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GO Starter pokemon


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Apr 20, 2015
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I was just wondering what people think the starter Pokemon are going to be. I think it should give you the choice between the starters of all the games. just my opinion.
hmm... that is actually a very good question. If there arnt any starters then the game mechanics are a lot different then I assumed they where.
Could be your first catch function as a master ball (but only on low/weak pokémon) to get you a starter

I think they'll have a Pikachu capture act as the tutorial and your first Pokémon.

I've had the same thought. I too can imagine that the game will have a tutorial, which will likely feature Pikachu, that you'll automatically be able to capture and use as your first Pokemon.
My guess is it will be Pikachu, or if they decide to have only Kanto Pokémon from default and you need to buy the other regions separately, then I could see the Kanto starters as an option too.
It'll obviously be the Kanto starters for marketing and nostalgia sales.
I don't think Pikachu will be a starter maybe a Pichu. But I think is going to be either Gen I or Gen VI Starters.

i think it'll be just the ones from Kalos and Hoen at first and the the others will follow the months after.
I hope it will have a list of not too strong, not too weak three stage possible starters that are semi rare, and you will catch from the list of those Pokemon in your area
What if they allow you to choose what region you prefer? And they give you the choice of one of the three main starter Pokemon of that specific region to start the game...?
I don't know how to feel about the tutorial part, it would in my opinion be little "stupid" that everyone gets Pikachu as their starter Pokémon, but it sounds like a logical start.
I wouldn't mind if they had for example list of 15 Pokémon and you get one by random choice, that would kinda have something fun in it if you ask me. But then again, selecting starters from Generation I does make a lot more sense to me.
Since Pokemon GO is essentially a Gen 6 misc. game, there's a possibility that the Kalos starters and/or the Hoenn starters may be the starters for GO, though the fact that Gen 1 Pokemon were more prominently featured in the trailer makes it appear that the Kanto starters seem more likely. glik's idea is also pretty reasonable.
Since Yellow is coming to the e-Shop, I think it'll be Pikachu, the Kanto starters or Eevee. (BTW, why is Eevee never marketed as a Kanto starter? Just 'cause we can't pick it for ourselves doesn't mean it's not a starter...)
I wish all starter of six generations to be available.

But propably will be just the Kanto starters because they are the most famous.
I just don't want everybody gets the same starter, aka Pikachu.
Guys, the most amazing thing is happening. I'm getting an Android phone today, which means i'll actually be able to play a pokemon game right from the release date!

I know this is never going to happen, but i want Gastly or Shuppet as my starter.
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