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[SPOILERS] Your favorite song/theme from SV?

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
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Is there any music you've enjoyed in Scarlet/Violet? Anything that's made you stop playing for a minute just to listen?? Discuss them all here.

I really like the Tera Raid Battle music; it's clearly one of Toby Fox's tracks, and he's as talented as ever. I'm also a huge fan of Cassiopeia's battle theme, it's just AWESOME and it pertains to my personal music taste a ton.
I love the jarring contrast between the Gym Leader and Elite Four themes. The former is loose and fun while the latter is just pure, unadulterated tension.
I love Area Zero. I have always been a bigger fan of atmosphere than grand battle theme. It's my new favorite along with N's castle bridge from Gen 5 and Disaster Looming from PLA. I just love late end game themes.

My only complaint is that I don't think it suits Violet as well. They should have given it a theme like Opelucid City in Black and different environments to match the theme of each version.
The battle theme for the Treasures of Ruin legendaries is my top favorite track. The Chinese music really fits their lore and designs, and it just sounds so cool.

The gym leader theme is also quite nice to listen to as well, though only the first part for me. It's got a bit of a jazzy tune to it, and I love music like that.

Area Zero's theme is also a pretty neat track, definitely my second favorite song. It sounds so unnatural (in a good way) yet beautiful at the same time, it meshes pretty well together. Has a nice prehistoric and futuristic vibe to it, which is fitting for this installment. Also, the occasional chorus you hear is just fantastic! Honestly, this track wouldn't sound too out of place in a MegaTen game.
Since we have spoilers in the title, I won't worry about spoiling my answers...

  • I have mixed feelings about the Gym Battle Theme, which is another dynamic song akin to Galar's. I like the third movement the best (as well as the intro) before the fourth movement, but the chanting in the fourth movement sours the song for me; it feels like an inferior version to Galar's, which was amazing.
  • Team Yell Grunt Theme. Yes, the grunt battle theme - it is amazing and makes me feel like I am in a cosmic atmosphere, especially when it hits its stride around the 1:20 mark. That such an incredible song is wasted on lowly grunts who tend to use only one Pokémon (preventing you from hearing everything in ordinary circumstances) is a waste. It feels more like a boss battle theme! I wish this played during the Team Star Leader battles instead...
  • Elite Four Theme. My game was affected by the music bug, so the first time I heard it it looped the first several seconds...which was interesting but disappointing; I know there are some people who actually like that loop though. Thankfully, a cursory Google search revealed how I could fix it, which allowed me to hear the full song in the remaining battles. It reminds me of Unova and Alola's themes - I love the seriousness to it.
  • Geeta's Theme. Another cool song. I love how it actually takes cues and motifs from previous games' songs! It's like an amalgamation of music, with its own Spanish flourishes as well. I like it much better than Leon and Kukui/Hau's themes, regarding recent Champion themes.
  • Area Zero Theme & Area Zero Battle Theme. Hauntingly eerie and beautiful, these songs were absolute treats that captured the theme, history, narrative, and dread of Area Zero very well in my opinion. I feel like they're tracks you wouldn't expect in a Pokémon game.
  • Professor Battle Theme. Absolutely amazing and one of my favorite tracks within the franchise. Just, simply amazing - excuse my lack of more descriptive words.
  • Tera Raid Theme. Just want to say this is much better than having to hear the Dyanmax Theme, holy moly.

I'm still trying to appreciate the city and route themes, but they haven't really stuck with me like previous games just yet.
Titan theme no question. It even screams Arven to me.
All the music is great, but the music when exploring Area Zero is the best IMO. It gives me heavy Shin Megami Tensei 5 vibes.
It seems to be the crowd pleaser here, but c'mon. The Area Zero music is really nothing like any other 'final area music' in Pokemon; it strikes a great balance between elegance, etherealness, and emotion.

The Treasures of Ruin is a catchy song; the instrumentation really stands out from the rest of the soundtrack in how distinctly ancient it feels; befitting that of Pokemon inspired the four demonic Perils of China.

The Team Star Bosses' themes is really rockin' and I love it; Cassiopea's theme is also great.

I seem to be the only one who actually likes the phase in which the Gym Leader sends out the last Pokemon; I even outright prefer it over the rallying chant from Gen 8's Gym Leader music. I think it appeals to me better because it feels more personal that the more sports-like cheer of the previous region; as if the townsfolk watching the battle are actually cheering over either you or the local Gym Leader in question.

Of course, the final boss theme is excellent; Toby Fox's the man, yo.
I personally really like the second part of the gym battle theme (it plays when the leader is at their final Pokemon and terastillizes it), the western province theme, the Area Zero theme, and the battle theme for the ruin legendaries. These are all excellent!

Oh yeah, and this should count too, but also Ed Sheeran's Celestial, that plays in the end credits. I'd never heard of this guy before GO did a collab with him, but this song is amazing.
Standouts for me are Team star’s (grunt, boss, cassopeia’s), E4 (intense and fits atmosphere well), Arven’s (different to the majority), Area Zero (haunting, mysterious yet oddly calm) and both of Toby Foxes (pretty catchy ngl)

Oh yeah, and this should count too, but also Ed Sheeran's Celestial, that plays in the end credits. I'd never heard of this guy before GO did a collab with him, but this song is amazing.

Lol just realised this, kept hearing it on the radio and it sounded familiar but I didn’t know why
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