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Starter discussion/speculation

Rowlet, Litten or Popplio?

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I know we just had water/dark, and that its even fairly common, but since gen 3 I've really wanted a spatk oriented water/dark starter based on an anglerfish, but done right, as a creepy fanged thing, maybe with a blacklight-looking lure. That said, I don't want to start another blaziken-infernape-emboar problem.

Also, I want a fire type dinosaur. Maybe a stegosaur so the darn thing stays quadrupedal, with flames on its back for the plates?

I generally want an attack-oriented grass type, like many here.
if the starters from gen 1 to 5 were based on prehistoric lizards then now we will get prehistoric mammals and maybe a bird?

-rodent(Chesnaught ) ;

posibble candidates: - wolf; - rhino , -gorilla ; - bear; -cat(puma, lion) ; -elephant ; - bird
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Then we have the basic rock-paper-scissors relationship, and then an inverted one. Until the introduction of Fairy type, we didn't really have a particularly good option for a secondary triangle, but Fighting/Steel/Fairy is PERFECT.

I'm all up for this trio. Sounds like a dream come true. It's pretty well balanced.
I would like to see more defense oriented fire-starter final evolutions. So far from the looks of it, all the fire-type starter families specialize more in Attack/Special Attack/Speed than in Defense/Special Defense/HP. Sure Emboar has lots of HP, and Delphox has high Special Defense, but both of them still have stats that are more suited for offense. Emboar lacks the Defense and Special defense to back up the load of HP it has and Delphox doesn't have the HP to compliment its Special Defense. And also, I'd also like more Fire-type final evolutions to stay pure Fire-types. We don't have a pure Fire-type starter final evolution besides Typhlosion, and I'd like to see another one in the future for a change. While on the other hand, more Water and Grass-type starter families should get secondary-typings, imo.
Grass/Steel Water/Psychic Fire/Poison,
Grass/Electric Water/Rock, Fire/Ground
Grass/Flying Water/Bug Fire/Ice
I'd like something like...

Grass/Steel, Water/Electric, Fire/Psychic
Grass/Dragon, Water/Rock, Fire/Electric
Grass/Electric, Water/Poison, Fire/Fairy

In terms of their designs, I'd love it if there was a starter based on a rabbit, a deer, a hummingbird, a cat, or a hamster.
The Water Type needs to make up for...Froakie. Greninja's a good mon comp wise but in story it's so hard to raise and Chesnaught is just SO much better.

Please no Fire/Fighting
Also please give them Megas. Maybe retroactively give Kalos starters Megas because WTF Gamefreak
For typings, I don't really care that much tbh. Would rather not have another fire fighting though, and maybe a grass/dark or fire/dark instead of water/dark would be cool.

I really hope they don't make all three of them these creepy looking humanoid things like the gen 6 starter's final evo's. I can tolerate Chesnaught and Greninja to an extent, but Delphox is straight up weird looking.
In terms of type combos, I would love to see these for starters:

Group 1: Grass/Fairy, Fire/Steel, Water/Fighting
Group 2: Grass/Steel, Fire/Fairy, Water/Dark
Group 3: Grass/Ghost, Fire/Dark, Water/Steel

As for design ideas, I'll divide them up by type:

Grass: humming bird, rhino, gator, tiger
Fire: wolf, dragon, panther
Water: sea snake, sea dragon

That's all I've got right now. I'll probably come up with more later, but this'll do for now.
Although I doubt it would EVER happen, I'd love to see a Ghost, Psychic and Dark type starters. This would keep the whole 'each type is weak/strong against each other' thing that we've always had while mixing it up for once. Would go really great too with starting off in some creepy town.
I wish the next set of starters has one who has a double typing from the base form like Bulbasaur.

Luminous Mushroom: Grass -> Grass -> Grass/Electric
Manticore: Fire -> Fire/Poison -> Fire/Poison
Grindylow: Water/Fairy -> Water/Fairy -> Water/Fairy
I would like more cohesive designs. While some have really awesome designs, like serperior based off French royalty, and torterra with the world turtle stuff, I feel like gen VI is the only one where the starters have designs somewhat related to each other. They play off the classes found in RPGs, which is really cool. Not all the best designs, but the fact that they feel like a set like that is really cool. A French monarch, a Chinese wrestler, and a samurai, while all really cool looking, don't really make sense together.
Water: Wolf, Polar bear, water snake, elephant, platypus, seal, squid, crab, capybara, water spider, flamingo, mosquito, nymph, mermaid

Grass: leopard, koala, Kiwi, humminbird, peacock, elephant, ancient giraffe, deer, dog, bufallo, chameleon, Kangoroo, cat, spider, armadillo

Fire: Wolf, tiger, peacock, horse, python, cat, jaguar, lion, deer, ox, saber-toothed tiger, sheep, wolpertinger, Skvader, red panda, alligator

for types, i just want in a point, grass/steel, fire/poison, water/poison and water/ice
Fire/Poison gila monster line could be pretty cool. A 4x weakness to Ground would suck (also weakness to Rock and Water), but Fire/Poison has some really nice defensive attributes. Seven resistances + poison and burn immunity would be cool - obviously Heatran offers similar but fuck Heatran (Poison's Fighting resistance is nice difference). Intimidate would be ok for its HA or something like I suppose (Multiscale, Regenerator, idk something defensive tho I guess). And give it Glare, so it burn (Wisp), poison (Toxic) or paralyze so it can just annoy everything. I want to see something different from the Fire starter other than straight up speed + offense (Emboar lacks Speed but is still entirely about offense).
I'd like to see a Fire-type mammalian Pokemon that starts of quadrupedal to have a final form still be quadrupedal. I love Emboar and Delphox is nice-looking, but come on. Give us something cool on four legs! Typhlosion doesn't really count because he never seemed to be completely quadrupedal, at least to me.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything else.
Maybe the "theme" for the next fully evolved Starter trio could be "Ancient Civilizations". This could also work for the potential Mega Evolutions for the Johto Starters.

EDIT: If it were the Johto starters, I could totally see Mega Meganium being Mayan, Mega Typhlosion being Roman, and Mega Feraligatr being Egyptian.
I have one thing for the starters.

Charizard- Dragon
Cyndaquill- Rat
Torchic- Rooster
Chimchar- Monkey
Tepig- Boar
Fennekin- Dog

Hey, that seems familiar. Kind of reminds me of... The Chinese zodiac? FIRE STARTER NEEDS TO BE A ZODIAC
what would you say to a bird(grass), snake(fire) and spider(water)? no mammal starters like in gen 1?
Might reboot my Fakemon project, originally on TCOD, and bring it here to BMGF.

I may change a few things about the new starters.

Since the region will be loosely based on New England, I might make these changes:

The Grass Starter will definitely remain as a Moose.

I'm debating about making the Fire Starter a Snake and the Water Starter a Lobster, or keeping them as a Cheetah and a Platypus. Not sure though.......
For starters I would like to see a Grass type that becomes Grass/Psychic, a Fire that becomes Fire/Dark and a Water that becomes Water/Fighting. Types that are unlikely to happen is Dragon and Fairy. I don't want any starter to gain Fairy upon evolution. Dragon is too strong of a type for a starter unless they have mega evolution.
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