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super smash brothers poke creator

Seeing how Ditto's whole gimmick is that it transforms into others and uses their powers, a hypothetical playable Ditto would just shapeshift into the nearest opponent and use the same moveset that character has. Edit: This includes Finals Smashes: Ditto would simply use the same Final Smash as whichever character it's transformed into.

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B: Techno Blast
Side B: X-Scissor
Up B: I guess Extreme Speed, but I’m picturing like a mix of Lucario’s and R.O.B.’s recovery and he folds into the high-speed mode
Down B: Drive Change, kinda like Shulk and the Monado, where the different drives affect Techno Blast and maybe the properties of his A attacks, damage output, and movement

Honestly I’d main

B: Dragon Pulse
Side B: Leaf Blade
Up B: Acrobatics
Down B: Leaf Storm

Its Final Smash would obviously be Mega Sceptile, which would give all of its attacks a big power boost

b: form change, how this works is that if it is touching some one it takes over them. this counts as a k.o. and gives you there b until you die
side b: turns into lawnmower rotom and lawnmows across the screen
up b: turns into fan rotom and flys up
down b: turn into wash rotom and creates waves that push the opponent away.
im not sure about its final smash

B: Nuzzle, close range stun
Side B: Surf, pretty much like Squirtle’s
Up B: Fly, basically Villager’s recovery
Down B: Thunder, stronger and slower version of Pikachu’s
Final Smash: Volt Tackle
Maybe to differentiate it more from Pikachu and Pichu it could have more projectiles in its A attacks a la Mega Man. But really I don’t see the point lmfao

Let’s see someone tackle Cubone
B: Bone Club
Side B: Double-Edge
Up B: Bonemerang (like Yoshi, Cubone's Up B attack doesn't give it recovery, so to compensate for that its second jump would have extremely good reach)
Down B: Stomping Tantrum
Final Smash: Earthquake

b: flame thrower
side b: flame charge(like Pikachu's Quick attack except for it burn the opponents )
down b:rotect
up b: uses double team two make it look like it there is on other one above it
final smash: earth quake

eternamax eternatus
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