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[SPOILERS] Which are your favorite Pokemon from Gen IX's full roster?


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May 13, 2014
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Hi guys :bulbaWave: Scarlet & Violet have introduced 103 new creatures to the vast world of Pokemon, so I'm sure at least one of them won your heart over. In this thread you can talk about which Pokemon are your favorite, whether it's because of the design, because it reminds you of something else, because it appeals to your tastes, because of the animations, etc. Just remember that if you are going to talk about a Pokemon's impact on the story use the spoiler tags.

You can talk about your favorite, your Top 5, your Top 10 or all Gen IX Pokemon if you liked them all. You can check the full list here.

Have fun!
My top 5:
  1. Bramblin/Brambleghast
  2. Garganacl
  3. Revavroom
  4. Clodsire
  5. Glimmora
I'm usually not the biggest fan of most Grass- nor Ghost-types, but Bramblin and Brambleghast have absolutely captured my heart this gen. Their designs are just so adorably creepy-looking and I love how they move by rolling around all carefree. They're perfect :bulbaLove:

Though Garganacl is a very close runner-up for second. It's cute, it has a great signature ability, and it's able to both take a hit and pack a punch. What's not to like?

I ended up having 4 out of 5 of these permanently on my team throughout the main story (just excluding Glimmora). Gen IX has some very standout designs this time around, and I'm glad it was easy for me to have a full team of new Pokémon that I really liked.
Most of the designs are meh for me this gen, if I'm honest. Not bad, but not great either. It's kind of a mixed bag of inconsistent design sensibilities.

None the less, I ended up loving Meowscarada even more. I already liked it from the leaks, but its animations added more personality to it. Flower Trick makes me feel like I'm actually playing a high budget proper RPG when I watch it and makes me yearn for more attack animations like that. What a beautiful Pokemon. It's Grass-type Delphox, but better, and I love it. I love the entire Sprigatito line, in fact. Sprigatito itself is adorable, and Floragato is like Braixen/Riolu - badassish but still very cute.

One big surprise for me was Pawmo and Pawmot. Kind of caught a Pawmi on a whim and I'm glad I added it to my team. I love their idle animations - the way they hold their forepaws up is cute. Not only that, but these Pokemon have been the most useful on my team. Electric/Fighting is a great typing and Thunder Wave has been useful for catching things.

My ultimate favorite is Chien-Pao though. I haven't gotten it in-game yet, but seeing it through the leaks and various images... it's everything I love in a creature. A sleek, lengthy body, mammal, and feline. I don't quite like the way its sword teeth are stabbing through its face - that looks painful. But it's still cool. A worthy design for a snow leopard. Its more simplistic design reminds me of Gen I/Gen II and I adore that. I can easily see it as an old Gameboy-style sprite in my mind.

While I'm still not overly fond of most of the designs, I must say the game does a great job giving them more personality through their animations.
There's a lot of Pokemon I'm fond of in Paldea; I don't think I can explain all of them but here are plenty of examples:

Skeledirge: My loyalty with Fuecoco paid off here; this is a ghoulish creep of a crocodile. Beats Feraligatr really hard. One that happens to have a little bird ghost that helps it in battle, too.

Convergent Species: I was invested in the idea to begin with. As much as I liked Regional Forms and for how I was glad it became a recurring feature; it was kinda limited by the fact that it kinda has to be the same creature regardless of how it adapted to the environment. So, here we have variants regardless of positioning in the animal kingdom; and I was already a sucker for the concept of "Convergent Evolution" in real life. People seem to have mixed reactions once they were finally revealed/discovered, but I really enjoyed what debuted. Garden eels were already one of my favorite piscine animals, so it was a given that I'd enjoy goofy Wiglett and Wugtrio; but Toedscool and Toedscruel were real cute shrooms. Toedscool with how utterly fast its feelers can take it, and Toedscruel with it bouncing around. Their Shinies are also great, too. Toedscool being a pretty white fungus is one thing, but Toedscruel happens to mesh some of my favorite colors in a nice package.

Veluza: It was a Pokemon I got a glimpse off back when the leak cycle was going on, and I already quite enjoyed what I glimpsed, but my enamoring grew when I saw the whole thing and understood what the hake fish was. We're talking about a fish that can literally rip out its own flesh from the bone; that's edgy, man. I've always liked skeletal creatures: I main Dry Bones whenever they are playable in Super Mario Bros. franchise spin-off titles, I really like the Fiends from Shin Megami Tensei/Persona, and I also happen to have an interest in paleontology; thus, old bones of dead, ancient animals. Maybe it's tangential, but the subject of paleontology be relevant if you haven't already noticed the swollen mural of text below.

Cetitan: Definitely has more character than Wailord. It's a hulking cetacean with a spiky body, a minimalist palette with colors that I appreciate, and it's a terrestrial version of sea life. And it's based off a cryptid/monster, too. I'm a fan of cryptozoology, so this was a neat culmination of things I enjoy.

Houndstone: When I first heard of there being "three dog families" debuting this gen; me and other people interpreted this as a reincarnation of the goddawful Elemental Monkey trio from Gen 5. But while it took a while, Greavard endeared to me. It's a sharp fanged good boy that comes out of the grave; who reminds me of a certain Boss Ghost from the first Luigi's Mansion. Houndstone magnified that by being a whole-ass skeleton dog with a grave being the cherry on top. I also dig its special "Last Respects" move, too. Both conceptually and for how broken it was.

Revavroom: I didn't use this one in my Scarlet playthrough, but it's definitely gonna be in my Violet team. I quite fancy Pokemon with a punk aesthetic, and I've never really minded most inanimate object Pokemon at all. This thing is, to put it under the diction vaguely resembling 90's culture: utterly killer and radical. It's a spooky engine monster with a creepy muffler tongue.

Dudunsparce: This thing is hilarious to me. Everyone and their mother pretty much wanted Dunsparce to evolve, and most interpretations of such a creature were pretty much all these angelic serpent things that are meant to be badass or dignified. (Ex. Dunseraph from Pokemon Uranium) What did Game Freak design? Literally the same freaking creature but with a copy-pased torso to form a segmented body. This thing is like an official shitpost and I find it so audacious that it wraps around to be just cosmically side-busting.

Tinkaton: This thing is a walking psychopath that murders giant birds of prey and rips their armored coating off to make its hammer. A hammer that gives it a signature move boasting a whopping Base Power of 160. Of course I used this thing on my Scarlet journey.

Tatsugiri: Mmm, sushi. Mmm, forms that represent other versions of sushi. Mmm, another unconventional dragon. Mmm.

Clodsire: The leakers mentioned that Paldean Wooper evolved into something resembling the original beta design of Wooper; which enticed me since I find that incarnation way cuter than the final design. While it wasn't what I'd thought it be, it invokes the cuteness all the same. What a nice poisonous plooper it is.

Ancient Paradox Pokemon: The entire Paradox Pokemon group was the one thing I was anticipating the most throughout the leak cycle, but I was especially invested in the 'Ancient' group; owing to my interest in dinosaurs and paleontology in general. I was already a fan of Ultra Beasts and greatly preferred the concept of 'extant, but dangerous Pokemon that are treated akin to cryptids' over the deified beings that Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon So, when I learned about Paradox Pokemon, I was invested. I always liked variants of Pokemon, and it was intriguing to hear that Paradox Pokemon are counterparts of Pokemon that aren't fully evolved (Ex. Jigglypuff, Misdreavus, Magneton) or Pokemon not really considered viable (Ex. Hariyama, Donphan, Delibird) but are statistically and role-wise comparable to Ultra Beasts. Helping matters is that Jigglypuff and Misdreavus are already among my favorite Pokemon anyway, and likewise I have small fondness for Magneton and Volcarona.
...and my interest payed off, hot damn: I love the shit out of Scream Tail and Flutter Mane, I quite enjoy Slither Wing, Great Tusk, and Sandy Shocks, and I also have fondness Brute Bonnet. Roaring Moon isn't my thing, but I feel like it's a 'cool design'; looking more like an Elder Dragon from Monster Hunter and/or something out of Final Fantasy. I really like how monstrous and feral the Ancient Paradoxes are; they collectively look like fusions of their corresponding bases and antediluvian interpretations of dinosaurs; which is fitting since they're all recorded in the 'dubious paranormal magazine' called Occulture.

Iron Jugulis: I'm not really into the Future Paradoxes by comparison, but Hydreigon happens to be one of my favorite Pseudo-Legendaries, and this thing has quite possibly the most hilarious background of the Paradox Pokemon in general. Seriously, look at this entry from Pokemon Scarlet:
"It resembles a certain Pokémon introduced in a paranormal magazine, described as the offspring of a Hydreigon that fell in love with a robot."

Honorable mentions that I mostly just didn't feel like elaborating on lest I clog this post but whatever: Annihilape, Grafaiai, Bellibolt, Baxcalibur, Scovillian, Rabsca, Wo-Chien, Chi-Yu.
1. Quaquaval. My starter. Amazing design.
2. Houndstone. Funny designed Pokemon. I love its inspiration as well, since it hits so close to home.
3. Kilowattrel. Funny design and actually a really good Pokemon.
4. Cetitan. Despite Ice being one of my favorite types... i don't like many Ice types much design wise. Cetitan is something different though... as i love it a lot.
5. Kingambit. An absolutely top-tier design for a Bisharp evo.

There are more i like, but those four are my absolute favorites... and thats for now, since i use them in the game.
Quaxly/Quaquaval: One of my favourite Paldea mons. Surprisingly since starters are rarely among my favourites for a region. They have so much personality and their animations are so much fun.

Revavroom: Really liked Revavroom ever since I saw it in the trailers but wasn't sure how it would look in game. I would say I still really like the Pokemon although I kinda wish it actually drove around instead of floating. Not quite what I expected but still great.

Bombirdier: I liked Bombirdier almost immediately, even more after reading their dex entries. They seem like such a jerk that likes to terrorize others for fun. Also I love the eyes, they really capture the "I just want to annoy you" vibe. I named my Bombirdier "Morticia" because of the colour palette and the morbid vibe.

Espathra: This one has grown on me a lot while having it on my team. It was one of the mons I wasn't sure about adding to my team but I'm glad that I did because I've really warmed up to this Pokemon. (I liked the design it was just the colour palette I was unsure about)

Nacli/Garganacl: Similar to Espathra I almost didn't have this guy on my team but it's been such a powerhouse in my play through and has been so reliable. It's easily my favourite of the three stage "just a rock guy" archetypes (Golem, Coalossal, Gigalith etc) they've ever created.

Capsakid/Scovillain: I love that they created a chilli pepper Pokemon. I think it has an interesting design (a kind of drama masks vibe going on) although I wish it had another evolution. I probably prefer Capsakid slightly, it's really cute... when it's happy it does that jump where they tap their feet together, it's a really cute animation.

Dodonzo/Tatsugiri: I like both of these mon a lot. It's mainly their typing(conflict with Quaquaval), availability and that they seemed to be a dual act that kept them from being considered for my team. I could see myself using them on a future team though.

Arboliva: Probably the Pokemon that only just missed out on a spot on my team. I love the design which I wasn't expecting since I wasn't quite as in love with Dolliv. Honestly it came down to it and Scovillain and the latter just pipped it because of the unique type combination.

Glimmora: Another one that came so close to being on my team. It reminds me of an ultra beast in the best way. Seeing it's animations in game have sold me more on it too. It's a weirdo but I like the weirdo Pokemon. :p

Gimmighoul/Ghouldengo: I thought I'd end up using Gimmighoul on my team but Revavroom and the awkwardness of the evolution method kinda stopped that. I like Gimmighoul more but Ghouldengo has still grown on me. Easily one of the more bonkers Pokemon designs in recent memory.

Iron Bundle: My favourite paradox Pokemon. I haven't caught one yet but I've seen it's battle animations and they're brilliant. Might have actually used one on my team if it had been available earlier.

Palafin: This one has grown on me a lot. I think it's the concept that really sells me on it, probably the most fun concept for a Pokemon this gen. I think as well I was never as desperate for a dolphin Pokemon as some people were so it being so unusual doesn't bother me.

Dachsbun/Houndstone/Mabosstiff: I wasn't a big fan of Fidough and I liked Greavard well enough but I feel like they're evolutions really improved them. Mabosstiff I didn't really rate at all but it's growing on me as I play the game. Some very solid dog mon designs.

Tarountula: This guy is up there as one of my favourites this gen, I was immediately drawn to him as soon as I saw him. Unfortunately Spidops is one of my least favourite mons this gen, so that's extremely disappointing. Feels like a lot of wasted potential.

Wo-Chien: Haven't caught it yet but it's my favourite of the four ruinous legends. It has a muted colour palette that you don't usually see in Pokemon, it definitely has an ancient mysterious vibe.

Fuecoco: I think I have to mention that Fuecoco is super cute. Only reason I didn't pick them is because I liked Quaquaval a lot more than Skeledirge. (and I liked Quaxly too anyway)

I'll also give a shout out to Veluza, Cetoddle, Grafaiai, Farigiraf, Tinkaton, Kilowattrel and Lokix. Also solid designs.
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Haven't beat the game yet but I already have a few

Tinkaton line: this pink gremlin wielding a giant hammer stole my heart too fast

Lokix line: Nymble surprised me since it was so small then Lokix a ninja bug Kamen rider Pokemon was way too cool lol

Mousehold: just a funny Pokemon to me, just a family of mice that beats you up

Dudunsparce: it finally evolved and this is what they so with it is just perfect

Finizen/Palafin: just happy they finally have a dolphin Pokemon

Armarouge/Ceruledge: just two fire Megaman characters that look cool

More to come as I play more
Dachsbun might be my new favourite Pokémon overall tbh. I love baking and I love dogs, plus it reminds me of my own dog.

As for the rest I ofcourse love Farigiraf and Clodsire (Girafarig and Wooper being in my top 5 favourite Pokémon already). I've also grown really fond of Skeledirge and weirdly enough Miraidon. It's just really fun when your bike begs for a piece of your sandwich like a puppy.
Annihilape just looks amazing and its name is also amazing. Plus the Fighting/Ghost type combination is just "chef kiss*.

If i ever get the game i'm definitely putting it in my team.
So far I have to say Fidough's evolution is my fav, it's sooo adorable. I'm a dog person that likes a lot of bakery goods too, so I was looking forward to this one. Ceruledge is really up there too though, it's so badass looking.
I have to say that Flamigo is growing on me immensely.

Caught and used it early on and its actually a really solid Pokemon..

You can make the argument its just a pink Flamingo Pokemon and that its design is boring and bland, but that just hits home its inspiration more imo... not every Pokemon needs to be overdesigned or designed weirdly since sometimes, simplistic is key.
I like Lokix and its shiny (very evident), Clodsire, Ceruledge, Miraidon, Garganacl, and Slither Wing.
Lokix: Kick
Clodsire: Huggable
Ceruledge: I don't play Megaman, but I get the resemblance. Love the blades
Miraidon: The superior ride mon, of any ride mon in any game.
Garganacl: salt cures you
Slither Wing: Love this more than the future Volcarona. Actually still looks like it.

Honorable mention to Houndtone, who is a competitive menace in competitive but the head is ugly to me.
In no particular order,
  • Skeledirge: Quite unsure about this one the first time I saw it, but it grew on me very quickly. And the more beastly starter in quite a while is much appreciated.
  • Quaquaval: I love birds and I love water type. And I also like its design and animation.
  • Scovillain: Again, quite unsure the first time I saw it, and it's still growing on me as I use it on my team. But the type combination is one that I wanted to try using for a while.
  • Kilowattrel: Many people said that the design is too simple, but that's actually what I like about it. And Electric/Flying is a good type combo.
  • Glimmora: One Pokémon that I like but couldn't find the way to fit into my party. Maybe I'll try using it in rotation with Clodsire.
  • Wo-Chien: Love at first sight. It just feels very majestic yet mysterious at the same time. Very fitting for a legendary.
  • Chi-Yu: I really like the way its body is modelled like a painting contrasting it with the magatama eyes.
  • Tinkaton line: While I don't necessarily love the design, I really like the lore behind the whole line. The way it went from bullied to be the bully is just hilarious.
  • Clodsire: A Quagsire, but it lay down on it's belly. Really cute.

The runner ups are Flamigo, Ceruledge, Annihilape, and some other Pokémons that I might forgot to include.
Honestly very hard—all the good ones are just awesome. Probably either: dachsbun, fidough, sub legends, sprig, cetitan, arctibax, great tusk, roaring moon…
Big ones the stand out to me right now are:

Maushold - These guys are adorable, not to mention a really viable member of my team that helped me out quite a bit.

Tinkaton - Genius concept for a mon. Also Gigaton Hammer is absolutely busted, lol.

Meowscarada - might be my new favorite fully evolved Grass starter. Suave and badass.

Annihilape - I never really cared about about the Mankey line beforehand, but Annihilape turned that around. One of the absolute peaks of cross gen evos.

Grafaiai - Liked this guy before launch, but seeing him in-game think I like em even more. Love when they go a little more obscure with the animals they choose to become Pokemon.

Espathra - was not crazy about this one initially seeing the datamines, but after having one on my team, gotta say I've grown to very much appreciate it. Love it's funky coloration and Egyptian pharaoh inspiration. Flittle's a pretty dumb pre-evo though, lol.

Arboliva - Such a cool looking design. Didn't have room for it on my team due to having the grass quota already filled with Meowscarada, but I wish I did.

Dudunsparce - people seem mixed on this guy, but imo it's exactly what a Dunsparce evo should be. Like how it doesn't detract from the original design that much, if at all lol. Think it's a perfect in-between of making Dunsparce a bit more viable without losing what made it well... Dunsparce

Koraidon - I've gotten pretty close and personal with this guy thanks to general events of the game and I've really grown to appreciate it. Love it's SUPER MINOR STORY STUFF obsession with sandwiches . Gives me heavy doggo vibes.

Probably a lot more I could mention , but there's are the first that really stand out
Skeledirge - I guess I like starters who look intimidating but are total softies. I liked Emboar, after all. Skeledirge takes it even further by being a sensitive, soulful musician. I just kinda wish its signature move was less busted.

Meowscarada - I didn't choose Sprigatito. But people who did got a solid final form. I like its whole tricky stage magician/jester schtick (and it's pretty neat that all the starters' final forms are entertainers of some kind.)

Dudunsparce - Such a silly evolution that I can't help but love it. Hyper Drill feels like a throwback to classic gen 1/gen 2 moves in a good way.

Flamigo - I first caught it because we finally got a flamingo Pokemon. I stuck with it because of how gloriously goofy yet secretly badass it is. And honestly, it isn't "just a flamingo." It's got some lawn ornament and balloon animal influences too.

Tinkaton - Easily one of the more unique Pokemon I've used in a playthrough gameplay-wise. It's got the stats of a stone wall, but every other turn it can compensate for that with a ludicrously strong signature move.

Baxcalibur - I haven't used this one. I've only been on the receiving end of its sweep when the last Elite Four member used it. But I'm glad we finally have a non-legendary Dragon/Ice-type (though I'm not sure if its back fin is supposed to be an actual glaive, a sword, or an axe...)

Clodsire - I also haven't used this one. It's adorable and I kinda wish I did.

Koraidon - I expected to like Miraidon. But this precious prehistoric dragon who acts like an adorable pupper grew on me so much. Making the version legendary a traveling partner was such a good idea and now I love 'em. (Thank god it's not another Fire/Dragon box legendary. I kinda predicted Flying/Dragon but Fighting works too.)

Sandy Shocks - This one's apparently one of the less well-received Paradox Pokemon. I don't care. A weird-looking ancient proto-Magneton is an oddly cool concept. I'm biased because I love Magneton, okay?

Roaring Moon - Mega Evolution finally gets a call-back! (Honestly, I like this Pokemon more than regular Mega Salamence.) I wiped to this Pokemon a few times. Easily the most imposing Past Paradox Pokemon.

Iron Valiant - I haven't played Violet yet. But as a fan of Phantasy Star Online (2), how could I not love a Pokemon that looks like a CAST wielding a Double Saber?

Iron Moth - The other Future Paradox Pokemon that scratches my PSO2 itch.

Armarouge and Ceruledge - The designs alone are so good that I have to try using them at some point.
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