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Sword and Shield Countdown Thread

I cannot wait for when I finally don't have to tiptoe around threads, covering spoiler tags and generally avoiding anything that could spoil even the smallest thing for me.

I've never seen Bird Box but this format seemed fitting so...
The Hype Train has lomg since left the station! Get on the train or get off the tracks!
Take some breaks, my dude! Ask others to compile info to PM to you or something. Don't burn yourself out and get some mental rest!
Don't worry. Tomorrow (today? It is 12:57 a.m. where I live) is a day of rest. Aside from being away from the keyboard, its also the day that Discovery Home and Health put on the cooking shows, so I'll be watching them.

Also, me overworking myself is what happens when something interests me. Why do you think I managed to beat FFIX in 6 days, almost 90%, while talking to everyone and doing everything.
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