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Shippers' Paradise General Chat Thread

Oddly enough I haven't gotten into too many SV ships, which is weird considering SV probably has my favorite overall cast of all the games (and the more I love fictional characters the more likely I am to start wildly pairing them off lol). I do really like Brassius/Hassel and Dendra/Miriam, though.
(for context, i've played violet, and not scarlet. so everything i'm about to say will be through the lens of that version of canon, just fyi)

see, my thing about sada/raifort and why i think they're perfect for each other, is not only bc they're both obsessed w/ the past, but also bc i think they're very similar in their vaguely villainous attitudes. while sada (for me) didn't go on to essentially become the villain in the game, i don't think, if she does exist in violet's universe, that she's actually any better of a person as compared to how she is in scarlet and that parallel universe where she did go on to become the villain. (after all, and since i still headcanon her as arven's mother, she definitely still abandoned her child, if nothing else.) she still has that same capacity for the same dangerous and reckless disregard for anything outside of her goals and obsessions, which matches raifort's attitude towards the treasures of ruin, imo. briar has some of that same recklessness, but unlike w/ the villain professor, she's capable of recognizing when she's gone too far and is able change course and be more mindful (to use an analogy, briar can recognize when a fire has gotten out of control, and is willing to help douse the flames that she may have fanned, whereas the villain professor would rather let the world burn down than extinguish the fire). so imo, i think briar actually matches better with the ai professor (presuming this is an au where they managed to destroy the time machine and keep the professor intact), which for me would mean pairing her w/ turo (tho briar/ai sada works just as well too). plus, i kinda like the idea of them each being obsessed w/ each other's writings (and therefore each other), even if they never meet in person. so, yeah, that's my thesis on sada/raifort being villainous soulmates, and how i think briar/ai turo (or ai sada) works better for me. but like i said, i'm still open to the possibility of the sada/raifort/briar polyship.

sada/turo i mostly ship as the headcanon for arven's parentage (as they're not technically confirmed to exist in the game that they're not the main professor of, insofar as i'm aware); it's kinda on a similar level as giovanni/ariana for me (which, like w/ many ppl, is how i headcanon silver's parentage), tho i do like lakehouse far more. but i think that's mostly down to reading a couple good fanfics more than anything else. XD

penny/nemona/juliana/arven is my ot4 and favorite gen 9 ship, but if i had to cut it down to being a single pairing, it'd definitely be nemona/juliana. but then, i'm allll about those gay rival ships, so that probably comes at no surprise if you know anything about me. XP (i love how, even when she's possessed in mochi mayhem, nemona still gives you the most loving look i've ever seen when you defeat her?? and how she basically fights through the possession to compliment you during the battle?? my poor fragile queer heart is not meant to withstand such things ;;;; <3)
dendra and miram is a ship I hadn't thought of but is now an instant favorite I can feel it

Their interactions together are really cute. I've also seen Tulip/Dendra/Miriam, which is wicked cute and I love it so much. Miriam deserves more love in general, honestly!!!

I love seeing Dendra/Miriam stuff, it fuels my soul.
'ey, I figure this is probably the best place to ask this, right? I was thinking of doing one of those fanart challenges, where the prompt is to draw some ships that are suggested to me by other people... so would you guys have suggestions as to one of your OTPs/rarepairs/crackships that I could draw? I feel like it'd be fun :chansey:
(Here's the template too if anyone's curious!)

Dear Orchid,

I'm not sure if your template has already been completed. However, if not, I have a single suggestion for you: to draw the most dazzling Pokéship imaginable. I will not dare mention it in vain, as I'm certain you already know what I'm referring to.

Note: I'm not entirely sure if the mentioned ship falls within the limitations you have raised (OTP/rarepair/crackship), considering how striking and glorious it is in the eyes of the community, or at least in part of it. I would dare say it doesn't. However, since there are always some petulant Pokespe fans concerned with debasing it, I felt authorized to proceed with this request.

A Fellow Comrade of this Forum.
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I'm not sure if your template has already been completed. However, if not, I have a single suggestion for you: to draw the most dazzling Pokéship imaginable. I will not dare mention it in vain, as I'm certain you already know what I'm referring to.
Aw I'm sorry Felipe, I actually finished drawing that set of requests a long time ago (you can see it here if anyone missed it...!). If I do another one of those templates sometime I'll be sure to let you know first!

I've also seen Tulip/Dendra/Miriam, which is wicked cute and I love it so much.
Oh that is SUCH a good take.
I haven't really looked into much when it comes to SV pairings (when it comes to game ships I left my heart in Gen 7 tbh) but that trio would be perfect together. I think Katy/Milo was mentioned on another page and I love that idea too!

After going through all the art classes I definitely started to understand what was up with Brassius/Hassel as well. I dunno if I'd actually say I ship them, but I did have that like "ah, I get it now..." moment. I think I just have a big soft spot for when one side of a pairing inspires/motivates the other, even at their lowest.
like i said previously, healthysandwich (miriam/dendra) won my heart the second i realized how much of a useless lesbian that dendra was for miriam---the way she started gushing over miriam instantly melted my heart (and i mean, who could blame her? miriam is so gorgeous, and she was instantly my fav from the academy). but then i got to alfornada, and found out that tulip and dendra were childhood friends (one of my fav romance tropes)?? and that dendra is running her gym test for her??? and to top it all off, tulip & miriam practically fit into the same aesthetic??? i guess dendra truly does have 2 hands for a reason. ;P

brassius/hassel truly came out of left field, i was utterly unprepared for that art class to absolutely wreck me, but i'm so here for it (as i have similar soft spots....also, calling each other by petnames nicknames that no one else uses? hmmm.....that's pretty domestic af, fam (i'm also looking at you clavell/cyrano, with your "velly"!)). XD i'm so glad we're getting interactions like this again between characters, it feels like it's been ages since characters like gym leaders and the like had this much going on with them. <3
What do you guys ship outside of Pokémon (in other anime, mangas, etc...) ?
Sulemio my beloved.........

(Really, just most yuri ships I'm into, honestly. I haven't played the game, but Edelgard/Byleth from FE3H is something I adore. I just think it's good and cute. Yuri forever, baby!!!)
What do you guys ship outside of Pokémon (in other anime, mangas, etc...) ?
What have you done
I like Avatar/Sumia in Fire Emblem Awakening. In anime/manga, there's Ryo Saeba and Kaori from City Hunter. Vegeta/Bulma is nice too !

Edit : I just remembered that I ship these two characters from MTG as a joke mostly due to their similar game mechanics and color identity. Who knew that love can spawn from surrounding mayhem !
for me there's a lot of stuff but just off the top of my head i really like yukari/akira (kirakira precure a la mode), and from that same precure series i also like both ichika/rio and ichika/ciel. i like a ton of stuff from the puyo puyo series but my main ones are klug/maguro (primarily bc of that one thing from the 20th anni game, where klug had a crush on maguro after seeing his face. idc if it was meant to be played for jokes i think the ship is adorable), ringo/amitie, raffina/feli and lemres/schezo. i do also have a soft spot for stuff like klug/amitie, maguro/ringo, tee/ringo, amitie/raffina etc. even if i personally prefer them with other people.

and ofc from undertale and deltarune i ship the very obvious canon ones being undyne/alphys and noelle/susie. im also w ivory for pearlina from splatoon, i also like poly deep cut and also think shiver/marie is kinda cute, bc i've seen some neat art of them.
Oh Akira/Yukari, I like that too. My favorite Precure pairing is Nagisa/Honoka, they were my first f/f ship.

There's actually a thread dedicated to non Pokémon ships if you guys want to share your lists.
What do you guys ship outside of Pokémon (in other anime, mangas, etc...) ?
they are canon but i remember michiru and haruka being one of the first ships i felt really strongly about
a few others i'd describe myself as being dedicated to are susahao, melnia, aerti (look, i really enjoy f/f pairings), erik x the dqxi protagonist (determinately canon), mayburi... uh, whatever apollo x athena x juniper is called... ryumako (also canon), richtercard, and heromari (canon also)
most of my favorite ships are pkmn related though
I might indeed end up making such a list over on that other thread, as I have far, far too many ships that I love outside of the Pokemon fandom. XP

I will say, my current biggest ship that I'm interested in atm (particularly when it comes to reading fanfic for it, lol) is FirstPrince, aka Alex/Henry from the book Red, White, & Royal Blue. (There's also a movie adaptation that came out last summer, but I'm definitely chiefly a fan of the original book, as I have a number of gripes w/ changes that the movie made.) Forewarning that RWRB is classified as being New Adult (on AO3 it'd probably be rated M), so especially to the younger kids in this forum, if reading/watching it interests you, save it for when you're older! Disclaimers now taken care of, I'll say that I absolutely love their dynamic and relationship, and it's legit one of the best canon romances I've seen in a long time, in addition to the book also being incredibly funny---when I first read it in 2020, it had truly been a long time since a book made me laugh out loud so much. The entire turkey scene is truly comedy gold, it never fails to make me laugh. XDD And just in general, Alex and Henry's dynamic has everything you could ever want; the love letters they send each other in particular gets my shipper heart good. Henry's letter where he explains to Alex how he fell in love with him lives rent free in my mind, and Alex's response that he gives in turn? Chef's kiss, utter perfection. (Basically, Henry is acknowledged as the writer between the two of them, so the prose in his love letters is incredibly beautiful, and Alex in response says that he knows he can't match Henry for prose, so instead he writes an incomplete list of things that he loves about Henry; it's forever an "incomplete list", you see, bc Alex is always finding new things to love about Henry, which....who gave y'all the right to be this sweet?!) But yeah, I'll never get over how they're such perfect soulmates, how well their jagged edges fit together---with Alex always being told that he's too much, and Henry being told that he's never enough, for them to come together and to genuinely love each other exactly as they are, I just.....have a lot of feelings. XP

Okay, I need to put a lid on this, as I could quite literally gush about FirstPrince all day. XDD So, here's a lightning round of some of my other favorite ships in various fandoms, so we can round this up to something of a top 5: Aziraphale/Crowley [Good Omens], Sora/Riku [Kingdom Hearts], Aerith/Tifa [Final Fantasy VII] (i see you, fellow shipper of taste above me!! ;P), & Korra/Asami [Legend of Korra].
What do you guys ship outside of Pokémon (in other anime, mangas, etc...) ?
Pokemon is easily the most of my shipping but my other ships are:
Utena x Anthy (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Okabe x Mayuri (Steins;Gate)
Adell x Rozalin (Disgaea 2)
Catura x Vikala (Granblue Fantasy)
Konata x Kagami (Lucky Star)
Sanae Katagiri x Mizuki Kawashima (Idolmaster CG)

There's maybe a few more that I'm not thinking about of right now. Maybe my most unhinged one though is a very particular dynamic I have for Sonadow where Sonic is AroAce and Shadow falls in love with him during the events of SA2, but falling to earth + the amnesia makes him forget the whole thing until slowly his memories come back and he holds a grudge for it. Brainworms!
What do you guys ship outside of Pokémon (in other anime, mangas, etc...) ?
hmmmm in general i don't do much shipping like i used to but some of the ones i enjoy that come to mind are ryomina (mochizuki ryoji/arisato minato from persona 3), sansby (sans/grillby from undertale), quite a few link tloz ships that are too many to name, and joshneku (kiryu joshua/sakuraba neku from the world ends with you). i also find kriselle fun (kris/noelle from deltarune, never going to be canon but interesting to think about), and charisk (chara/frisk from undertale, i view them platonically honestly but i don't mind seeing ship stuff of them and i love them a looooot in general).
Okay so out of curiosity I checked Nemona's Bulbapedia page for her Masters counterpart, and came across the three comics at the bottom of the page. I didn't expect the one with Red to be somewhat adorable. That ship doesn't have an official name yet, though I did submit one in the Neverending Romance thread : "MoradoShipping" (morado means purple in spanish). Thoughts on the ship itself ?
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