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SwSh Sword or Shield?

Sword or Shield?

  • Sword

    Votes: 43 37.4%
  • Shield

    Votes: 28 24.3%
  • Neither

    Votes: 6 5.2%
  • Both!

    Votes: 38 33.0%

  • Total voters
I was going Sword, but now I'm starting to lean towards Shield, mainly because of Ponyta, but also because Zamazenta's design is really growing on me (though I still love both box legendaries). I'm hoping for a few more version exclusives to be revealed before I make my decision, but if not I might just go Shield. I think my friend is getting Sword anyway, so I may be able to trade if necessary.
Zamazenta is my favourite legendary since 6 June's trailer, and it decided my choice very early. I always choose the right/second version. The only exception was Pokémon Black back in 2010, because Reshiram was too great to me pass on.
I was leaning towards Sword for the longest time because I like Zacien more (even though I don't use the Box legend I would prefer to have the game with my favorite box legend), but as of now I think my first playthrough and main copy of the game is going to be Pokemon Shield, mainly because of Galarian Ponyta. This is always subject to change though if something is revealed exclusively for Sword that I like more.
I’ve pre-ordered both. Still undecided on which will be my main game.
I was leaning towards shield for a while because I really like Tyranitar and Zamazenta (more than Zacian) and Ponyta just made it for me.
This but in the completely opposite direction towards Shield.....hang on....

From what we've seen so far, Shield no question. The cover legendary looks better, the exclusive pseudos are better, I like the ghost type gym leader, and Galarian Ponyta.

I like Sirfetch'd but that's not nearly enough to sway me in the other direction.
Good for you.


Looking at all the version exclusives side-by-side has made me realize that I slightly prefer Sword. Still, Galarian Ponyta is hard to pass up. I really hope we see more version exclusives before release because right now I won't be fully happy no matter which version I pick because I'll be missing out on Jangmo-o/Deino or G-Ponyta.
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Due to the recent dex leak. I am now swapping my first playthrough and main game choice back to Pokemon Sword. I do still really like Galarian Ponyta, but there is a new Pokemon that share's the same primary type as it that I like a lot too, and a Sword exclusive that I love a lot, along with preferring Zacien.
Hmm. I hope the datamine happens soon; I want to brush up on the version exclusives again. I’ll probably stick with Sword, but I might switch to Shield if it has some nice exclusives.

Also, I got an interesting Pokémon through Wondertrade.
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Hello, past me at the beginning of this thread. I was convinced by the June direct alone, though I don't know why I didn't update my response then. I pre-ordered the double pack and waiting on it, so I'm getting both, mostly because I have been avoiding spoilers, so I don't possess the means to choose between them.
Looking through the version exclusives, I'm still going with Sword, even though I'm upset that Croagunk and Galarian Ponyta are Shield exclusive. Darumaka and Darmanitan hold a special place in my heart so learning that they have Galarian forms makes the lack of G-Ponyta more bearable.
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