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Review S14 EP01: In the Shadow of Zekrom! ・ EP02: Enter Iris and Axew!

Who's that Pokemon? I... didn't miss it, so it being back isn't something I'm all, "YEAAAAAAAAAAAH" about. Nostalgia is the only real thing I think it has value for. (And that's why they brought it back, but... still...)

But in general the dub was pretty enjoyable to watch, for me. Professor Oak's TPCI voice I still can't get used to, and I still miss Ash's mid-Kanto voice. (Yeah, from way back then.) I don't think his current voice is bad (nor do I expect Veronica Taylor to come back), and who knows what I'd think about it if it was the original dub voice.

Hopefully the BGM thing won't just be for this half hour of episodes, and I'll bet it won't be.

wtf, even the dub says Ash is ten...

I don't see why that should be a shock.

Hate how they pronounce Unova...

They're the ones who are most likely to pronounce it the right way, so...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Team Rocket said a rhyme.

If you're just mentioning a rhyme this far into the episode, I don't see why it's a huge deal.
Trip made me laugh. He sounds like the child of Paul and Barry.

You know, this could very well be a possibility :p

Trip was cool, I just think that he needs to show up more often and they play up his camera motif a bit more. And I refuse to see him as a re-hash of Paul. They're only similarities are their douchiness and their hair :p (both of which have different qualities too)
The night scene, with Ash and Pikachu under the stars made me sad..
Anyway. Yeah OK these episodes were good.. no matter how much I complain saying IT ALL SUX it was nice, I guess.
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I'm not a dub watcher, but I usually go out of my way to see how they handle eventful episodes like this. And I've got to say, these were actually handled really well. Surprisingly so, in fact. I definitely feel it was successful in bringing across the whole 'this is a brand new series' atmosphere to the same degree that the original version did, thanks to everything being so damn accurate.

I also really love Iris' voice in this version, and I have to agree with everyone who commented on how well it fit her character. I can't deny that it's very adorable.
The 'mons themselves got some good voices too. I don't know if it's because they're genuinely trying to go in this direction or if they just hired new VAs, but they sound a lot more natural than usual.

I don't like the personality shift the Rocket's received in this series, but dub-wise, they were infinitely more tolerable without all the awful script changes and bizarre dialogue. Some people have already mentioned there was a wee bit of rhyming, but y'know what? I thought that it worked. That 'Nice ring is a good thing' line? I can buy that she'd say that.

I'd like to think these two episodes are going to reflect the standard of the rest of the series, but nothing is written in stone at the moment. It's not unusual for these guys to dub 'important' eps with near everything intact and then go back to their old ways. If they can keep it up, then good on them.
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Trip made me laugh. He sounds like the child of Paul and Barry.
Don't give the badfic writers ideas. But Trip kinda does.

Also, when Pikachu and Axew are in the box, I swear that they didn't get the effect on Axew's voice quite right. It was very similar, but you could still hear a slight difference.
I just woke and I freaked out about having "Who's that Pokemon?" moment. Also, Pidove FTW!
Don't give the badfic writers ideas. But Trip kinda does.

how about a good fic? :D

some of us jun/paul shippers thought he seemed like a lovechild (and fits in with jun's rather smug self and his father also) but him being voiced by jaimie.... i dunno man XD
This dub...

This dub guys...it's...actually impressive. It's fitting, it has fitting voice acting and the original music was kept! THE WHOLE EPISODE! Do you realize how rare it is for toyetic anime to dot that!?

I freaking loved it. Oh, and these episodes. Yeah, they were good.
Okay, I caught only the beginning of Zekrom and and the last half of Iris and Axew but... wow, I was impressed. Good voices, good music. I watched this in Japanese originally and thought it was pretty nice. The dub matched it. I love the new TR.

Also, PEE-dove? Um, okay. And Ax-ew? Okay, good to know the pronunciations.

*waits patiently for dub Bisharp episode(
Upon watching the west coast feed, I have to say Jessie got the feel of things much better as the episode progressed. James sounds too much like Oak though. :/

The dialogue being accurate stood out to me even more this time. Ash even got to say "Pikachu, stay strong!".
One thing I noticed is that the dub actually made a reference to God. I think Juniper said something about Zekrom's lightning being sent from above. Normally the dub would change lines about God or religious things so I'm surprised they kept that in.
Apart from the few new people we met in this episode - I don't see how the dub has suddenly improved on 'all it's voice acting'. I don't know, I liked the voices in DP of the main characters a lot. Though I'm not saying it was bad, because it wasn't.
Wow, the dub handled these episodes fantastically! I'm so happy. :D

-The opening theme wasn't bad.
-They kept all the music, right? Yay. <3
-Team Rocket actually weren't totally obnoxious for once! o_O Thank you, TPCi.
-Trip's voice is good. I figured he was voiced by Jamie. He sounds a bit like Barry, just older and slightly meaner. "Boonies." XD
-Oshawott and Tepig have such adorable voices. :D
-Iris sounds wonderful, of course. <3
-Axew's dub voice is so cute!
-WHO'S THAT POKEMON? Never thought they'd bring that back.
-I've been pronouncing Unova wrong this whole time. :[

Yes, these episodes were great! I loved them when I first watched them back in September, and the dub made them just as enjoyable. I'm thrilled with how they were handled, and I hope they dub the rest of the series just as great.
Just saw the opening on Youtube. I really perfer the Japanese opening much more. English version was way too short.
How cheesy and stupid was the dub intro?
For me that was always the achilles' tendon of the dub, the stupid f*cking music that means the same old sh*t but with different words, always the bit where I muted the volume because I knew it was going to be hell on earth having that music stuck on my head.

ooofff...that was good, getting it out of my chest. Anyway, I predict several american kids going to bed and having nightmares with the new, serious TRio.
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