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Sword and Shield Countdown Thread

I’m taking off work on the 15th and the entire following week. Can you tell I’m excited?
Meanwhile, I still have no Switch, and I might not be able to enjoy the game to the fullest until December, and that's only if everything goes alright.
I wonder how many more days it'll take for me to start having dreams where I'm already playing the games? That always happens when I get hyped. And I can't possibly get more hyped.

Well if it came with free plushies I might. But that's a lot.
11 Days
We are now 11 DAYS (PST) from November 15th.
No idea why, but for some reason I thought the game released on the 29th, not the 15th.

At least I don't have to wait as long as I thought I would! (y)
Now I gotta figure out if I'm gonna ask my grandparents for my brother to take me to the store to get Shield early in the day, or if I should wait til 6 pm when my mom gets home.

...WHo am I kidding I'll be asking whoever's home the moment I inevitably wake up before I've gotten 8 hours of sleep.
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