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Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

I was looking at Zacian and Zamazenta, and noticed both their pages mentioned the capability of flying, but I can't seem to find any material to substantiate this. I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is where to discuss/ask about this, and if it isn't I apologize, but I though I might as well mention it, in case it's an error.
I know Serebii has it, but is there somewhere on Bulbapedia where it compiles all the moves that were removed in Sword and Shield? I think a category could also do it.
Chien-Pao is supposed to be a feline? My first thought upon seeing it for the first time was, "Oh, it's a weasel!" I mean, I definitely see the sabertooth tiger in it with its fangs and its long tail, but the long body and the short legs (and the fact that it's pretty much Mega Weavile) make me think of a weasel, as well as the fact that weasels turn white in the winter. Perhaps it's both a weasel and a feline? I'm not sure.
Cramorant - I have noticed that there’s an oversight on this Pokemon’s trivia and biology. It has a striking (goofy version) resemblance to the Liverbirds of Liverpool, a mythical creature based on the cormorant bird that is an emblem of the city. These statues sit on top of the Liver building. One looks out to the water to watch over or merchants and sailors, the other looks back guarding the city. Cramorant is even displayed in the Liver bird’s famous stance. Sword and Shield, designed as British styled, is likely referencing this local and national emblem frequently seen internationally thanks to LFC.

The Toxtricity statues are oddly referred to as a reference to the Liverbirds on their page but our famous musicians are what we see in ground-level Liverpudlian statues e.g. the Beatles and Cilla Black. Toxtricity and his statues are a nod to these. The mercantile water city with docks in Hulbury, common city styles seen within it are all a clear a nod to Liverpool, one of the UK’s largest cities.
I have been looking through some of the articles with pokémon lists, like moves, abilities, routes, etc. (BIG example...), and have noticed that the Ndex number column can only hold 3 characters. This is fine for most 'mons, but with the growing number soon to come, ones with 4 digits will be indistinguishable.
Battle Academy 2022 page has page links for the cards that do not link to the stamped versions of the cards. The energy cards are already on their specific pages
Here is a list of card scans I've already uploaded

I'm ot exactly willing to read 158 pages of these, but if someone already suggested it, here's a shoutout to your idea!!
Adding a note under the character/pokemon's main profile brief (the one with the image) with the information of who designed them, as searching "pokemon designers" has been a bit painful. Thank you to the one user who's name i cannot remember for collecting the designers btw!! You are so cool
quaxly has the wrong pokedex color listed at the top of its page
its listed as blue but the trivia section for quaxly "its the only starter who dex color ISTN blue but actually white"
I'm not really sure how notable this is, or if there's any need to change it at all, but there's a small nitpick error on Viola's page - in the trivia section, it says that she was "originally meant to have a ponytail, as evidenced in her concept art"; however, the concept art that shows her ponytail has a comment saying that it's a formal hairstyle, so I don't think it was "originally meant" to be part of her main design.
(I'm hedging a bit because the handwriting in the concept art is quite messy and difficult to read, so there's every chance I've misinterpreted it, but I still don't think the ponytail was supposed to be her original design. The comment translates very roughly to "for formal [illegible word], it's neatly tied/gathered")
My apologies if I've got it wrong.
I noticed that some of the Pokémon have a different shape or color listed between the Nintendo Switch version of Home and the mobile version of Home. For example, the mobile version lists Paldea Wooper as Blue and the Switch version lists Paldea Wooper as Brown. Also some of the Pokémon have different body styles according to home with Lokix being insect pod in the mobile version while the Switch version has Lokix as a tailless biped.
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Hello there! I’m in the middle of a rather large and ambitious project to document the various home video releases for the Pokémon movies (you might have seen the current thread relating to it on the Bulbablogs). While some of the data that I’ve gathered either follows or are based on already known data collected from others over the years, much of what I’ve collected is either complements what’s already known or is — to my knowledge, at least — completely new knowledge. Now, much of said data is on the low-level side of things and might not be of interest to everyone, but I’m wondering if at least some of what I’ve found could make for useful additions to Bulbapedia? And if that’s a possibility, how would I, as a non-member of Bulbapedia, go about passing on this data, or who should I speak to? Thank you in advance!
Professor Sycamore's Dendemille Town quotes are missing from his quote page, Marley's BDSP quotes are also missing.
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I made a discovery recently after staring at the Heavy Ball too hard that (to the best of my knowledge) starting in Gen 6, once the ball became 3D, it gained two extra blue spots on it's back, which is not seen in it's spinning Gen 5 sprite, or in any artwork or media appearances. It could also be that the Gen 5 sprite is the outlier, and they mistakenly forgot 2 of it's spots, but I haven't been able to find anything to prove they existed pre-Gen 6. I added it to the trivia section but I'm not certain it's quality enough.

Not sure if this is the right place for this question (feel free to move it to the correct place): Does Bulbapedia have the Level Up/TM Move lists for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?
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