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Tell us a strange fact about yourself!

Hmm ok lets see:
-I am OBSESSED with outer space and have always wanted to go to another planet. Most people are not enthusiastic about this
-I think snakes are really like the coolest animals ever
-I legitimately want to be a cyborg,Im being serious
-I cannot handle eating foods with a lot of seeds or citrus zests ,unfortunately ,these foods are common
-I used to just not really have any emotional reaction to sad things in media, however,very recently that has changed and I have started to cry over certain things in shows and movies involving loss or separation from a loved one(like a romantic partner or love interest most specifically). Up till now, this NEVER used to happen and now the reaction is rather strong. I just cried over the final episode of Madoka Magica at the end on a rewatch and I didnt do that before. This is apperently unusual because a lot of people seem to cry over shows and movies,etc easily.
-I’m a big Taylor swift and Ed Sheeran fan
-I’ve only been into Pokémon for a bit more than a year, but I’ve been borderline hyper fixating (actually I think that might be what it is)
-I don’t have a lot of forms of social media, and while I have lots of friends irl and though it seems like a thing I’d like, I just would rather not (plus parents are strict either way)
-I love ghost types (might be a bit of a surprise to some because of my personality I guess?)
-I have really bad artist posture when I draw. I don’t realize I’m leaned in so freaking far until my mom points it out, then I got to play clarinet and need to sit perfectly straight otherwise my sound gets wrecked
-on that note I’m a clarinet player!
Lol I can somewhat relate to this one. I find myself fixating on anime that not too many people I know, if not anyone, has never heard of, such as Anpanman, Jewelpet, and Popee The Performer, to name a few. Hell, my sister watched Popee The Performer after I was telling her about it, and she even finished watching the anime before I did (I didn't think she would even like Popee The Performer, let alone watch it bc I thought she might find the anime to be "too weird" lol).
ahh I forgot about Jewelpet. That and Cocotama were things I'd regularly enjoy when I traveled back in 2015 to around 2017
It struck me as odd that I made a friend online (we live in neighbouring cities) who also liked anpanman. She watched a LOT of Popee.
  • I need light and noise to sleep. For this reason, I hate sharing a sleeping space with others. My dog I have worked with by creating a little "cave" for her to sleep where she can get away from the light. I hate sleeping with other people in the same room. I'm really embarrassed.
  • I'm a picky eater, not by choice. I have a super sensitive gag reflex.
  • It's like I have a reverse-SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) where I get depressed during Spring and Summer and am not only fine but very happy during the Fall and Winter.
  • I legitimately love unsweetened sparkling water.
  • I despise horror and I hate any kind of forensics stuff. Despite this, I listen to some particularly dark British Folk songs of which often makes me worry about myself that I listen to this stuff. Lol.
  • I do not drink, I do not do drugs, and have no plan to ever change that. In addition, I don't like clubs and bars, they just aren't for me. This, in addition to my typical modest dressing and loving long dresses and skirts could lead someone to think that I'm very religious, but I'm not at all. And you know not liking bars and clubs AND also not liking church makes it very hard to meet people in this society. lol sigh
  • I own almost enough woodwind and brass instruments to make an entire wind ensemble. I may not be the most talented musician, but I am the one who can pull out just about any instrument if an ensemble is in need. xD (to be fair, I only do that for woodwinds, not brass, as I haven't actively played any brass in almost two decades)
This is a more fact showing how i used to be a degenerate but i have the entire two rap segments of Anime Thighs by MC virgin memorized completely
-I legitimately want to be a cyborg,Im being serious
[handshake] yup, i'm a girl who wishes she could get put in a robot body

anyways uuuuh. -i can make my right eye go a completely different direction than my other one. i probably have just the slightest bit of a lazy eye. i also just generally have an intensely contortive face and i'm capable of many funny faces and evil grins
-this isn't as much of a problem anymore but earlier this year i was so overcome with the constant unconscious urge to bite and chew things that i chewed through the outer layer of a pair of earbuds over time, and ended up having to get myself a chew stim toy to stop this. autism moment i guess.
-specifically on the left side of my body i have a history of benign but terribly annoying skin growths. no clue why
-i have terrible goddamn memory issues. names especially
-blank dark CRT/LCD screens creep me the fuck out. i have one of each in my room and i have to put a blanket over them when not in use. i've been this way all my life.
-despite currently being a furry i was also terrified of being near mascots as a kid. not seeing, just being near and interacting with. no clue if this is still the case since i haven't been in close proximity to a mascot or person in a fursuit or anything in a long time.
-horror is one of my biggest passions but i cannot play horror games because my anxiety is too bad and most of them just end up making me intensely stressed out
- I'm ambidextrous. The only thing I can't do with my non-dominant hand is draw.

- A big tea drinker though I prefer not to sweeten any kind I drink, even herbals. I only drink my coffee Black.

- I have a talent of not only forgetting what I'm talking about right in the middle of saying it, but then can pick up said conversation days to weeks later in an instant.

- As a child I preferred ketchup on my pancakes.

- I eat lemons and limes like people eat oranges. I would drink lemon juice if it wouldn't make me sick to do it. Citrus is a god and I am its loyal devotee.

- I am exceedingly articulate and verbose, arguably to the point of being hyperlexic. To make it worse I write as a hobby and learn more words and languages by the day. Despite this, or rather much because of it, I am often woefully misinterpreted and generally found difficult to talk to lol
  • I am very scared of escalators, I don't know why.
  • Apparently my laugh sounds very weird. People has described it like I'm choking on something, a really weird horse neighing, or a bug clicking.
  • I can carry people, but the way I carry them is very painful for them.
  • Despite being a Pokemon fan, I have never played any of the main series games.
  • People think I'm dating my friends. Just because I kiss my friends on the cheek doesn't mean I wanna date them /:
There's one type of plastic texture that whenever I hear it being scrunched or whenever I touch it, it makes me flinch so much. If I ever end up in an ironic hell, the textures of everything would feel and have the noise of this type of plastic ><
I can't handle touching people's biceps. I always expect them to literally explode.

Sometimes when I'm trying to sleep, but can't, in my mind I play through RBY. Basically I pick Squirtle, fight Blue, catch a Spearow and go to Viridian Forest. Think the furthest I've went is SS Anne. It's a very truncated simulation. Works pretty often though.

Historical obsessions for me, in probably the right order - jars, toy cars, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pokémon, Harry Potter. Yugioh, Tony Hawk's games, music, Japan.

I'm writing a book. About 100 pages done, roughly 40k words. Think I'm looking for 70k. It's about my travels to Japan, and some other stuff.

Not much of a history buff, but when I am, it's usually about the commoners. Far more interested in the day to day life of a Victorian family, then I am anyone prestigious.

I'm increasingly weary of new-to-me food.

I have around 1900 CDs, I remember back in 2010 thinking owning 60 was a lot.
  • I don't want any kind of sauce on my food.
  • I do like coffee but absolutely can't stand the smell of it while eating lunch or dinner. Somehow, it completely ruins my sense of taste.
  • I don't drink, smoke or similar stuff. Never even tried.
  • I'm a hardcore tea drinker (more than Lyndis for sure).
  • I'm extremely sensitive to emotions.
  • I like black metal music.
  • I'm a decent volleyball player, having played that sport for 14 years of my life.

Some of these facts about myself aren't exactly strange speaking of the latter in particular. However I haven't noticed a thread about just "facts about yourself" so...
All right some ones I can think of now.

  • I discovered yesterday I can do what I and peers believe to be a halfway decent impression of professor farnsorth from futurama saying “good news everyone!” And possibly also the simpsons principal skinner saying “yes!”
  • I have almost been run over Billy Dee Williams, yes the lando calrissian guy.
  • I have never been stung by any sort of insect, but I have had a Yellowjacket climb on the inside of my glasses.
  • I have never broken a bone, but have damaged cartlidge in my left ear.
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