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Tell us what you think of the character above!

(yeah i get that! i have such deep affection for silver bc of some like, actual life events ive experienced so i have like a... deep personal connection w him, but i dunno how often that even happens between people and fictional characters so) hes cool! i like the design ehe, his pokespe personality (well gold, but whatever) is very rowdy and funny... anyway impressive of him to have both a gf and a bf, last person i remember pulling that off so well was wallace

sidney is cool as fuck. i love the juxtaposition between his rough n tumble design and his super chill and happy personality. also his ace is ABSOL, am i supposed to not like him?!??!

I love her, her design, her personality, her type, its all just perfect abdhdsiuhsiufsd

Second best E4 member, I like her relaxed, dare I say chill attitude. (I'll see myself out)

Let's end on drake then
I love her I love her so much. She is the bestest big sister just everything about her is perfection.

yeah borderline insane moms aren't exactly my forte. she's ok I guess.

Pretty good rival I guess (I haven’t played many games) I think the whole “Bede beat me now I’m sad” thing felt kind of sudden and forced, and honestly, kind of felt bad for him near the end of the game when he started talking about how he wanted to be champion and everything. But, I guess everything’s fine now… right?

He just wants purrloin back (and he’s a pretty good brother imo)

i LOVE yancy, she's precious. her design is so cute... honestly? i always play as rosa, so i haven't had the transceiver interactions with her, but i like her anyway.

her counterpart, curtis!
Where do I begin…
I adore lisia!!! She’s so cute and perfect and her whole aesthetic is so amazing

Let’s go with her self appointed rival Chaz (game)
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