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Tell us what you think of the character above!

He's cool. Really striking personality and presence. I find it neat that went out of their way to make him the champion in Emerald. Always fun when the make other preexisting characters champions in follow-ups

on a sort of related note, Red
He’s cool. I like the sort of honeymoon feel thing he’s got in Alola with blue (green) and in my verse is a generally annoyed (maybe mute? Haven’t figured it out) battling mastermind that no one gets or pays much attention to cause he’s definitely really quiet compared to green and blue who will spare no chance to argue and disagree with eachother and generally attempt to one up eachother in an attempt to see who’s better

Edit: Ethan also slightly obsessively looks up to him as the “greatest trainer in Kanto and Johto” and aspires to be better than him and defeat him in battle after meeting him on mt silver in the beginning of his journey (this also messes up his self confidence near the climax along with ho oh and Lugia responding differently to ethan and silver calling on them (Lugia appears for silver almost immediately to fight Giovanni, but ho oh takes it’s time cause it knows it will be better to appear a bit later to save Kris, but this messes up ethans self esteem for a bit along with constantly being compared with red due to his dream and constantly being told he’ll never be better than red (he never listens)

Sorry for going on about my Johto, contact me in my blog if you want to hear more about them!

let’s do blue (green in Japanese, Gary in the anime)
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In my verse she is a sassy little jerk sometimes and decided she likes the name green better than the name leaf cause she hates being called a tree together with blue by red (green and blue oak. Heh.) and she wanted to match with red and blue. Blue thinks shes crazy for wanting to be named after a colour.

I USED to really dislike Kris. Namely due to her color scheme. It still isn't great, even now, she has a lot of visual noise going on. But Masters did give me a new found appreciation for her which is cool. I think her anime counterpart Marina is a wholly better character though (who I've grown really fond of lately!)

Let me try an anime character. Giselle!
  • "Giselle is the first and currently only girl in the entire anime that Ash explicitly had an overt attraction to."

Edit: sniped. Ignore this.

Conway, as per the previous post.
I love when people find that bit of trivia about Giselle, it's hilarious (and to give my own two cents, she's one of my fave CotDs)
Conway's a dork. But he's a very funny dork who legit knows his stuff, and for that I respect him. I've been seeing more and more people becoming fans of his lately which is honestly great, more love for anime side characters!!!

Another one: Ritchie?
I don't think he is bad as people think. Sure, it stinks how Ash lost to him at the Indigo Plateau. But, I moreso blame Team Rocket and the writers who put him in that circumstance. I do think it was pretty clever of him to put stickers in his Pokeballs to determine which were his. Otherwise, he is just a bit too bland.

Honestly, I feel bad for the guy based on his League cards. His abilities are special, but not special enough to count in the eyes of his family, and he's apparently been reminded of that his whole life. It's no wonder he seems to have some kind of mixed superiority/inferiority complex.

I never played any of the SwSh DLC so I don't have any super strong opinions on her character, but I really like her design. (I saw someone say once that she looked like Princess Daisy and I'm inclined to agree. :p) Overall she just seems like a cool lady with an interesting bit of backstory.

i love steven stone
he's goals
and he's both super chill but also really hardcore when he has to be and i like that
he's the epitome of "really freaking cool dork" and subsequently i cannot help but get attached to him
also his ace is metagross which is objectively like the coolest ace to have

I like her. Didn't think much of her until the journeys anime, where she has a cool friendship with Bea and it makes me happy to see, even if the interactions were few

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