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Sword and Shield Countdown Thread

tomorrow afternoon I'll be getting my copy probably! I don't have a lot of money left on my monthly thing this month (I bought clothes and a new pair of shoes... my old pair was literally falling apart) but I have to get groceries anyway and Meijer has both food and vidyagame. So this time tomorrow I'll be a Galaran trainer.

Lunatone is still menacing in the distance

Moonie seriously cut that out.
If you look out the left window you'll see the hype fields where the hype sheep graze on new video game reveals and leaks. And to the right is Hype City, where video games are released. That's where we're going now.
I pre ordered mine on Amazon months ago, and it says it will arrive by 8... I don’t think I can wait that long
Galar in real life now has sword and shield
not long now, my brother now wants to pick the same starter as me lol
What starter are you choosing?

On the fourteenth day of SwSh, Gamefreak gave to me;
Fourteen Alcremie Dancing
Thirteen Haunted Dishes
Twelve Galarian Ponyta running
Eleven Yamper Yapping
Ten Rolling Wooloo
Nine Dreadnaw Snapping
Eight Rolycolys
Seven Cramorant Diving
Six Sirfetch’d Dueling
Four Galarian Linoone
Three Starter Pokémon
Two majestic wolves
And a Corviknight flying through the Wild Area!

So now there are three more hours and fourty minutes until it’s officially November 15th. What should I do in the meantime...
One night more
Another night, a few more hours to this everlasting wait
SwSh shall be out for sure, the internet will be fast upon it,
One night more
Another month until I get the game
How much longer can I wait for this game
I can only hope I can avoid spoilers
One night more of the fandom in tatters
Will our reputation ever recover?
One more night of spite and vitriol
Where will the franchise go from here?
But no matter what, I’ll go into the game with an open miiind!
Do I succumb and follow a let’s play?
Will the tensions finally fall?
Can I say I like the game without the hate?
The time in now, the place is here!
One night more!
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Okay, okay I have located my Impidimp. He was sleeping off a sugar coma underneath one of the train seats. He's like a little angel when he's sleeping.

Impidimp coughs up an entire candy bar wrapper

Delightful! In about 13 or 14 hours I will hopefully have my copy of Shield! I'm gonna name my Scorbunny Racer. Impidimp's name is Faileas, which is scottish gaelic for 'a shadow'. He's quite fond of it.
Who knows when tomorrow I'll have it. Right now, it's in a stop over about 3 hours from here. That doesn't have me too concerned unless they faff about overnight. I can never tell.
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