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[SPOILERS] What did you get from Jacq's egg in Teal Mask?

Turtwig... I don't dislike the Turtwig line but Chimchar is my go to for the Sinnoh so would've been nice to get one of those. Also, Torterra looks tiny walking around in Let's Go mode lol.
Here's a question. Does anyone think we get something similar for the Indigo Disk dlc?
I'm not really sure. All the starters are gonna be catchable there.

Though tbf, so are the Sinnoh starters afaik, so adding this was already kinda redundant so idk.
pretty sure it said "all past 'first partner' (starter) pokemon"
i would assume this includes sinnoh's (as well as the ones made available through tera raid events)
My first four attempts netted me Piplup. Number five was a Lonely Nature Chimchar that I gave his HA and used for a successful shiny hunt in October. (Took me FOUR FREAKING GAMES but I hatched my little raspberry monkey and he's coming with me to Blueberry Academy!)
This thread contains some minor, non-story, gift Pokemon spoilers for The Teal Mask.

Early on in Teal Mask, just outside Mossui Town on the eastern side, you can find Jacq right off the path. After you talk with him, he'll proceed to give you an egg.

This egg will contain one of the three Sinnoh starters at random. So one of either Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup.

Given it's randomized, I'm curious, which did you end up getting? Mine ended up being a Piplup.
I got Turtwig. I see people claiming it would match your starter's type, but my starter was Fuecoco.

I didn’t know this AT ALL and damnit, that might have been useful. Well, my team as it stands doesn’t really need anything the gen4 starters could provide so…
(Modern day) Sinnoh starters can be found in the Terarium, as I've seen and caught a few myself after activating them.

My hatched starter was Piplup. I started Violet with Fuecoco, and BD with Chimchar, so what's in the egg is obviously random.
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