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Preview SM065: Ilima and Eievui IliMake Their Entrance!!

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I'm sorry to interrupt but in regards to the TRio only trying to steal Pikachu/other Pokemon around Ash this saga, before SM 58 aired, I did a quick look at the list of Sun and Moon episodes on Bulbapedia to refresh my memory on them all and remember what Team Rocket did (if they appeared at all) in each episode to see how many times they tried to steal a Pokemon around Ash and I found that out of 57 episodes of SM at the time, they only did it about 17 times. While they may not be doing much plotwise, you can't say they're going after Pikachu as much these days.
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No, I'm pretty sure I said most of the time (I even used 90% as a rough estimate) as they would appear every episode, in most as mere plot devices, since they would interrupt whatever was going on, and get their butt kicked in the most mediocre battles of the anime. Then you said and insisted that they do nothing when they appear in Sun & Moon, except when they try to kidnap Pikachu or Hoshigumo, and I digressed. That's all.
Nope. Here is your post:
On the other hand, the TRio trying to kidnap Pikachu all the time is what got them to the extreme staleness of any series prior. Not having them be like that is a huge step forward, even if it doesn't contribute to the "plot" (if there ever was one).
Nope. Here is your post:

Alright, my bad, that was meant as a hyperbole. I was actually referring to:
(...) They used to appear 90% of the time as plot devices, but in SM they've actually put the effort to actually humanize them having them not be the built-in conflict machine of every little plot-line that doesn't involve gyms nor the main villain team and actually have them do stuff beyond trying to catch Pikachu.
I'm really annoyed with this. I thought they weren't going to include Illima in the show since he didn't hold his Trial, but nope, they just gave his Trial to Hala for no reason and waited 100, years to debut him in some random episode with an Eevee. I guess I should be used to it since the trails have been spat on since the beginning of this series, but it still annoys me.
I wondering if Ilima got Z-Ring on his own with the Z-Crystal (Eevium Z) to perform on his Eevee to unleash Extreme Evoboost. If it happened. Damn, I can really see into the future.

Just kidding, it just my predication. No needed to take it seriously.

View: https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status/965058347501281280

The Pokemon twitter account has announced that Yudai Chiba will be Ilima's VA.

New screenshot:
Adamant said:
テレビ東京・あにてれ ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン

The "Prince of the Pokémon School", played by Yudai Chiba, makes his appearance?!

Actor and huge Pokémon fan Yudai Chiba is going to be a voice actor in the anime!!
The role Chiba is going to play is that of Pokémon School graduate student Ilima.
This Normal type Trainer known as the "Prince of the Pokémon School"
will be accompanied by his Partner Pokémon Eievui.
He will appear in two episodes in a row, which will air Thursday March 8th and Thursday March 15th!
What kind of role will he play?!

Airing March 8th: "Ilima and Eievui Have Ilimade Their Entrance!!"
Airing March 15th: "Smashing with Sketch! The Fierce Poké-Ping Pong Match!"
or they will introduce the Trial Captains concept in the anime??? this would be a good time.
Evn make them gym leader like with Badges.
New Summary
New summary:
Adamant said:
Satoshi and his friends are doing battle practice when the graduate student Ilima appears. Ilima is said to be the greatest prodigy that has ever attended the Pokémon School, and Satoshi and the others go to check if the many legends surrounding him are true.

There is a new news article promoting these episodes.
Adamant said:
The Legendary Prince Brings Eventful Days to the Pokémon School?!
Yudai Chiba attempts voice acting!

Yudai Chiba goes to the Pokémon world!
Famous actor Yudai Chiba is going to make an endeavor as a voice actor in the anime TV series "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon". He's playing an elite graduate student from the school named Ilima, who's the center of lots of hearsay. He's always accompanied by his partner, an Eievui. He will be appearing for two weeks in a row, March 8th and March 15th.

He also appears on "Pokénchi" dressed in Ilima-style clothes!!
"Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?" is a TV show where the hosts play Pokémon-inspired games with guests, have Pokémon battles with viewers, and so on, every week. (Airs Sunday March 4th from 8am to 8:30am). This week they'll also show a status report from Yudai Chiba's Pokémon anime voice actor dubbing session.
VA List & New Summaries
The graduate student Ilima has come to the Pokémon School. And it appears he's an incredible Trainer with all kinds of legends surrounding him...
Also, the person serving as Ilima's voice actor is actor and Pokémon fan Yudai Chiba!

Ilima, a Trainer accompanied by an Eievui, has come to the Pokémon School. Ilima is a strong graduate student known as "The Prince of the Pokémon School", and it's said that many legends speak of his prowess. Satoshi and the others take an interest in the legends surrounding Ilima and decide to spend some time with him to find out if they are true or not, but then the Skull Gang shows up...
Also, the person serving as Ilima's voice actor is actor Yudai Chiba!

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Daisuke Namikawa: Rotom
Kei Shindo: Lilie
Kaito Ishikawa: Kaki
Reina Ueda: Mao
Hitomi Kikuchi: Suiren
Fumiko Takekuma: Māmane
Keiichi Nakagawa: Professor Kukui
Unsho Ishizuka: Principal Okido
Yudai Chiba: Ilima
Mika Kanai: Togedemaru
Rikako Aikawa: Ashimari
Chika Fujimura: Amamaiko
Chinami Nishimura: Nyaheat
Kenta Miyake: Bakugames
Yuji Ueda: Zubat
Risa Shimizu: Eievui
Tsuguo Mogami: Kagetora
Toru Sakurai: Skull Gang Member
Soshiro Hori: Skull Gang Member
Madoka Asahina: Skull Gang Member
Wait Kagetora, the Eevee guy from that SM/USUM post-game sidequest appears? Huh. Well he is the one who gives away Eevium Z so I guess that could be his connection to Ilima in this episode.
Wait, what?!
*quickly looks at the voice actor list again*
Holy damn, you're right! Now that's something I definitely didn't see coming! Maybe the class goes to do the Eevium Z quest from the games so that Ilima can get it? Or something like that?
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