitely make this up to you." I explaining how I have to go to.

"So, let me get this straight. You have digital pets that fight to the death? And you need to go and to save them and leave me here?" Kailey says to me clearly confused, "I guess if they matter that much to you, I'll let this slide. BUT you owe me a lot."

"God I love you," I say wrapping my arms around Kailey and swinging her around in a circle. "Believe me, you will be repaid quite well." I begin to sprint away from her towards the locator in which leads me toward them.


Thank god I knew where they were and they weren't far from the beach. I run straight into the forest in which a huge battle is occurring. I stop so quickly from my dead sprint that I fall and slide a few feet. So much for a dramatic entrance. I pick myself up from the dirt and gaze into the battle scene. Four Tyrannomon are dead and turning into pixels and numbers. Two more seem on the verge of passing. Guilmon was in his Ultimate form of WarGrowlmon and Veemon was in his Ultimate form AeroVeedramon. They look tired, but Guilmon seems like he is about to pass out.

"Look who finally showed," AeroVeedramon says while throwing a Tyrannomon at a tree which crashes to the ground at the impact. "Help WarGrowlmon over there, he has been working his hardest for over three hours now."

I look at WarGrowlmon and he looks at me. We have established a mental connection of some sorts and can understand each other and combine and merge thoughts at a whim. I nod at him and extend my arms. He does the same and a bright light fills the forest as I feel my body begin to merge with my long time friend's. Data and flesh begin to combine as we become one. This Bio-merge will take a lot of energy, but will be well worth it.

My eyes seem to close for an hour at the very least, but it is only a split-second. I open my eyes and I see the world from a whole new perspective. Everything I see is clear like I was looking through a hawk's eyes. In my right hand is a giant lance and left is a shield.

We've done this before, but never with Gallantmon before. I mentally say to Guilmon This will be new for both of us, but like always come on top.

"There you go!" AeroVeedramon yells, "Now kick some ass!"

I lower my lance and raise my shield. With my Digivice somewhere inside of me, I send out a distress signal looking for help. With that done, I charge the nearest Tyrannomon I shove it through it, it begins to vaporize. I turn around and bash another Tyrannomon with my shield. I can feel myself getting weaker already. I need that help soon.

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IC: Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: True DigiDestined​

“What’s this?” I asked, hearing a rapid series of beeps emanating from my Digivice. I fished it from my pocket and peered at it; a distress signal!

“But it’s coming from Florida…” I muttered, “and we can’t just abandon the others…”

“Then let’s go wake ‘em up ‘n’ bridge to Florida!” IceDevimon replied in an exasperated tone, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. I didn’t answer, feeling somewhat embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of it myself. I heard the larger Digimon sigh softly before adding, “Sorry, you ain’t been sleepin’ so good lately, so it makes sense thatcha didn’t think o’ it yerself. Yer scatterbrained enough when yer not half-asleep, though.” He nimbly side-stepped my fist as I launched a good-natured punch at his leg, smirking as DemiDevimon flew around above us.

“The two of you are like an old married couple,” he said. “I swear, it’s like being with a pair of old people. If you’re done with your lovers’ spat, we should get going.”

“I’ll show ya a spat,” IceDevimon responded, grabbing me in his arms before taking flight again. We flew back to where the others were, reaching them relatively quickly and wasting no time in rousing them. There were two young boys, maybe twelve years old each, and a girl of about fifteen. The girl had a Patamon, while the boys (who were twins) had Tapirmon and a Biyomon. The six of them were slow to wake, but I spent the time waiting for them to come around by preparing a bridge.

Basically, we would enter the Digital World by tapping into a data stream, but instead of coming out while still in the Digital World, we’d follow it back to the Real World. Where we came out at would be determined by whatever point my Digivice was locked onto; in this case, the Digivice of whoever had sent the distress signal.

By the time the entire group was awake, I had locked onto the position of the other Digivice and prepared the bridge. After making sure everyone was ready, I opened the connection to the data stream. The Digivice released a blast of glowing white data which quickly enveloped us; seconds later, we were zooming through the data stream on our way to our destination.

When we emerged, it took me several moments to readjust to the world of solid things. I staggered a bit, steadied by DemiDevimon as he braced himself against my back until my wobbly legs settled. After waiting just long enough to make sure I wouldn’t topple over, he flew over to join IceDevimon. I barely had time to register a knight-looking Digimon and a few Tyrannomon before I noticed a familiar gray haze starting to materialize around us.

“Guys, Digivolve your Digimon!” I called to the group with me. They fumbled with their Digivices, and for a moment I was frustrated with how inept they were. Instead of getting mad, though, I reminded myself that I had been blessed with more than enough time to get used to my Digimon, that I hadn’t constantly been thrust into random battles while having no idea what I was doing. Becoming upset with them would help none of us; instead, I focused on another task. Holding up my Digivice, I aimed it at DemiDevimon and called, “You too!”

The familiar white light of Digivolution tore from my Digivice and hit DemiDevimon; seconds later, he stood as Devimon, a black version of IceDevimon. The latter grinned at his opposite as he said, “Hey brother, ready ta bust a couple o’ heads?”

“Always,” Devimon replied, glancing around as the digital field condensed around us. Five pockets of super-concentrated data had separated themselves from the field itself by now, and their size were a direct indication of the size of the Digimon that were emerging into the Real World. From three of these pockets emerged red, extremely slender canine Digmon, each one bearing three wickedly long and sharp purple claws on their paws. The Fangmon growled and snapped their long muzzles as they leapt towards us, and chaos erupted.

“Blast Coffin!” two of the snarled, each opening their jaws to a 180 degree angle. A blob of black energy formed in their mouths, taking on the shape of a coffin before firing the attacks. One of them was aimed at Devimon, and the other at IceDevimon. The two easily dodged the attacks and flew off to meet their opponents, while the third Fangmon targeted the kids. Thankfully, their Digimon had hit Champion form as well and were easily able to hold off the wolf.

Knowing my partners would be fine for the time being, I focused on the other two Digimon that were emerging from their own pockets of data. One was a Giromon, which looked like a levitating purple orb with arms that carried a sword. The final Digimon was a hulking monster compared to all the other Digimon present; Orochimon, a massive 8-headed serpent whose body and main head were black, with the other 7 heads being white and fake.

“Three Champions and two Ultimates,” I said, mostly to myself. The knight-like Digimon I wasn’t familiar with, but there was an AereoVeedramon as well, and that was an Ultimate level. “We might need more firepower than five Champion, an Ultimate, and a…whatever…” For now I held off on Digivolving my partners further; there was too much going on, too many Digimon going after each other, and I didn’t want to add to the madness without having a chance to get a feel for the situation.


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Kirah Swada| Dracomon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: True DigiDestined

OCC: I decided I'll start in your location so it'll be easier for Character interation.

"G-Shurunen!" Dracomons horns intensly glowed before he fired a heated flare beam at the Champion level Digimon. "RARRG! Volcanic Strike!" Monochormon yelled as it launched a series of fire balls from it's mouth. "Arrrg." yelped Dracomon as the explosive attack made contact, "Dracomon!!" Kirah cried rushing over to his partner, "No Kirah it's too dangerous." Dracomon warned his human friend but was ignored as Kirah charged at the dino-digimon trying to divert it's attention from the small blue weaked dragon digimon. "Hey over here!" Kirah taunted as he threw a rock over and it hit Monochromon. "Rarrrg!" It turned to Kirah and charged at a speed Kirah knew he wasn't going to avoid this attack. "Darn." He smiled as he closed his eyes waiting for the end while trying to ignore his partners desperate cries for him to flee.
Clint Hunter|Gabumon|Armadillomon
Location:Anarcomons Chamber
Role: Anarcomons army

Arriving in Anarcomons chamber, Clint looked up at the giant Digimon. "You don't talk face to face with us very often, master," Clint noted respectufully. The beast lowered it's head.

"I know, but there is something I need you to do. I sent an army of six Tyrannomon to attack the DigiDestined, to test and see how strong they are. The thing is, those DigiDestined are tougher then we expected, so you must be backup. I am sending you off with two more Tyrannomon and your own of course. I am trusting you to destroy these DigiDestined and not get yourself killed in the process," Anarcomon explained to Clint.

Clint nodded, and looked down at his two digimon beside him. "Ok guys, let's hurry up and go kick some ass," he said, having two Tyrannomon walk up beside him. The five walked out of the chamber and towards the location, marked on his Digivice.


They arrived right as a Tyrannomon was getting bashed with a shield. Clint instantly realized that the Digimon with the shield had to be a Biomerger. A small Digivice like symbol was on the Digimon's chest.

Clint looked towards the four Digimon, and the two Tyrannomon rushed into battle. "Ok you two, let's Digivolve!" clint yelled.

He spun around and pulled his Digivice out of it's holder. Aiming it towards the two Digimon, two white beams of data flowed out and went straight for the Digimon. The beams collided and turned into two giant orbs. As the glowing cleared, a WereGururumon and Shakkoumon stood where Gabumon and Armadillomon stood. "Ok, Shakkoumon, go kick some butt. WereGururumon, let's do this right," Clint said.

His Digivice began to glow again, and Clint and WereGarurumon slowly morphed together. The next thing Clint knew, he was inside a body much, much larger than his own, with claws and huge fangs. He looked straight across to the Gallantmon, knowing it was a Digidestined. "It's you and me, and I will win!" he shouted, running across the field. His vision wasn't quite as good as it used to be, but his hearing and smell senses were increased by a ton.

Clint ran forward, and when he was about 10 feet away, launched himself into the air. He straightened out one claw to come down on the Gallantmon. The claw slashed the Gallantmon across the face, and the fight was on.

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IC: Halas Zolarinski | Guilmon | Veemon
Location: Naples, Florida, United States
Role: True DigiDestined

The Tyrannomon's nose was crushed like a can as I smash my shield into it. I hear a loud sound that reminds me of rushing water. I look back to see at least a half a dozen to a dozen of teens with Digivices in their hands.

Thank god some help finally came, I think to Guilmon. This form is already beginning to tire me out

"Keep it coming AeroVeedramon!" My voice sounds something between a yell and a growl, "We are just getting started."

Jest then, a loud hissing noise comes out of a portal that appears about 20 feet to my right. Out crawls a large nine-headed snake and I knew it wasn't friendly. Only one head appeared to be real while the rest seem to be either plastic or a metal of some sorts. This thing makes the Tyrannomon look like lizards compared to how big it is. Its loud hissing is driving me insane and I know that it wasn't going to be easy to take down.

A few flashes of light shine behind me and I know that some Digimon just Digivolved. I got some help finally, but will they be enough just to take down that huge Digimon? It has to be Ultimate at the very least. My focus was on the Tyrannomon at the moment and that is what I will do.

"AeroVeedramon help out with that snake thing, I got the Tyrannomon!"

"Gottcha, right on it now!"

I begin to raise my lance to finish off the Tyrannomon with the shattered face when a claw flies down at lightning speed and hits me in the face. "Son of a bitch!" I scream to the world, "What the hell was that?"

I look up and see a large dog-like creature staring at me. The weird thing is that it is on its hind legs and appears to have some humanoid characteristics. Rage swells up within me and I lose my temper. Adrenaline and anger power my next move as I take my shield and smash it into the werewolf. He goes flying back into a tree and I give him no time to recover.

I rush over and pick him up and slam him into the tree a few times to send a message to him. With my left hand I hold his body against the tree probably three or four feet off the ground and shove the smooth side of my lance underneath his neck. I then release my grip on him and apply pressure on the lance. He begins to make gagging sounds and I know that I have a good chance at winning this.
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The Gallantmon was quick to respond. It picked up it's sheild and smashed me right in the chest. I flew back and hit a tree, and was temporarily stunned. I just began to look up as the beast runs over to me at an amazing speed. The creature picked me up and slammed me into the tree a couple of times. I was hurting like hell, and I knew I would have to think of something fast.

Gallantmon held me up and put the smooth side of his lance against my neck. I could feel the pressure against my neck and I began to choke very quickly. Dark splots flashed over my eyes, and I was having troubles breathing, knowing I was slowly being killed. "Im sorry Gabu, I shouldn't have Bio'd," I thought as the air was being squeezed out of me.

Strength suddenly began to return to my body. I could feel WereGarurumon taking control of our body. My hind legs shot forward towards the Gallantmon. My claws slashed at his chest and stomach. and knocked him backwards.

I gasped for breath as I hit the ground, landing on my feet. "Ok bitch, you wanna play rough?" I muttered as I ran forward towards the creature. I reached out with a claw and grabbed him around the neck. I picked the creature up by the neck and slammed him into the ground repeatedly, over and over again. I then picked it up and tossed it aside, running forward with my claws crossed. As I came up to the Gallantmon, I uncrossed them, slicing the poor creature right across the body.

I stood back afterwords, wanting to watch the Gallantmon suffer before I killed it.
IC: Halas Zolarinski | Guilmon | Veemon
Location: Naples, Florida, United States
Role: True DigiDestined

Just when I thought that WereGarurumon was down and out for the count, its two hind legs shoot out and hit me square in the chest. I fly back a good couple of yards and and shocked in what just happened. It couldn't have just summoned the strength to do that while being choked to death. In my moment of thought, the werewolf recovered and came at me at an immense speed.

I am being grabbed by the neck and slammed into the ground. I try to do something, but my body just isn't functioning like before and I am tossed aside like an old toy. I slide through the dirt and grass a good couple of feet before coming to a rest. I am given about a half second of rest before the wolf is on me again. Two huge claws rake across my torso and pain spreads through my body. I don't know how much longer I can hold this form, but if I give up now all I ever loved I could kiss good-bye to.

The WereGarurumon seems to be mocking me as lay on the ground. I feel pitiful.

Hey Halas? Guilmon says to me. His voice sad, yet calm. I don't want to die.

Aw man, Guilmon. We aren't going to die. I say reassuring one of my best friends, We just got to think of something.

Like what? I can feel that we won't last much longer like this, we have to do something now.

I have a plan, but you have to give me complete control of Gallantmon and even then, it will take a large amount of luck.

I make it seem like I am just giving up, but secretly my plan is all coming together. If what I do next misses, well, I'm dead.

Faster than a flash of light, I spin my legs around in a break-dance style move and sweep WereGarurumon off his feet. I am on mine just as fast as he went down. I shove my lance into his torso and lift him into the air with the lance pointing towards the sky. Gravity will be his worst enemy right now. I swing my lance around and throw him into a large, moss-covered rock. I jog over there, not wishing to lose this form any faster, and begin to bash my shield into him repetitively. I feel bad for my brutality, but he deserved nothing less.

My shield connects ten times. Twenty times. Each time weakening, but I still don't stop.
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I watched the creature lay there, but it didn't seem all the way there mentally. I thought that since this guy was biomorphed, maybe he was speaking to his Digimon. I didn't want to give him the chance to recover, but at the same time I was giving him enough pity to say goodbye.

After moments that seemed like forever, Gallantmon spun around, almost like it was dancing. Bringing it's lance up, the spear peirced my skin as it went straight through my body. Gallantmon pointed straight up into the air, making the hole worse, and then flung me. I flew, flew farther then I thought that the beast could throw me. I hit a large moss covered rock with a thud. The moss softened the impact a little bit, but not much.

I heard Gabu talking to me inside my mind. "Clint, we've been friends for awhile now, and I trust you. But I also know when we're outmatched, I know we need to run," Gabu said to me. I couldn't give up though. The hole in my side hurt like crazy, and I wasn't going to let this guy get away before I did some serious damage.

"Gabu, you said you trusted me, so I got this one,"I said to Gabu, trying to cheer him up. I slowly started to stand up, but the beast was upon me again. He bashed me with his shield, over and over, many, many times. I counted at least twenty times before losing count.

My consioucness slowly began to fade, and I knew that this was the end for me and Gabu. I thought I might shout for Arma, telling him to run, but I couldn't risk it. I couldn't bring my partner into this.

Suddenly, the sheild dissapeared. I could still hear the thuds, but I couldn't feel a thing. Opening my eyes, I saw the figure of Arma standing before me, blocking the hits.

"Master, run! I don't know how long I can take this. It's my time Master, I know it is. I have known it since meeting you. Now run, or I'll make Gabu run for you," Arma yelled.

I wasn't going to leave my Digimon there to die, but Gabu didn't give me a choice. Suddenly I was on my feet and running. I managed to look back over my shoulder to see Arma fall to the ground, unmoving. "NOO!!" I screamed, but Gabu kept running.

As soon as we were far enough away, I felt my body began to shrink. I fell to the ground, back in my human form. I looked to see Gabu fall to the ground, exhausted. I saw nothing but blackness as I fell asleep....


I awoke with a start. I began to laugh, it was all a dream, it was all a dream. I opened my eyes and it was dark out, and there was a fire roaring in front of me. Gabu was sitting beside me, staring blankly into the fire.

"Hey Gabu, where;s Arma?" I asked cheerfully. Gabu just looked at me, and I knew by his stare, it wasn't a dream. "Nonononono, he can't be dead, he can't be dead," I suttured. Grabbing my Digivice, I looked into it. I tried switching it to call Arma. No response, only a black screen. Suddenly, the Digivice blinked twice and went out, leaving Gabu as the only one on there.

"I'm sorry Clint, I had to run. He wanted us to," Gabu said slowly to me. I felt tears coming to my eyes as I realized the truth. After all these years, after all we had done, it happened. Arma was dead....
Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon
Location: Naples, Florida, United States
Role: True DigiDestined​

If I thought our initial arrival and leap into battle was chaotic, then things hit insane just a few minutes later. I was splitting my attention between Devimon and IceDevimon as best I could, warning them of sneak attacks and channeling energy to them to bolster their strength by use of the intense bonds we shared. I was starting to feel a little giddy when suddenly another human arrived with four other Digimon; yet another two Tyrannomon, and a Gabumon and Armadillomon. Almost instantly, the newcomer spotted the giant knight-looking Digimon and Biomerged with the Gabumon. Afterward, the two began a vicious, brutal fight.

I couldn’t focus on that for long, though. The AeroVeedramon had flown off to engage Orochimon and so far, seemed to be the only one fighting the giant monster. IceDevimon and Devimon were splitting their efforts between the remaining Tyrannomon and the Fangmon, and the Digimon of the others who’d come through with me were going after the two Tyrannomon that had arrived with the other guy. Giromon seemed to go unnoticed in the fray; I had forgotten about it myself, what with all the other bigger Digimon rampaging and causing complete madness. For now it seemed content to let the others do the fighting, one small blessing I was thankful for.

I focused on the battles raging around me and noticed that Devimon had just punched a gaping hole into the head of one of the Fangmon. For a moment blood gushed from the wound before reverting to data as the Digimon itself broke apart, reverting to raw data as it was slain. Devimon took the time to absorb the data of his enemy, gaining a bit of strength from it and making sure it wouldn’t find its way back to the Digital World to be reborn.

“Devimon, help that AeroVeedramon with Orochimon!” I called to him. The slender beast rose a clawed hand in acknowledgement and flew off to assist the other. I then had to hunt for a moment before I found IceDevimon absorbing the last bits of what seemed to be one of the last few Tyrannomon. I huffed as I ran close enough for him to hear me without getting too close to the other fights. “IceDevimon, go help Devimon and AeroVeedramon fight Orochimon! And keep an eye out for that Giromon; it hasn’t attacked yet, but I don’t like the way it’s just watching the fighting.”

“You got it,” the other replied, twisting in the air to meet the others in taking down Orochimon. The multi-headed snake was hissing and snapping at the aerial Digimon blasting it from above, thrashing its tail around and basically being a threat to friend and foe alike. It then whipped its tail up, catching Devimon by surprise and knocking him out of the air. I winced, almost feeling my friend’s pain as he smashed into the ground, kicking up clods of dirt and earth where he landed. Heedless of the danger, I rushed over to where he’d fallen, desperate to make sure he was all right.

“Lucky hit,” I heard him say as I reached the hole his impact had made. He got to his feet, a little unsteady but seeming okay otherwise. I let out a relieved sigh as he flew back into the air, motioning for IceDevimon to follow him. The two flew up higher, preparing for a combo they’d developed after Beelzemon had finally joined us. Devimon pulled back both arms, hooking his fingers as darkness began to crackle around them. IceDevimon stretched his wings taut and an ice-blue glow began to radiate from them; then, in unison, they released their attacks. Devimon snapped his arms forward and slashed his claws at the same time, releasing ten streaks of darkness energy in a Touch of Evil attack. From IceDevimon’s wings came a shower of icicle spears, each about a foot in length and crystal-clear; this was his Avalanche Claw attack, and I always wondered why the ice shards came from his wings instead of his claws as the name of the attack suggested.

The two attacks met in midair, and instead of the friction causing them to explode, they instead melded together into one attack. It had taken a lot of practice for them to get everything just right for this to happen, but when they pulled it off (which honestly wasn’t very often, despite all their training), it was as powerful as an attack from an Ultimate level Digimon.

The combined attacked hit Orochimon’s center head with enough force to slam the monstrous snake’s face into the dirt, while its other heads flailed around rather uselessly. I cheered from where I was as my partners flew away from each other to attack the stunned Orochimon from either side. With any luck we could take this thing down before it did any major damage.
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Kaori Takashi
Naples, Florida, United States
Role:True DigiDestined

"Kaori, do slow down!" Hawkmon yelled as he flew behind me, his wings flapping, as he tried to catch up. I ignored him and continued running. Turning around, I yelled to Agumon "Keep up, Agumon!"

Agumon smirked as he caught up to me, running right by my side. "Leave the fighting to me!" Agumon yelled as he dashed by my side, his claws shining from the sun's light.

"I hope you don't intend to have all of the fun, do you?" Hawkmon asked as he caught up to us, flying above our heads. Me and Agumon rolled our eyes. Despite being my second partner, Hawkmon was a huge annoyance to the both of us. Hawkmon constantly followed us and scolded us like some kind of nanny figure. Hawkmon was extremely mature for a Rookie level Digimon was highly logical and knowledgeable.

"Look out!" Agumon yelled as a rogue Falcomon flew at us. Agumon slashed at the Falcomon with his claws but the Falcomon kept flying out of his reach. Hawkmon rolled his eyes as he watched Agumon try to catch Falcomon like a cat trying to catch a bird.

"Leave this to me!" Hawkmon shoved Agumon aside. "Kaori, Digivolve!"

"Right!" I held up my red Digivice which began glowing. Hawkmon was surrounded in a bright red light as he Digivolved to Aquilamon.

"Fantastic!" Aquilamon yelled, flapping his wings. "Just leave the fighting to me! Blast Rings!" Aquilamon roared as he fired off ring shaped beams. The Falcomon attempted to feebly fight back before falling to the ground.

"Looks like we got him!" I smiled as I ran over to the Falcomon on the ground. However, Falcomon was not defeated at all. Falcomon was surrounded in a bright light as it digivolved to Peckmon.

"Looks like I can help!" Agumon smiled and grinned at me, showing his sharp teeth. I also grinned and took out my orange Digivice and held it up. Agumon was surrounded by a bright light as he digivolved to Greymon.

"Nova Blast!" Greymon roared as fire formed in his mouth. The fire in his mouth slowly took the shape of a giant fireball and he released it at Peckmon. Peckmon stumbled slightly but remained on its feet.

"Blast Rings!" Aquilamon flew down towards us. Aquilamon let out a roar and once again fired off ring shaped beams. Peckmon stumbled once again before falling backwards, de-digivolving into Falcomon. Falcomon was completely knocked out.

"Guess we can't interrogate it." Greymon stated as he de-digivolved back into Agumon. Aquilamon de-digivolved into Hawmon as well.

My ears perked up, hearing the sound of fighting. I followed the sound to see two people fighting an Orochimon.

"Need any help?" I asked.
Kilara Blake | Impmon | DemiDevimon
Location: Naples, Florida, United States
Role: True DigiDestined​

Things weren’t going very well, to be honest. It had seemed as though we had the upper hand; most of us were going against Orochimon now, with other other Digimon having been beaten except for one of the Tyrannomon. Even so, he was an Ultimate and most of our forces were Champion; I was hesitant to Digivolve IceDevimon or Devimon further, not knowing if we’d need our strength for any other unpleasant surprises. Even AeroVeedramon was having a hard time keeping up with the massive serpent, and he was an Ultimate as well.

“Dammit,” I muttered, watching IceDevimon and Devimon dip and dive to avoid Orochimon’s tail and snapping jaws. Most of the attacks focused on his central head were being blocked by the decoys, while the real head remained safely pulled close to the Digimon’s body. Since the fake heads re-spawned almost instantly, it was next to impossible to get an attack past them. After the combo from my partners had knocked him for a loop, Orochimon had been careful to protect his head. Any Digimon getting too close to try distracting his heads got lashed with his tail. “This isn’t going well…at this rate he’ll slowly wear everyone down to Rookie and then slaughter us!”

“Kilara!” IceDevimon hollered as he flew over to me, looking a bit winded from all his dodging and evading. “Ya gotta Digivolve one o’ us! This is gettin’ nowhere fast; we can’t keep it up!”

“I know, I know,” I grumbled, then said in a louder voice, “I don’t know if they’ve got reserves in the wings. If they do you guys can’t waste your strength on this thing! But still…at this rate, if it keeps up, Orochimon won’t need reinforcements. He’ll be able to pick us off one by one…if we don’t act now we’re done for, but if we strike too soon we might waste power…”

“Just Digivolve one o’ us, I think AeroVeedramon would appreciate tha help from another Ultimate,” IceDevimon replied. “That way we ain’t spendin’ too much energy on this guy, but we gotta do somethin’!”

“Need any help?” a voice suddenly asked from behind me. I turned, half-expecting to see backup for Orochimon, but it turned out to be a young woman accompanied by an Augumon and Hawkmon. I let out a sigh; it seemed she was here to help us, and that made me feel a bit better. I nodded and pointed at Orochimon, rather uselessly since he was obviously causing a great deal of commotion.

“If you can, Digivolve your partners and help distract this thing. I have an idea.” I then turned my attention back to IceDevimon, calling, “You or Devimon?”

“Don’t matter, but I think Devimon might need tha boost a bit more after that smack he got,” IceDevimon answered. “I’ll go tell ‘im ta bring his happy ass over here.” The white Digimon then flew off towards his black counterpart, nimbly diving under a decoy head that tried to bite him in half. After reaching Devimon, the two spoke for a brief moment before Devimon flew over. Indeed, he looked a bit more strained than IceDevimon did; the attack that bashed him into the ground might have done more damage than I had first thought.

“IceDevimon says to “take your happy ass to Kilara”,” he said, landing before me with a huff. I couldn’t hold back a chuckle, aiming my Digivice at him. Almost immediately, a blast of data blew from the small device and enwrapped Devimon; upon imploding and fragmenting, it revealed a sleek, pale-skinned figure that, had he not been a creature formed of data, could make most women swoon. Okay, so he probably could with minimum effort on his part, but that wasn’t the point. What mattered was Devimon, or Myotismon now, looked much better for having Digivolved. He gave a little smile, baring his fangs and getting a look in his eye that said he was ready for a little payback.

“I trust you have a plan?” the vampiric Digimon asked, and I nodded as I motioned for him to follow me to where the other DigiDestined were. One of them, the girl, noticed Myotismon and gave a startled squeak. I sighed, having forgotten none of these newbies had seen the Ultimate before. He was rather imposing, granted. I motioned for her to remain calm as we approached.

“You guys, have your Digimon all attack at once,” I told the youngsters. “Tell them to put all their strength into it, don’t hold anything back. Full power!” I then faced Myotismon and added, “When their attacks hit, they should fuel one another in a nice big explosion that will, hopefully, destroy all the decoy heads and leave the main one vulnerable. With any luck, having to regenerate all the heads at once will delay them a bit, giving us a few seconds to strike. I don’t think I have to elaborate on your part in this.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Myotismon replied. With that said, his cape shifted and a pair of raven-like wings unfolded themselves. It was odd, really; apparently Myotismon didn’t normally have wings. My partner’s were the result of a virus that had attacked him when he had hatched from his DigiEgg; thankfully it had been rather minor and he’d been able to absorb it, which had altered its data and modified it into information for wings.

The Digimon took flight as the other DigiDestined behind me ordered their partners to coordinate their attacks and fire them at once. The Champions were quick to oblige, and while they were doing that, Myotismon flew over to meet IceDevimon. It was clear he was sharing the plan, because IceDevimon started to prepare another Avalanche Claw. In the lull of fighting, Orochimon’s heads whipped back and forth, clearly suspicious that something was up.

Before he really had a chance to do anything, several attacks ripped from the gathered forces opposing him. These all converged on Orochimon, and just as I’d hoped, the overwhelming friction of the attacks caused them to detonate spectacularly. There was a blinding flash, and then a deafening explosion that shook the air. I raised my arms to instinctively try and defend myself from the backlash that would be rolling outward, but a white shape placed itself before me just before the energy from the blast reached me. The shape diverted the energy around me, but the force of it caused bubble of data to engulf the form. It rapidly collapsed and then shattered, leaving a battered-looking Impmon in its wake.

“Y’know, yer plans sound a lot better when they ain’t nearly gettin’ ya blown to Hell,” he grumbled as I knelt down to pick him up. “Seriously, ya gotta stop bein’ so close ta giant explosions. They ain’t good for yer health.” He then weakly motioned to my right; I glanced over to find the other Digimon had defended their partners from the recoil of the blast and had been DeDigivolved to Rookie level as well. “Good thing some god or another seems ta like you guys. But if Mr. Fangs don’t time it right, we might be in a bit o’ trouble.”


??? | Quetzalmon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: ???​

“Quetzalmon, destroy that thing,” the young woman said in a quiet yet commanding tone. Despite the power behind it, her voice was monotonous, distant. Her partner, a serpent with red-and-silver steel armor covering his body, slithered into view and reared the upper part of his body into the air. Wings sprouting from his head pumped rapidly, kicking up a wickedly cold whirlwind that engulfed the Monochromon. Completely caught unawares, the Champion was overwhelmed by the attack. It literally tore the other to pieces, which spewed digital blood for a few seconds before reverting to raw data. Quetzalmon ignored it, instead slithering back to his partner as she turned from Kirah and started to walk away.

“Should we…?” the metal-bodied serpent began in a faint voice, but was immediately silenced by a glance from the woman. Her red eyes, while unfocused and glassy, were still able to convey that the Digimon was to speak no more on whatever subject he was going to bring up. Unable to disobey his partner, he simply let the matter drop.
"Right!" Kaori nodded and turned to her Digimon. "Hawkmon, digivolve!"

"So soon after the last battle?" Hawkmon sighed but allowed himself to digivolve to Aquilamon. Aquilamon flew around in circles around Orochimon's head. "Hey, you big brute!" Aquilamon taunted. "Try and get me!"

Orochimon swatted at Aquilamon like an annoying gnat. Kaori smiled and turned to Agumon. "You help too." Kaori told Agumon.

"Right!" Agumon nodded and digivolved to Greymon. Greymon began using his tail to smash rocks and sent the rock shards flying towards Orochimon.
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