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Teebs's Gallery

Happy Valentine's Day!
It's Valentine's Day! It's also WhitneyWednesday! So I had to draw the OTP. I really do love them lots. And I am so happy that people seem to share the appreciation with them. Thanks everyone, happy Valentine's Day.
For this week's Whitney Wednesday... I didn't know what to draw since I was expecting a Johto game for the Presents, lol! So I fell to my usual backup of Whitney doing something actiony. This particular piece draws inspiration from Tekken. Been playing a lot of it recently.
I don't normally post non-Pokemon art here... But I drew something that isn't Pokémon for once.

If you're an Idolmaster Cinderella Girls fan, I'm a SanaeP! Her and I share a calendar birthday (March 7th) so I'm always happy to draw for her every year. This is my drawing for this year!

mermay mentioned !!!!

I love this piece! The colors, the posing, the shading, just everything is such appealing eye candy eeeee
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