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[SPOILERS] Your favorite song/theme from SV?

Yes, me too! The rest are too slow and gentle (unless you're riding Ko/Miraidon). I like the East Province theme because it's more upbeat!
I love the overworld theme of the bamboo area when riding your dragon (despite the annoying framerate slow down) . So peaceful, and I am a sucker for oriental musical themes.

In the same vein, I love the Legendaries of Ruin theme. It is oriental, and very intense.
I'm afraid I found the music in this game to be forgettable. The one theme that I remember liking is the funky Southern region wild battle theme. lol
The Area Zero and Nemona's theme are my favorites, Nemona's hypes me up and Area Zero really symbolizes the strange land you're exploring.
Figured I come back here with some thoughts on some Teal Mask themes.

For one, the general Kitakami wild encounter theme slaps. They didn't need to go that crazy on the horns, but they did.

I also love the Loyal Three battle theme. Talk about amplifying the intensity of already intense battles.
Haven't played SV honestly but I've dug into the game a lot and know virtually everything a player would know about the game.

The paradox battle theme.

I don't know why but when I first listened to it, it reminded me of when I tried to go through Gen 5 Entralink/Dream World stuff. Plus I'll admit the leitmotif they slap for everything regarding Paradox Pokémon is great.

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