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Review SM003: Hello, Roto, I'm the Rotom Pokédex, Roto!

I thought that this is a funny episode and I like the new Team Rocket motto. It's funny that Rotemdex knows that he shouldn't be pulling on Pikachu's tail and he pulls it anyways and Team Rocket's reaction towards Mimikyu. XD Bewear coming up out of nowhere and running off with Jessie and James is pretty funny.
I like that Mimikyu is different in the anime. It has an awesome design and I love ghost types but the whole "he wants to be loved :(" pity party annoyed me greatly. This Mimikyu is fueled with hatred and revenge and that's so much better.
Rotem is so annoying and I fear he will grow more annoying from here due to how much he is shown in the ending song and up until now in the show. He seems to talk quite a lot and even goes to interrupt characters as they are speaking. I hope this doesn't stay a thing and he decides to quiet down for some episodes because he is the one annoyance I have with this series so far.
The Rotom Pokedex would probably get annoying after a while into the series.
It does seem to be learning, as of the first two episodes. Maybe that'll alleve your concerns
The problem with that theory is that Rotom will continue to learn because they will continue to meet new Pokemon and new events in the region as time goes on.
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Oh my god Bewear is hilarious! He's my favorite character by a mile so far. Now if he could only give the TRio a good, strong hug.....
So in spite of the fact that I am quite well aware that there is sometimes no logic, or very little logic, to some of the things that happen in the anime, I find myself, once again, overthinking things. Namely, in the beginning of the eppy where Rotom enters the Pokedex. So, okay, what? Is there a Rotom warehouse somewhere, and Kukui can email them and order up a Rotom? "Hey, I need a Rotom for a Pokedex. Can you send one over?" And then what do they do, pop it into the electrical grid and send it on its way through the cables and wiring? And for that matter how exactly does Rotom know where Kukui's house is? Are these Rotoms trained to read map directions? Okay I seriously need some back history on this setup.

Even though I'm not a TR fan, I will say that I don't think their new art design is that awful looking. Yes, they look a little wonky, just like Ash does, but I think I'm getting used to the new art designs a little more, so I don't think it looks all that bad.

I am amused by the fact that Ash can pronounce 'Rotom' & 'Pokedex' but seems to have a problem saying 'Rotom Pokedex Form'. There's only one extra word there tacked on at the end, Ash. Try practicing, okay? You'll get the hang of it. And lol at RotomDex for pulling Pikachu's tail and everyone ending up getting a good shocking.

So when we get to the school, what the heck is up with Pikachu pushing Togedamaru around on the desk?
I don't blame RotomDex one bit for recoiling away from Sophocles and that screwdriver.
I really don't want to have to be subjected to Pokémon Puns from both Cousin Oak and RotomDex. That's too much. Kiawe's reaction is pretty much how I was feeling. Dear Arceus, even Kukui follows along and makes a move name pun, cripes.

Okay, so Ash is supposed to go catch, specifically, an Alolan Pokémon. And since he is apparently incapable of doing this on his own, we need to send the whole class with him for support. Okay, then.
So after TR's disturbing encounter with Mimikyu, Ash & Co. finally show up. I guess Mimikyu wasn't saying horribly scary things to Pikachu, Bounsweet, or Togedamaru because they didn't react with fear to whatever it was saying. The fight between Mimikyu & Pikachu seemed a little lopsided, for sure. But Pikachu was fighting a regular, fair battle while Mimikyu was apparently bolstered by its feelings of sheer hatred for the little mouse. So that's probably what made the difference. That Bewear showing up unexpectedly and carrying off J&J was just weird. Honestly, I'm surprised Mimikyu turned from its need to beat the crap out of Pikachu to go save J&J.

This was a pretty low-key episode for me. Nothing all that exciting going on, really. The next episode with Rowlet ought to pick things up a bit, I think.
Turns out they did explain Gourgeist and Inkay's absence, it's basically the same explanation they gave for Best Wishes.
Then again, Wobbuffet isn't native to Alola either, so why did Giovanni let him stay with the others?
That's 4Kids from ages ago: even 4Kids eventually had punches on screen
4Kids allowed Brock to hit Misty on-screen during season 1. They eventually started censoring battles and replacing Pokémon attacks with impact stars in AG.
Turns out they did explain Gourgeist and Inkay's absence, it's basically the same explanation they gave for Best Wishes.
Then again, Wobbuffet isn't native to Alola either, so why did Giovanni let him stay with the others?

Maybe he forgot that the Wobbuffet was Jessie's and just assumed he was a wild Pokemon like Meowth since he is now out of his Pokeball 24/7. :p
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