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Music Songs you associate with fictional characters

Jun 8, 2019
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Inspired by Torchic's "What song(s) do you associate with your ship(s)?" thread, only this time the question is: what song(s) do you associate with your favorite character(s)? The ones that, for one reason or another, you feel like just suit them perfectly.

You're absolutely welcome to include some relevant snippets of the lyrics too, if you like.
I associate certain SMITE Gods with songs.
"Bodies" by Drowning Pool for Ah Puch, (Because he literally lets the bodies hit the floor).
"You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi for Cupid (He literally sings part of this song as one of his taunts)
"Thunderstruck" by AC/DC for Raijin ( Although I suppose it also works for Thor)
"Go the Distance" by Michael Bolton and "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera For Hercules and Mulan respectively (Because Disney, Also the song "You're Welcome" from Moana, for Maui is just another obvious pick, Now that he is in the game)
Also "Be Prepared " from the 1994 animated Disney classic The Lion King is perfect for Set. If you know Egyptian mythology, Then you'll totally understand why.
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The song "Stop The Pigeon" reminds me of Barry/Jun and vice versa. I made this association when I started watching the anime at like 10, and ever since it pops in my head whenever I'm rewatching an episode where he appears.
Around 2011, I crafted up an AMV involving the Tremaine family (from Cinderella) and Courtney Gears (from Ratchet & Clank) teaming up to terrorize the universe in responce to a forum on the KH Wiki in regards to the former's portrayal in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The song of the AMV is The Extreme from Final Fantasy VIII. Nearly 12 years on, I still somewhat associate the song with the four villains, playing it after their deaths in BBS and UYA.

I seem to find Into the Unknown (Frozen II) as fitting for Jak, as the lyrics suit his arc in the third game. Early on, he insists he's had his adventures and didn't need something new (he was banished, and rejected Ashelin's offer to return), but in the end, his powers started to grow (Jak just gained the ability to use Light Eco), and he craves to meet the ones guiding him (the Precursors) on his new journey to learn how to control his powers (he turns them down in the end). Also, Jak is the Prince of Haven City even though his father was overthrown years prior.
some random examples:

e.v.o.l. by marina and the diamonds fits homura akemi from puella magi madoka magica perfectly, i mean she literally turned into the devil out of her weird twisted love for madoka

monster by lady gaga always reminded me of tsukasa yugi from toilet bound hanako-kun, specifically the lyric "he ate my heart" and how tsukasa literally forcefed mitsuba the heart of a supernatural

i'm poppy by poppy gives me monika from doki doki literature club vibes, the robotic and upbeat voices over a weird hyperpop beat and the feeling that poppy is this all knowing god that everyone wants to be really fits how monika progresses throughout the game

dumpster girl by jack stauber, while the song is about hiding a body (i think?), the line "paint the bruises on" reminds me of lime from witch's heart tendencies to self-harm in the ways that the other demons died. also everyone reading this play witch's heart, it's so unbelievably good.

hermit the frog, also by marina and the diamonds, reminds me of shijima mei from toilet bound hanako-kun so much that i almost made an animatic of it.

kitchen fork by jack conte (who, fun fact, is the ceo of patreon now? who would've known he started off making indie pop) fits sunny from omori perfectly well to the point its kinda weird. the motifs of dreams, the way it builds up into this horrifying waltz of doom, the line "pick out her heart with a kitchen fork", everything about this song can be connected to him in some way
For some reason, I always associate the "Vs. Team Star Boss" theme with F-Zero X due to the fast pace of the song. But if I had to choose a specific character, I'd go with Jack Levin, the pilot of the Astro Robin who happens to be a star singer.
I have a massive mental list of songs that remind me of fictional characters, and I want to make animatics for every single one (even if I can't make a video to save my life) So here are some Pokémon ones:

Birdhouse in your Soul by They Might Be Giants reminds me of Miraidon (specifically Miraidon, not Koraidon), but it's a bit of a stretch lol
"There's a picture opposite me
Of my primitive ancestry
Which stood on rocky shores
And kept the beaches shipwreck free
Though I respect that a lot
I'd be fired if that were my job
After killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts"

Kiss me Son of God, another They Might Be Giants song, reminds me of both Sada and Turo (and timekeeper cookie run but that's not a pokémon character shhh)
oh god i associate songs with characters literally all the time, like for a pokemon-related example then alice's magical happy world by natsuyama yotsugi really reminds me of the scarlet/violet femc (i know her name is juliana but i like to think it's alice half because of that song and half because it's just the name i used for all my initial playthrough female protagonists back when i was younger and didn't know i was a guy yet) but i have like a million or whatever other songs i associate with random characters from things i like
I admittedly don’t listen to much popular music and I tend to associate video game music more with ideas than with characters, haha. That said, this song here that I came across long ago started to sound a lot like a sympathetic interpretation of a certain red-haired rival’s character arc after a few listens (especially with its title: “Infinite Possibilities”):

@beryllium, I wonder if you might agree with me?
i don't have many songs i associate with pokémon characters, but one i do like is city of delusion by muse as a volo song. for non-pokémon characters, off the top of my head i mostly just have undertale ones lol... the strongest ones i have are supremacy and survival also both by muse, which are the gaster songs of all time for me (at least for my interpretation of him), especially survival. i think of him quite literally every time i listen.
Omg yesss I have so many of these!
to keep it (kind of) simple, I’ll only put a few!
also some of these are my pokeverse specific

Page by ed Sheeran is a very Kieran from the scvi dlc to me
The day I was born also by ed Sheeran is my pokeverse Hilda in between bw and bw2 (warning there is one swear somewhere in the song)
Bad blood by Taylor swift is my pokeverse malva (and diantha I guess NOT SHIP HERE)
For keeps by Preston Pablo is my pokeverse Ethan (and kris I guess) it just gives me his vibes

edit: this thread is perfect for me. I literally can’t listen to my local radio without associating a song with a character
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Double post but I’ve got so many more now (most of these will be from my verse unless I saY so)

the ones above plus:

Photograph by ed Sheeran (omg look at my blog to see my rambling on this but it’s so sad if you think about it like this from hilberts perspective before he gets sucked into the light stone… and he’s telling Hilda to always remember him…..)

confetti by charlotte Cardin is a Serena song. That’s all I’m gonna say.

curtains by ed Sheeran is an x pokespe song

stoned and day I was born are Hilda songs for what she’s got going on between b2w2 and bw, and spring and spark are the bw kids in b2w2 (all by ed Sheeran)

blue (ed sheeran) is a Bianca inbetween bw and b2w2 song

I’ll grow up tomorrow by the beaches is a hilda post b2w2 song

guess my favourite artist and who I’ve been brainrotting over :)
The reason why I didn't share any of my own when I made this thread was because I think if I tried to list every single song I associated with any particular character, I'd be here all day. :p But I'll share a few for my top three faves.

This is a bit of an old one for me, but when I was younger I always thought the song "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City was really fitting for Ash. The lyrics match spot-on with his insatiable drive to try new things and explore the world, and the fact that even if he has to leave friends behind in the process, he always promises to see them again someday. It... um... makes me a little sad now :')

Similarly, I can't seem to separate in my mind All Time Low's "Therapy" and Dashboard Confessional's "Vindicated" from Gary. I listened to these songs a lot in high school when I was first getting back into the anime, and I couldn't not think about them in relation to his gradual change of heart in the aftermath of his Indigo League loss. "Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to; they're better off without you..." / "And I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well..."

And lastly, my favorite songs to associate with Misty are "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson and "Come Clean" by Hilary Duff. Both of them are kind of about escaping from your current life and finally getting to do what you want and be who you really dream of being, which I think is relevant to how her journey played out. Also she just kinda reminds me of that specific brand of early-00s girl pop music in general, like Britney Spears, A*Teens, M2M etc. lol.
Oh wait

Enchanted by Taylor swift is such an anime Serena/amourshipping song, but more Serena’s crush on him than a full ship, so I put it here. It fits so well….. I could sit here all day and obsess over songs but I have school and a life (and New Romantics by Taylor swift is a song I associate with a friend, who’s a big swiftie, but alas. She’s real. Can’t obsess over it)
I have a bunch of character-song associations, but most of them are for my OC's so uh...I do have a few for fictional characters not spawned in my brain, though.

I think Monster by Skillet is fitting for Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, at least what I know about him (I've read a good deal about VII, but haven't actually played it). The song as a whole fits (I think), but one of the lines in the chorus is "The nightmare's just begun" and Vincent's theme in the game is titled "The Nightmare Begins", so that's especially fitting. (Also, this song is very much metal, so if that's not your musical genre please consider yourself warned before listening!)

Very random, but I associate The Goose From Smolensk by Mannheim Steamroller with the Goose from Untitled Goose Game. Not just because of the title, either, the song sounds like mischief and chaos.

I somewhat associate Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon with Emmet thanks to this animatic.
Animatics spawn so many character-song associations… it’s a ship but an animatic made me associate love story by Taylor swift with contestshipping

And idk if I’ve said this already, but photograph by ed Sheeran is Hilda and Hilbert before Hilbert gets sucked into the light stone in my verse…. I could make a line by line analysis of that song actually I am not ok at this point go to my blog request it idk I want to but idk if anyone will look at it… I’m doing it anyways
Just a few minutes ago I realised how fitting the song Fish in a Birdcage is for Arven's Mabosstiff.

I'm a fish inside a birdcage
My brother always sings me songs
With his beak, he tries to soothe me
He makes me feel that I belong

He has a wild imagination
And tells me things that must be true
Like there's a world where I can take flight
Where I can freely move

May be a stretch, but I'm someone who interprets songs however they want XP
This is a bit of an old one for me, but when I was younger I always thought the song "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City was really fitting for Ash. The lyrics match spot-on with his insatiable drive to try new things and explore the world, and the fact that even if he has to leave friends behind in the process, he always promises to see them again someday. It... um... makes me a little sad now :')
Oh my god I love Owl City and this song is just so absolutely cute for Ash... It really is so melancholic now T_T

I wanted to post in this thread for a while but I kept getting scared away by my own shyness. I actually still make character playlists like I'm perpetually living in 2010 (because I am) so I'll pull a few from them LOL

I feel bad this will mostly be the same sets of characters but different reasons why they're associated.

Stillness in Woe & Dust Hymn by Purity Ring (can you tell I really like Purity Ring?) I've always loved how gentle Megan's voice sounds in these songs, she can sing about some pretty dark stuff while still sounding really serene, and that's why these two songs particularly remind me of my beloved boy Emmet. Both are solemn songs about loss, the first a more violent depiction and the other more somber. I feel like I wouldn't do either of these songs justice if I broke down the lyrics to explain why, so just break them down yourself and let me know if you see the same image I'm piecing together. :)

--In a very similar vein to the above, Extension of You by Mili also gives the same essence for Emmet (the 5th verse still strikes a chord in me).

Virus by KLOUD is so Lobotomy Corporation coded, it isn't even funny. It's practically Angela's story in a nutshell. Point of No Return by Starset is very much Ayin coded too.

aaaand finally, Ricochet by Starset reminds me of Ingo. The lyrics to this one are so heavy and full of regret and yearning, god they're still so good. Icarus by Bastille as well also reminds me of him, because it just seems like a very big brother thing to do to worry about a certain someone else crashing and burning before your eyes. (It's also very Yesod from Lob Corp, but I won't get into that). :bulbaLol:
screams internally

So um. I kinda went and speed ran a bunch of Taylor swift albums, aka going to Spotify and skipping around in the songs to find which ones I like. A few ended up fitting my characters

I did something by bad Two things: one: wow I really need a reputation Taylor’s version
Two: this is literally the best villain arc song everrrr
Currently putting this with my Gardevoir gijinka

The archer. Unironically, most of this song is katniss Everdeen from the hunger games.
Look at the lyrics aaaaaah
“I've been the archer
I've been the prey
Who could ever leave me, darling?
But who could stay?”
AAAAAAAH literally katniss

I know places also by Taylor swift is also a katniss song. Yes.

“'Cause they got the cages, they got the boxes
And guns
They are the hunters, we are the foxes
And we run

Baby, I know places we won't be found, and
They'll be chasing their tails trying to track us down
'Cause I, I know places we can hide“

If you’ve read or watched the hunger games, it’s yes.

So yea. That’s it.
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