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Sword and Shield Countdown Thread

Now I gotta figure out if I'm gonna ask my grandparents for my brother to take me to the store to get Shield early in the day, or if I should wait til 6 pm when my mom gets home.

...WHo am I kidding I'll be asking whoever's home the moment I inevitably wake up before I've gotten 8 hours of sleep.
You sound just like myself when SM got released. I even got lucky since for once, the stores had the games in the release date.
I have 3 stores I can go to to look for it. If one doesn't have it I'm sure another will. One of those stores is Gamestop. (Hoping I can get a plushie or too if I get it there!)
Why didn't I join this thread sooner. It's much less negative than other threads.

Ugh. Fine the gif won't work. Dammit.
I want to sing another song but the only song that sprung to mind is One Week by Barenaked Ladies and that, while having a week in the title, is not exactly accurate for this situation.

Got anything else up there brain?

Can't take my eyes off you plays

Nope. Brain's got nothing.
7 Days
We are now 7 DAYS (PST) from November 15th. One week away!
Going to pick up my wife's Zacian/Zamazenta Switch today after work, and I took next Thursday and Friday off so we can go get the games first thing in the morning. :D Can't wait.
Can't believe in just one more week I'll be holding the games in my hands. I have so much to do before then to make sure that when I walk into the store next week, I am ready to devote basically my entire weekend to the games.

This really has been a wild ride, and I am so hyped for these games now.
Theme songs that I feel could fit the starters:

Grookey: The Surfaris - Wipe Out (pretty obvious why).
Scorbunny: Crush 40 - Escape from the City
Sobble: Either Rockapella - Bang (only spy themed song I have) or Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (lyrics kinda fit).
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