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Me Gusta

Raging with Pokemon
Jan 7, 2014
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Saw The Trials. Rated Mature for Explicit gore and torture, and cursing throughout. Spoilers from the movies.
Chapter 1: The Chinese Human Trap

Hoffman was struggling against his shackle. It had been 2 days since Dr. Lawrence Gordon had chained him to a pipe in a grimy industrial bathroom, thrown aside the hacksaw that Lawrence had used on his own foot, and left him to die. Hoffman yanked and yanked, trying to get to the door unsuccessfully. He searched his pockets thoroughly, looking for something, anything that would free him from his chain. They were empty. Except one thing. A long sharp pocket knife was in his left pocket.

Hoffman giggled with joy. He then put the knife to his stomach. He stabbed deeply, and sawed at his torso with pure determination. He cut extremely deep, feeling his blood gush on to the floor. He cut open his stomach, and cupped together a handful of stomach acid, and threw it on the chain. His hands and ankle burned, but so did his shackle. He crawled to the door, and reached to open it. It was locked. Hoffman screamed. He pounded and pounded against the door, screaming for mercy. But after a while, his screaming ceased. He looked around the room. There were the dead bodies of three men.

Adam Stanheight, a freelance photographer who had been chained in the room, lost the key to his shackle, and left for dead, was chained near the tub. Xavier Chavez, a drug dealer who had run into this room, in chase of some other victims for numbers written on their necks, was now a rotted corpse with a slashed throat on the floor. Zep Hindle, who had helped John “Jigsaw” Kramer run the tests of Dr. Gordon and Adam in order to survive his poisoning, had his head beaten in with a toilet lid and was near Adam. On another chain, near Hoffman was a decaying foot. The one that Dr. Gordon had sawed off to escape. And now, Hoffman would join them, a group of corpses. Hoffman started weeping, and put the knife to his neck.

Dr. Lawrence Gordon was sitting on an old leather chair, putting his foot and leg stump up on the desk in front of him. He had avenged Jill for John, and had gotten rid of Hoffman. Life couldn’t get better. He checked the folder in front of him. Evidently, Jill wasn’t the only one who had been given instructions on who else to test. He drew out the first file and grinned.

Soon, John’s legacy would be finished, and then Lawrence would be in charge of all of Jigsaw’s operations. And there were a lot of people in the world who had done wrong to him. And Lawrence had the power to test- and kill- all of them.

Brad, one of Gordon’s lackeys, and Ryan, the other lackey, walked in.

“Sir, the subject will awaken in a few minutes.” He said. He was a rather new apprentice who had been put inside of a trap of his own, in which he and Ryan would have to decide to either kill the other, or their mutual lover. They had killed her, and aligned with Jigsaw. Brad was likable enough, but still Gordon preferred working with his other lackey Ryan.

“Alright then.” said Dr. Gordon, stretching and rising from his chair. “Let the game begin.”


Tim woke up. He attempted to move his limbs, but found he couldn’t move any except his left arm. The only thing he could taste was blood. The room around him was grimy and nearly empty, except for a TV in front of him.

“What the hell? Where am I?”Tim asked, shakily.

As if on cue, the TV turned on. A dirty white puppet with black hair, and red swirls on his cheeks was facing the camera.

“Hello, Tim. I want to play a game. You claimed that the death of your daughter was an accident. So today, if you want to live, you’ll have to do your story over again. But first, you must escape your bonds. You claim to have struggled in life, and all it did was hurt you. So this test is to see if you can escape without struggle. This trap is called the Chinese Human Trap. In order to escape, you mustn’t struggle. For if you do, Razor blades on the inside will slice open your wrists and ankles, and you’ll bleed to death right here in this trap. And if you choose to do nothing, after one minute, spikes will come from the wall behind you, and kill you. I’ll give you a hint on escaping: It’s on the tip of your tongue. Let the game begin.” Said the puppet, as the television turned off.

Tim looked at his shackles. Slanted razor blades were pointed against Tim’s wrist. He could feel them against his skin. He went to move his hand upward, but the blades cut into his wrists, and sent blood running down to the floor. He pondered what the puppet had meant. On the tip of his tongue… Tip… Tongue… He reached down in his pocket. A razor blade was in there, similar to the ones on his shackles.

“Tip of the tongue!” Tim screamed. That’s what he wants, for me to cut the tip of my tongue off!

He drew the razor blade, uncertain. He felt his heart pounding in his chest. This decision would have life or death hanging in the balance. He swallowed a mouthful of air. He then opened his mouth. and took a slice from his tongue. In addition to the piece of tongue, was a small golden key. He jammed the key into his right hand shackle. He heard the click of the tumblers. Perfect, Tim thought. He unlocked his legs quickly, and stepped away, just as the spikes shot out of the wall. On the table in front of him was a needle and thread. He quickly stitched his tongue back up. He looked forward. The door was now open, and written on the other side, in bright red paint was:

“I Was a Starving Man”

The phrase seemed familiar to Tim, but he couldn’t place it. He moved on, descending further into Jigsaw’s traps and closer to hell.
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